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Dr. Oz: How to Slow Down Your Appetite Dr. Oz talked about ways to slow down your appetite. Are you always hungry and worried about when an acceptable time is to start your next meal? Luckily, Dr. Oz had some suggestions. He talked to Candy, who had trouble controlling her hunger. She said she’s always […]

Dr. Oz: Lowering Cholesterol with Food in Our Pantries Dr. Oz asked his audience to show him their pantries. They all brought pictures of their home pantries. Dr. Oz picked a woman and asked her if she used the foods in her pantry for health. She said she used peanut butter to make her feel […]

Dr. Oz: Engaged Couple Loses Weight for Wedding Dr. Oz has been talking to an engaged couple who wanted to lose weight in time for their wedding, Ron and Angela. And who better to help them learn how to lose weight together than couple Heidi and Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss? Chris said that working […]

Dr. Oz: Engaged Couple Decides to Lose Weight Together for Wedding Dr. Oz talked to an engaged couple, Angela and Ron, who want to lose weight for their wedding in July. Angela said she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her life, but since she she met Ron, she’s gained about 50 pounds, which she […]

Dr. Oz: Whole30 Diet Plan Review Dr. Oz shares a lot of diets, but it seems like today he was really pushing this one. The diet is called Whole30 and Dr. Oz claims people all around the world are doing it. He shared before and after pictures from people all around the world. Whole30 is […]

Dr. Oz: Why Women Feel Bloated More Often Dr. Oz asked his audience to blow up a balloon with the amount of gas they feel is bloating inside of them. Then Dr. Oz let his audience let go of the balloons, causing a lot of weird noises. To help his audience with their bloating problem, […]

Dr. Oz: Overeating Vs. Binge Eating Dr. Oz has been talking to Natalie, who feels a lot of guilt over her binge eating. Dr. Oz brought in Dr. Brenda Wade, a psychologist who works with women who binge eat. Dr. Wade said that there’s a difference between overeating and binge eating. Overeaters eat whatever is […]

Dr. Oz: Overeating Mom Needs Help Dr. Oz talked on his show to Natalie, who can’t stop overeating. 29-year-old Natalie is a mother of three and she said she’s obsessed with thinking about food. She said for as long as she can remember, she’s turned to food for comfort. When she was a kid, she […]

Dr. Oz: Tricking Your Taste Buds Dr. Oz welcomed Richard Blais to his show, the Hungry Games host and celebrity chef. The new show investigates the science behind our food cravings and choices. Richard Blais said hosting the show has made her think a lot more about what he eats and cooks. Dr. Oz: What Food Cools Down […]

Dr. Oz: Triplets Want Willpower Dr. Oz has been talking to triplets Elizabeth, Diane, and Ellen about how to build up their willpower. Dr. Oz welcomed Dr. Kelly McGonigal, author of The Willpower Instinct. She said the key to building up their willpower is to get clear on their individual goals. Dr. Oz said that he’s […]

Dr. Oz: Triplets Have a Lack of Willpower Dr. Oz talked to Ellen, Diane, and Elizabeth, who are identical triplets with no willpower. The three of them asked for Dr. Oz’s help. When they were younger, they had strict parents, so they always listened. It wasn’t until they  were in their thirties and forties and […]

Dr. Oz: What Do Our Cravings Mean? Dr. Oz discussed what our cravings for sweet, salty, and fried foods really mean. It turns out these cravings aren’t always what they seem. Dr. Oz put a survey online to see what the top foods people crave the most are. At the top of the list were […]

Dr. Oz: Bakery Owners Addicted to Sugar Dr. Oz had an update for us on Catarah and Shoneji, the bakery owners who had an addiction to sugar and needed Dr. Oz ‘s help to end their sugar addiction for good. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Joel Fuhrman to help them out. Dr. Fuhrman surprised Catarah and […]

Dr. Oz: Salt Addict Update Dr. Oz had an update on a salt addict named Mary, who was so addicted to salt she would drink pickle juice to get her fix. After getting help from Dr. Oz, now she’s kicked the salt. She used to get ten times the recommended amount of salt per day, but […]

Dr. Oz: Holiday Cheat Sheet Dr. Oz unveiled his Holiday Cheat Sheet, which gives you the rules to survive the holidays without gaining a pound. He showed comedian Kim Coles his rules. But first, Kim Coles asked people on the street what their favorite holiday indulgences were. They gave her the typical answers like chocolate pie, […]

Dr. Oz: Reduce High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Dr. Oz introduced a doctor named Rita, who reduced her high blood pressure and cholesterol and made an incredible transformation with advice from Dr. Oz’s show. Rita became a doctor because she wanted to help her grandmother Rose. Health issues run on both sides of her family, […]

Dr. Oz: Natural Ways to Feel Alert Dr. Oz recently did a poll in his magazine The Good Life to find out 74 percent of people wish for more energy almost every day and 59 percent would rather have more energy than drop a dress size. Dr. Oz talked to Lona from the audience, who wishes she […]

Dr. Oz: Headache Relief Diet Have you been suffering from headaches and been looking for a natural, effective way to deal with them without pills or prescriptions? You’re in luck! Dr. Joel Fuhrman came by Dr. Oz to unveil his Headache Relief Diet. Dr. Oz: Eliminate Headache-Causing Foods for Two Weeks First, you have to […]

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