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Dr. Oz: Stallman Family Update Dr. Oz has been hearing an update from the Stallman family, who made the decision to lose their weight together for their health. The Stallman family has just completed the 10 Day Detox diet, where they eliminated sugar, dairy, caffeine, wheat, and processed foods. Now, the family hears from their nutritionist […]

Dr. Oz: Stallman Family Diet Dr. Oz had an update on the Stallman family, who agreed to change their lives forever by losing weight together. The Stallman family has six members: the mom and dad and four kids. Dr. Oz asked them to detox for 10 days by cutting out all the bad stuff. Now, […]

Dr. Oz: Fast Food Addiction Dr. Oz talked to Brittany, who is addicted to fast food. Brittany eats fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She eats from a number of different fast food places, enjoying caramel drinks, onion rings, double burgers with cheese, raspberry soda, and fish sandwich. Brittany knows she’s addicted to fast […]

Dr. Oz: Freshly Squeezed Lemonade For Nausea Dr. Oz talked about new uses for lemons, taken from things he was sent on social media. First up was Sarah’s remedy for morning sickness, which was freshly squeezed lemonade. Sarah is pregnant and during her first trimester, she suffered from terrible morning sickness. That is, until she […]

Dr. Oz: Banish Your Bloat Dr. Oz talked about how to get rid of serious bloating on the show. If you feel so bloated that you’re worried your pants may pop, it may be the bad bacteria growing inside of you. Tara from the audience joined Dr. Oz. She said she had some serious bloating. […]

Dr. Oz: Boost Your Energy In Just 7 Days Dr. Oz kicked off his episode by talking about a new diet to boost your energy in just 7 days. The body works like a complicated system of pipes. When you eat the right foods, the energy you need runs through the pipes to key organs […]

Dr. Oz: What Is Blood Pressure? Dr. Oz talked on his show about a new study with a new method to lower blood pressure. First, it’s important to understand what high blood pressure is. Normal blood pressure is under 120/80, pre-hypertension is above 120/80, and hypertension is 140/90. Dr. Oz: Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure A […]

Dr Oz: Wheat Belly Transformation Dr Oz talked about The Wheat Belly Diet once again, noting that many readers have connected with the message from Dr William Davis, who is now back with another book. Davis said that wheat is a big reason why Americans are so overweight. He is a cardiologist who wants to […]

Dr Oz: Can a Simple Formula Help Prevent Alzheimer’s? Dr Oz talked about “a simple formula to help prevent Alzheimer’s,” which has been making headlines and stirring controversy. Some literature suggests that “eating carbs could increase your risk for brain disease.” Plus, you have to try this Yogurt Probiotics Test! Neurologist Dr David Perlmutter was […]

Dr Oz: Truth About Omegas Doctor Oz tackled the Truth About Omegas. Are they all created equal? Which ones do you need? Research finds that Omegas have a variety of health benefits throughout the body. But how do you know the differences and which ones are beneficial for you? With constant research evolving, there are […]

Dr Oz: Kicking Salt Addiction Dr Oz said Salt is one of the most widely used condiments worldwide. But it can become a bad habit for people like Salt Addict Mary. Do you need help kicking your salt addiction? Dr Oz: Are You Addicted To Salt? Dr Oz invited an expert, psychologist and food addiction […]

Dr Oz: What’s Your Truth? Dr Oz said that most of us have a salt shaker on our dinner table. It has its health benefits, and it can be a key ingredient in many recipes. But what if you are hooked on salty foods and snacks? Mary loves salty foods such as pickles, chips, olives, […]

Dr Oz: Reset Your Fat-Loss Hormones When cutting calories, exercising, or eating a low-fat diet doesn’t help you lose weight, what could be going wrong? Dr Oz said the answer could be found in your hormones, and you could unlock the key to shedding stubborn fat. Learn why you should add a fourth meal to […]

Dr Oz: Bringing Healthy Back Doctor Oz is Bringing Healthy Back on his show, so you can “reclaim your life by regaining your health.” He put the spotlight on local hero Sheriff Don from Abbeville, South Carolina. He has worked in law enforcement for about 20 years. His colleagues had great things to say about […]

Dr Oz: Family Detox Plan Dr Oz introduced the Stallman family. They do a lot together, but they are all overweight and would like to adopt some healthier habits. He invited Dr Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution, to help put the Stallmans on the right path. Dr Hyman said that “getting healthy is […]

Dr Oz: What’s Your Truth? Stallman Family Dr Oz said he cares about his viewers and wants them to take control of their health. The fundamentals, such as diet, exercise, and sleep, never change. Just ask the Stallman family. This family owns a five-acre farm, which looks like it is a lot of work (and […]

Dr Oz: Calcium Health Alert Dr Oz said that the advice is often changing when it comes to Calcium supplements. A recent study concluded that Calcium supplements are not associated with Heart Disease. But that contradicts some other studies, leaving women with confusing recommendations and warnings. Dr Oz: Osteoporosis Wrist Test Dr Oz wanted to […]

Dr Oz: Cheat On Your Diet & Lose Weight This Summer Summer can be a tough time to stick to your diet, thanks to picnics and barbecues galore. Dr Oz explained how you can cheat on your diet so you can enjoy summer meals and still lose weight. Try Dr Oz’s Dirty Gazpacho Recipe, Cheater’s […]