Dr Oz: White Vinegar Diet Curbs Appetite & Ghrelin Hunger Hormone

By on December 20, 2011

Dr Oz: Ghrelin- How To Curb Your Appetite

Do you munch all day long or eat more than you should? It may not be you. Ghrelin is a hormone that may be the culprit, causing you to munch throughout the day. In this segment, Doctor Oz brought up Sharon, an audience member, who stated that she was a teacher and found herself reaching into her desk for goodies all day long. Dr Oz had Sharon put on the gloves to reveal the stomach. Inside the stomach, Dr Oz showed ghrelin, the hormone that stimulated hunger. (Oh goody, now I have an excuse!) Dr Oz flipped back another cover and showed the brain and the hypothalamus. (Yuck! I’m not hungry now!) The brain heard the message from the stomach and tells you that it’s okay to eat. Doctor Oz stated that when he does gastric bypass surgery, the ghrelin in the stomach was cut down.

Dr Oz: 5 Small Meals

1. Have 5 small meals per day between 300-400 calories. Eat healthy items such as Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. Dr Oz Vinegar Diet (I got excited until I read the meals needed to be between 300-400 calories. Darn!) Eating 5 small meals per day will trick the stomach into thinking it is full so therefore will not send out a signal to the brain that it wants more food.

Dr Oz: White Vinegar Keeps Stomach Full

2. White vinegar- add this to your diet. The acidic juices in the vinegar kept the stomach full for 30 minutes longer. You can purchase white vinegar at any grocery store.

– 1 Tbsp of white vinegar in water
– Mix

Sharon tried the mixture and said it was doable. (Translation..it tasted like crap but she’d do it anyway!)

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Comments to Dr Oz: White Vinegar Diet Curbs Appetite & Ghrelin Hunger Hormone

  1. I had always heard that Apple Cider Vingegar & water helps with losing weight. Does white vinegar and Apple Cider vinegar work the same?

  2. Why white vinegar? Why not apple cider vinegar, which is more palatable?


  4. Dr. Oz said he prefers to mix the white vinegar with sparkling water, so I tried it with Perrier and it’s not bad. I hope it helps.

    I wonder why he specified white vinegar instead of saying it could be either white or apple cider vinegar.

  5. On your show u had a drink with vinger grapefruit honey and pineapple I want to know how to mix and I think u pose to drink before meals to loose weight can u
    Help Thanks

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