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Dr. Oz: Losing Half Your Body Weight Dr. Oz has been talking to women who have lost an incredible amount of weight. In one segment, he talked to Rebecca, who lost half her boy weight and once weighed 381 pounds. She grew up obese, heavier than everyone in school. At 16, her doctor told her […]

Dr. Oz: Incredible Weight Loss Dr. Oz talked to people who have lost half their body weight about how they did that. The first woman was named Jessica, who was 362 pounds at her heaviest and now weighed just 190 pounds. She was a sales rep who spent a lot of time in the car. Her solution […]

Dr. Oz: Eating Healthy Versus Eating Bad Dr. Oz talked about a family conflict. Lovette and Michael have been happily married for five years and have two children. But over time, Michael says his mother-in-law has become a “monster-in-law.” She calls herself the Glamma and she thinks she’s a great grandma. But the debate in […]

Dr. Oz: How to Diet Without Feeling Deprived Dr. Oz talked to Lisa Lillien, author of The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook, about how to diet without feeling hungry all the time. Her first tip addressed feeling deprived on a diet. She said if people on diets feel deprived, they’re going to give up. So Lisa’s solution is […]

Dr. Oz: Is Pegan the New Paleo? Dr. Oz talked about the new diet craze called Pegan. Dr. Mark Hyman, a frequent guest on Dr. Oz, is the inventor of this diet. He claims anyone who tries this can see a change in just 10 days. Dr. Oz joked that Pegan sounds like “an embarrassing […]

Dr. Oz: Plant Waters Dr. Oz talked about the biggest types of healthy plant waters out there. First, there was coconut water. Now there’s aloe water, birch water, maple, cactus, ginger, and artichoke. Celebrities have endorsed them and consumers spent over $400 million on earth enhanced waters last year. Some of these waters provide health […]

Dr. Oz: One Day Cleanse Dr. Oz has been talking about the best cleanses for every one of your health goals. But if you only have time to cleanse for one day, Dr. Oz had a plan for you. He talked to nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, who said that in just one day, you can choose […]

Dr. Oz: Lorraine Bracco To the Fullest Actress Lorraine Bracco came by Dr. Oz to talk about her health. She’s lost 35 pounds over a year. She has a new book called To the Fullest. Lorraine revealed that she’s 60 and she’s in the third quarter of her life and she wanted to live every day as […]

Dr. Oz: Fat Shaming Online Dr. Oz has been talking to notorious fat shamer Roosh Vorek, who sometimes goes by Roosh V., about his campaign to fat shame women into living a healthier life. For example, Roosh recently asked followers to take and post pictures of women with “a bit of muffin top, bingo wings, or […]

Dr. Oz: Fat Shaming Dr. Oz confronted a notorious fat shamer named Roosh Vorek, who calls himself a “fat shaming activist and organizer.” This interview came in a climate of lots of recent fat shaming online of high profile people like singer Kelly Clarkson and comedian Amy Schumer. There have also been every daypeople that have […]

Dr. Oz: 99 Uses for Salt and Sugar Dr. Oz’s show today was all about 99 new uses for things and he began his show by talking about 99 new uses for salt and sugar. Perhaps referencing the recent controversy about his show, Dr. Oz began this segment sprinkling salt onto the floor while saying, […]

Dr. Oz: Liquid Meal Replacements Dr. Oz talked about liquid meal replacements. They’re a growing trend, but is it more harmful than helpful? He showed some of investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy‘s special report on the subject. Liquid meal replacements have been around since at least the 1960s. In recent years, dozens of new products have appeared. […]

Dr. Oz: Suzanne Somers Detox Dr. Oz has been talking to actress and health advocate Suzanne Somers about her health crisis and struggle with black mold. Now, she shared her detox checklist to help Dr. Oz’s audience regain their health. Suzanne Somers interviewed a number of doctors for her new book Tox-Sick and it was that journey, […]

Dr. Oz: Broadcast Your Weight Loss Goals Dr. Oz has been talking to Shana, who feels like she’s the only overweight person in a thing family. He introduced her to radio DJ Elvis Duran, who suggested she broadcast her goals. He said Shana should tell the people in her life that she’s trying to lose […]

Dr. Oz: Difficulty Losing Weight Dr. Oz talked to Shana, a woman who calls herself the only fat person in a thin family. She’s been overweight her whole life and feels like she looks different than her sister and her mother. She always suspected she was adopted because her sister did gymnastics and Shana played […]

Dr. Oz: What is Palcohol? Dr. Oz kicked off his show today by talking about a new product called Palcohol, which is powdered alcohol. All you do is add it to water and it turns it into liquor. It’s caused a huge buzz. Some people think it sounds fun, but critics say it’s risky. Although […]

Dr. Oz: Bridal Boot Camp Dr. Oz has been helping two brides, Faye and Lauren, who want to lose weight in time for their wedding with a special Bridal Boot Camp. Dr. Oz: Start the Morning with a Coffee Cleanse Smoothie Faye’s bridesmaid Nadege wants Faye to start each morning with a coffee cleanse smoothie. Faye […]

Dr. Oz: Bridal Boot Camp Dr. Oz sent a bunch of women to a Bridal Boot Camp. The women are all trying to lose weight in time for their wedding with Dr. Oz’s help. Lauren, one of the brides has been engaged for a year and a half. She’s been dating her fiance for nine years. […]

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