Oz & Michelle Obama: White House Pizza Night & First Daughters Dance


Dr Oz & Michelle Obama

Dr Oz: White House Pizza Night

Michelle Obama answered viewer questions about White House pizza night & why she and the First Daughters dance to get fit around the house.

This special episode featured the First Lady and Dr Oz talking about the serious health challenge of Obesity. They discussed how cultural changes have contributed to increased Obesity, what the First Family’s diet is like, and how you can jump rope for a quick workout. Plus, she unveiled some delicious meals based on the new school lunch guidelines. Michelle Obama concluded her special Dr Oz visit by answering viewer questions about White House pizza night and the First Daughters dancing.

Dr Oz: White House Pizza Night

First, a Facebook user asked what she loves to eat with her family. The First Lady said their favorites include steak and broccoli, as well as fish and occasionally pasta. Of course, everyone loves pizza night, but they try to make it balanced with salad and veggie sides.

Michelle Obama: First Daughters Dance

A Twitter user asked what activities the First Family does together to get their daughters moving. Michelle Obama said they love to flip the radio on and dance the Dougie, which Dr Oz tried to demonstrate.


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