Dr Oz: Green Mung Bean Soup & Banyan Botanical Kitchari Spice Mix


Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Weight Loss Secrets

You’ve tried numerous diet methods to lose weight but nothing has worked. On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Holistic Nutritionist, Sunita Mohan, to reveal the secrets to successful weight loss with the Ayurvedic diet. It includes recipes for Green Mung Bean Soup, a 6 flavor slimming breakfast sundae and Hot Lemonade. Banyan Botanical Kitchari Spice Mix is a useful cooking tool for Ayurvedic and other dishes. It also encourages consuming Papayas and swishing Sesame Oil in your mouth.



    Thank you so much for caring about all of us to help us I am going to try the mung bean soup, lemonade and sundae. Bless you and your staff…suzanne

  2. kelly says

    You’ll want to use the ghee instead of sunflower oil! I made it first with this version and then realized after going over my ingredient list that it didn’t call for ghee. By adding the ghee it gives it a much richer, deeper flavor, and has a far more satisfying feeling and taste. You’ll be surprised how much the taste differs not to mention it masks the “aroma” of the hing 🙂

  3. says

    I have tried the soup, this is the third day, I like the taste, it really satisfies your hunger, but, I was disappointed in the digestion part, I released alot of toxins after the first day, but it is now the third and no toxin release, maybe its just me and my system …anyone else experience this ?

  4. Ms. Silva says

    How long
    Do you wait to do the diet again… I did it and lost 4 pounds and I want to do it again.

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