Dr Oz: Wheat Addiction, Bread Blood Sugar Spike & Wheat Belly Review


Dr William Davis: Toxic Frankenwheat

On today’s episode of the Dr. Oz show, he is talking with Dr. William Davis, the author of the controversial best-seller Wheat Belly and a voice against wheat addiction. Dr. Davis believes we are victims of frankenwheat and that is poisoning each and every one of us because it is toxic and addictive. Are you addicted to wheat?


  1. Zans says

    It has been known for a long time that some candy bars have a lower glycemic response than wheat bread. The structure of the food has a huge impact on how fast it is digested, and porous foods like bread, cereal ( wheat or non wheat based) are rapidly digested. Candy bars generally are dense and have a lot of fat in the chocolate, making it have a low glycemic response. The difference is glycemic load- the candy bar will keep your blood sugar elevated longer. It is worth the time to investigate these concepts.

    It is not surprising that medical Drs are shocked by nutritional concepts since most do not recieve formal nutrition or dietetics training. If they did, food would be viewed as medicine instead of thowings drugs to cover up health issues with overconsumption of calories, lack of physical activity, and stress. This is where contemporary western medicine has it wrong.

    I am so tired of the constant search for the ONE thing that is the root of all our health ills. I am sorry, but to me blaming wheat is another stumbling block on the enevitable path to realization that it is calries and activity. Do we crave certain dietary components? Absolutely. Brain scans of people consuming sugar will demonstrate that it is addictive. More for some than others.

    Also, gliadin isn’t a new thing. It has been in wheat since humankind began to eat it. Davis makes it sound as though this stuff has been inserted into wheat. It hasn’t. It has been there all along.

  2. says

    I eliminated all wheat products from my diet for two months to see what would happen and I lost 27 pounds. I even ate dark chocolate to my hearts content! I never felt deprived because I ate everything else that wasn’t wheat related (or as best I could tell). I am a firm believer that wheat is fattening!!!!! Who would have guessed?

  3. Karen Edwards says

    My husband has problems with gluten, so I’ve been experimenting with wheat alternatives. I don’t if I buy into all of it, but I do believe wheat is addictive. I can go for months without eating a sweet wheat product, like a donut, but once I start, the cravings set in. But, I can leave bread and pasta alone, so maybe the wheat isn’t as much problem as the sugar or wheat in conjunction with the sugar?

  4. Kay Wallace says

    Regarding Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly:
    1) I am a health conscious consumer with an IT degree, not nutrition. I was researching “modern” genetically modified wheat and read a casual comment on some health-related blog that Durum wheat cannot be genetically modified. Is this true?
    2) Wouldn’t that mean it is OK to have products, such as 100% whole wheat pasta that is not derived from crops that have been genetically modified?

  5. Kathy Wilson says

    Please do a followup on the necessity of organic farming for our health. The use of nitrate sprays on wheat ups the level of gliadin in the grain; organic wheat is far healthier in every respect. Check out Britain’s Real Bread site. Many people who react to store-bought bread, made with the genetically modified & chemically sprayed grain, can eat organic sourdough bread without problems.

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