Miracle Berry Tablets Review – Dr Oz Sweet Tooth Cure Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets

Dr Oz’s show on June 29, 2012 covers something called a Miracle Berry that turns all foods (even sour foods!) sweet, a whole slew of Health Myths, cures for Anal Fissures and some fabulous Natural Pain Remedies.  Since I have a tremendous sweet tooth, the Miracle Berry segment was by far the most interesting on today’s Doctor Oz Show.  He said that by taking Miracle Berry Tablets or Pills, all foods that you eat will taste sweet.  So you can eat something that is sour and that has no sugar at all, but it will still taste sweet if you take the Miracle Berry Pill first.  How amazing is that?  So you can satiate your sweet tooth without eating sugar and putting on the extra pounds.  If you are trying to lose weight and often find yourself craving sweet treats, you should definitely look into the Miracle Berry Tablets.  If you have already tried them, please leave a comment below and let me know how they worked for you!

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