Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan Review & Results For Moms


Dr Oz Weight Watchers Review

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Plan Review

Doctor Oz brought a new mother named Mari on his show 3 months ago (click here to read the recap of the original show: Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus).  Mari was struggling to lose the baby weight she gained while pregnant.  She said she was eating healthy food, but the weight was just not coming off and she wanted to lose weight badly.  Dr Oz connected Mari with Liz Josefsberg who put her on the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program.  Today, Dr Oz checked up on Mari to see how much progress she made over the past three months:

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus Results

Mari told Dr Oz that she feels great and like her whole life has changed since she has been on the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan.  She said that the online tool is Dr Oz Weight Watchersconvenient and very helpful.  She drinks three pitchers of water every day and is all about vegetables and fruits as snacks, but she is not giving up the foods she loves either.

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