Michael Lamb: Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Winner

By on May 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Winner Michael Lamb

Dr Oz revealed the inspiring stories of the remaining finalists: Mercedes Moebuis and Dawn Villanueva, after getting weight loss diet tips from Michael Lamb, Sharona Sankar-KingStephanie Lewis Vance, Sheila Haines and his other Top 10 Finalists from the Transformation Nation Program. After several months, the winner of Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation was finally revealed. Keep reading to find out who walked away with the million-dollar prize (ok fine, so the title above gives away that Michael Lamb won, but you should keep reading anyway so that you don’t miss out on Dawn Villanueva’s Quickie Hawaiian Pizza recipe.

Dr Oz Michael Lamb & Dawn Villanueva's Quickie Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation winner is Michael Lamb, who won one million dollars!

Dr Oz: Mercedes Moebuis Diet Tips

Mercedes Moebuis- Mercedes is a mother of 2 girls. She joined Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation because she was 70 lbs overweight and had a breast cancer scare. (Thankfully, it was benign.) After joining, Mercedes lost 36 lbs and went from size 16 to 6. Currently, she’s working on becoming a health and wellness coach and a personal trainer.

Best Tip: Stay hydrated with water or green tea (no artificial sweeteners). Make a big pot, stick it in the fridge and drink it throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Dawn Villanueva’s Hawaiian Pizza Recipe

Dawn Villanueva – Dawn joined Transformation Nation in order to save her hubby’s life. He weighed 216 lbs and had sleep apnea. He’d stop breathing at night and she worried he would die in his sleep. She was also 40 lbs overweight. After losing the weight, Dawn went from a size 12 to a size 4 and her husband no longer suffered from sleep apnea.

Best Tip: Make food your family loves but in a healthy way.

Dr Oz: Quickie Hawaiian Pizza Recipe


1 whole-wheat tortilla
1/8 C pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce)
2 oz lean ham lunchmeat (diced)
1/8 C canned pineapples, diced
2 oz shredded mozzarella cheese (fat-free)

Broil tortilla on both side for crispiness.
Spread on 1/8 C of pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce) onto the tortilla
Add the ham
Add diced pineapple
Top with the fat-free mozzarella
Place into oven until cheese has melted

Only 6 Weight Watcher’s points for the entire pizza.

Dr Oz: Jen McElroy Diet Tips

Jen McElroy- Jen has been overweight since she was a teen. She had gotten to 382 lbs. When she joined, the weight kept dropping off. She started running and now wants to run a half marathon. (She told Dr Oz that she never admitted that out loud to anyone.)

Dr Oz surprised Jen with a tactical advisor for the half marathon. Coach Barbara is going to help take Jen across the finish line of her first marathon.

Dr Oz: Michael Lamb Won $1 Million

You cast hundreds of thousands of votes and one of the ten finalists will walk away with a million bucks. Dr Oz said regardless of who won the million dollars, they were all winners. (A million dollars doesn’t hurt, though!)

Weight Watchers Leader, Liz Josefsberg, told Dr Oz that she was so proud of everyone. They were now health ambassadors.

Dr Oz held envelope with the name of the million-dollar winner! (Cue: Dim the lights here)

The winner is…….MICHAEL LAMB!!! On behalf of Weight Watchers, ShareCare and the Dr Oz show, Mike received a check for a million dollars. Congratulations Mike!

Was Mike your choice? Leave me a message and let me know who you voted for.

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