Olive Oil Lowers Cholesterol & Broccoli Sprouts Reduce Inflammation


Dr. Oz: Lowering Cholesterol with Food in Our Pantries

Dr. Oz asked his audience to show him their pantries. They all brought pictures of their home pantries. Dr. Oz picked a woman and asked her if she used the foods in her pantry for health. She said she used peanut butter to make her feel good and the marshmallows help the peanut butter go down. Dr. Oz said that there are several foods in the pantry that can lower cholesterol.


  1. DAVID A. BEDNARZ says

    you mention dark extra virgin olive oil and you mentioned you can notice this by looking through the bottle in fact this is not totally true many olive oils are in dark green bottles in which you cannot tell the color of the olive oil also there was no mention of how much or when to take the olive oil that program showed a shoot glass but I do not assume

  2. eddie S. says

    I also saw that Show yesterday and had a question…If your on Blood thinners already how dangerous is it to use that much and he showed a shot glass size, of Olive oil to mix with your current blood thinner..Anyone know???

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