Foods Sabotaging Your Diet: Baked Potato Chips & Frozen Yogurt

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Foods Sabotaging Your Diet: Baked Potato Chips & Frozen Yogurt

By on February 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Evil Little Traps Making You Fat

You’ve been on your diet for several months but still can’t seem to lose weight. It may be the evil little traps that are keeping those pounds on. It’s those small things that you never saw coming that may be sabotaging your diet. You stick your finger in frosting or you double dip your fries. Dr Oz says to watch out for those little habits that may cause you to pack on the pounds. On today’s show, Dietician, Samantha Heller, RD joined Dr Oz to give you the little traps that could be making you fat.

Dr Oz Peanut Butter

Samantha asked audience member, Yvonne, to make a peanut butter sandwich like she would at home.

Dr Oz Diet Sabotagers

Dr Oz spoke about Diet Sabotages today!

Yvonne dipped the knife in the jar, spread the peanut butter on the bread and then licked the knife. (AHA! Did you catch that? Yvonne licked the knife!) Dr Oz says the leftover peanut butter on the knife could be as many as 80 calories. This adds up over time. If you stopped licking the knife, you could lose 8 lbs a year.  Also, you should read the following recap where Dr Oz spoke about PB2 (a great peanut butter alternative!).

Dr Oz Frozen Yogurt

When you open up a carton of frozen yogurt (or ice cream), you may be tempted to lick the lid. Resist that temptation because that action can give you an extra 25 calories, which adds up to 2.5 lbs gained over a year. Again, checkout another segment Dr Oz did with a healthy frozen yogurt alternative: Yonanas Frozen Yogurt.

Dr Oz Baked Potato Chips

Who doesn’t like chips, right? Did you know that those crumbs at the bottom of the bag can add up to an extra 60 calories, plus, extra sodium? If you eat the crumbs from the bottom of a chips bag 2x per week, that adds up to 2 extra pounds gained per year. (Now that one may be worth it! Yummy!)  Or you can read the following recap of a show where Dr Oz spoke about a healthy Chip Maker.

Dr Oz Mashed Potatoes

You’ve scooped out the mashed potatoes for the family and you look at the bottom of the pan, which is basically empty. The key word is BASICALLY. Those leftover buds in the pot can add up to 110 calories for just that spoonful. (That’s not even the potatoes on your plate.) You can gain up to 3 lbs in a year scooping up the mashed potato crumbs.

Dr Oz says that if you do all four of these evil little traps, you will add 15 lbs to your waistline in a year!

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