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Dr Oz: The Kind Mama Review Alicia Silverstone When it comes to their children most parents will do just about anything to keep them healthy and safe and Alicia Silverstone is no different. She has often been called unconventional, but it hasn’t stopped her from from doing what she does. Alicia sits down with Dr. […]

Dr Oz: Ma Huang Diet Pill Side Effects For many years the only things your doctor recommended for weight loss were exercising more and eating less, but today they often suggest pills so Dr. Oz has a guide to the most popular weight loss supplements. He shares which ones are safe, which ones work, and […]

Dr Oz: Transform You Free 12-Week Weight Loss Program From Dr Oz! Are you ready to get in shape, but have little time for a workout every day? If so, this is the Dr. Oz Show for you because he has the five moves that take just five minutes a day to get you the […]

Dr Oz: Tips To Kill Food Cravings Dr. Oz has the best craving killers to shut down your appetite and help you lose weight and the best part is they might already be in your kitchen! Your cravings for sweets, salty foods, and carbs could be the biggest thing preventing you from losing weight, but […]

Dr Oz: CLA Supplement Weight Loss Review If you are tired of fighting the battle of the bulge then this Dr. Oz episode is the one for you! He has weight loss tricks for every body type and the best part is they really do work. Get ready to learn a few simple ways to […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Lose Weight Fast Three of the most dreaded letters in the English language are F-A-T because they makes us feel discouraged and angry and we wish it would instantly disappear. Today Dr. Oz comes to the rescue with his tips to flush fat fast and help you get the body you […]

Dr Oz: Signs of Blood Sugar Problems Do you feel like you spend every day on a roller coaster with your energy rising up, only to plummet in between meals and back up again when you eat? If so, Dr. Oz says your blood sugar could be to blame. Dr Oz: How Much Sugar Does […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Melt Belly Fat with Spices Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a belly that refuses to shrink no matter what you do? If so, today is your lucky day because Dr. Oz’s rapid belly melt could be the answer you have been waiting to for to finally […]

Dr Oz: 5-HTP Natural Appetite Suppressant Are you always hungry? Appetite can stand in the way of weight loss success, but Dr Oz introduced an all natural appetite suppressant called 5-HTP. For emotional eaters and stress snackers, appetite suppressants can be tempting, but many of them come with side effects. Dr Oz said the natural […]

Dr Oz: The May Diet Would you like to kick off summer 10 pounds lighter? Dr. Oz has the winning formula to help you slim down by Memorial Day with The May Diet that builds off the 2-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet he introduced at the beginning of the year. Get ready to jump start […]

Dr Oz: Should You Take a Water Pill for Weight Loss? Dr. Oz says more and more women are looking to water pills when they have an upcoming special occasion they would like to lose weight for, but are water pills right for you? It might seem like a simple solution to flush the body […]

Dr Oz: BCAA Powder Metabolism Booster Today is the day to reboot your body and get on the fast track to weight loss! Dr. Oz has the mega metabolism boosters you have been waiting for to rev up your fat-burning engine and get the body you have always wanted. Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Carb […]

Dr Oz: The 5 Bite Diet Dr. Oz has always said and believed that the secret to losing weight and keeping it off is a healthy diet, but today he discusses an extreme new way to lose 15 pounds in one week. He sits down with the doctor who says you can eat anything you […]

Dr Oz: Surprising Reasons You Overeat How do you keep your appetite under control? Dr Oz said there are some interesting reasons some of us overeat.From portion control to social behavior and even plate color, outside factors can influence us. Viewer Gina helped Dr Oz explain some of these concerns. She said she tends to […]

Dr Oz: 21-Day Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse For centuries healers around the world have used body type to cure illness, which is the whole idea behind the Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse that is based on an ancient healing tradition focused on your “Dosha”. Today Dr. Oz has three Ayurvedic Juice Cleanses to cure whatever ails you! Dr […]

Dr Oz: Does Olive Oil Make You Fat? Dr. Oz is discussing the biggest diet lies with Dr. Joel Fuhrman and they have already talked about the ideal number of meals you should eat every day. The next diet myth most of us believe is that cooking with healthy oils will help you lose weight. […]

Dr Oz: The Biggest Diet Lies Making You Fat Dr. Oz says if you are making every effort to lose weight, but cannot seem to shed the pounds it might not be your fault and today he shares the reasons why when he talks to Dr. Joel Fuhrman about the world’s biggest diet lies making […]

Dr Oz: Quick Fixes After You Cheat on Your Diet We all cheat on our diet from time to time, but it is nothing to feeling guilty about because Dr. Oz has the emergency quick fixes for after you indulge a little too much. Not only do his tips work, but they will also get […]