Dr Oz: Yoga Weight Loss Pose & Lemon Water Diet Recipe: Steve Ross


Dr Oz: Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

Dr. Oz and yoga instructor Steve Ross have provided you with several basic yoga moves to get you started on your way to finding true happiness. They shared simple yoga poses, and even a few to cure your biggest aches and pains (like Tension Headaches & Lower Back Pain), but now they are ready to reveal how yoga can help you lose weight! Yes, you read that correctly – there are Yoga Weight Loss Poses that can help you lose 6 sizes!

Dr Oz: Lemon Water Diet Tip

Health Benefits of Drinking Water with Lemon

Steve Ross recommends starting your day by drinking a glass of water with lemon slices. Not only does it make the water taste better, but the lemons are also detoxifying to the liver and helps you lose weight. Plus, learn the Yoga Weight Loss Pose he shared with Dr Oz!


  1. Aron says

    I have been sitting here reading posts that Dr Oz is only trying to make money. being a practicing surgeon, and still finding time to do the show is incredible. About the money thing, why would he be recommending lemons, blueberries, apple cider vinegar to make money. Do people really think lemon companies are paying him millions to endorse. I also saw people arguing the facts (taking bottled lemon juice instead of organic lemons (not the same thing), they are saying brush your teeth right after taking it (would you try to clean a hydrofluoric acid spill on your arm by brushing it, no way, you would irritate and open membranes.You would use an emergency shower and flush for 15 minutes. rinsing with a moisturizing mouthwash like biotene would do the trick, after the lemon juice. Also as lemons are by nature acidic they become extremely alkyne in the body. The elixir should also be taken before your first meal to boost metabolism and detoxify. It has worked well for me. I say all these speculators are wrong and uneducated or only listen to half of what they hear. if Dr OZ was only about money he would be endorsing pharmaceuticals, not lemons. people really should know what they are talking about before commenting on Dr Oz’s intentions. I truly believe he is sincere and his goal is to help people live a better life. Keep up the good work. Dr Oz
    Boston Ma

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