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Dr. Oz: New Gluten Diagnosis Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about how an entirely different group of foods may be responsible for stomach pain, gas, and bloating thought to be caused by gluten. In fact, 18 million people may be affected by this other group of foods. New research has identified this […]

Family Loses 380 Pounds Watching Dr. Oz Dr. Oz introduced a family who lost 380 pounds after being inspired by watching Dr. Oz. Ed lost 140 pounds, Lori lost 150 pounds, and their son Kyle lost 90 pounds. Lori said she was overweight her whole life and she felt ugly and worthless. She never wanted […]

Dr. Oz: How to Relieve Stress Dr. Oz talked about how to relieve stress. We all know how stressful life can be and Kathy sent in a video message trying to find a solution. She’s a busy mom with three kids who also works from home and is currently getting her Master’s degree. She wondered if […]

Dr. Oz: Fast Metabolism Plan Dr. Oz unveiled his Fast Metabolism Plan on his show, sharing it with an audience member named Courtney. Courtney says she can’t avoid the holiday weight gain every season. She said she uses gain 5 to 8 pounds every time. She has to travel the longest to be with her […]

Dr. Oz: Power Protein Plan Dr. Oz talked on his show about a new Power Protein Plan. He met with three women who lost an incredible amount of weight by adding protein to their diet. All three women shared their secrets to success and weight loss. Dr. Oz: Protein-Powered Breakfast Marie lost a total of 108 […]

Dr. Oz: Detox Foods Dr. Oz sent some viewers from the same town on a scavenger hunt to find four detox superfoods in each other’s homes and then bring them to the show. Amy was the one who volunteered her friends and neighbors for the scavenger hunt. She said in her town, they have football […]

Dr Oz: Body Prisoners Dr Oz met Laurie and Lindsay, two women who have negative relationships with food. Laurie is over 600 pounds and struggles to avoid overeating, while Lindsay is about 87 pounds and can’t seem to eat enough. Dr Oz showed them that they have a lot in common and wanted to give them […]

Dr Oz: Negative Food Relationships Dr Oz introduced two women who have problems in their relationships to food and the need for control in their lives. While 608-pound Laurie seeks out food and seemingly can’t stop eating, 87-pound Lindsay exercises control by meticulously monitoring what little she does eat. Though their appearances are opposites, Dr Oz said that […]

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Heroes Dr Oz introduced Weight Loss Heroes who have lost half their size. Find out how they did it and let their success be an inspiration to pursue your own health goals. Get to know Richard and Dee, who shared their journeys with Dr Oz’s audience. Dr Oz: Firefighter Loses Half His Weight […]

Dr Oz: What is the Hot Belly Diet? Dr Oz explained that The Hot Belly Diet can help you reset your metabolism. If you have noticed a white coating on your tongue, this is one sign that your metabolism is not working optimally. Dr Suhas Kshirsagar joined Dr Oz to talk about The Hot Belly Diet. […]

Dr Oz: How To Flush Fat Dr Oz’s guest, Dr Mark Hyman, outlined a three-day plan that uses low-fat foods to flush fat, eliminate toxins, decrease insulin resistance, and fight inflammation. Those are all good things, and Dr Oz enlisted nine viewers to test the plan for themselves. Dr Hyman said that our bodies are addicted […]

Dr. Oz: Cut Hundreds of Calories Dr. Oz talked to Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser about ways to cut calories from our diet throughout the week. He said small swaps throughout the week can change our entire life. If you cut out 100 calories a day, you’ll lose 10 pounds at the end of the […]

Dr. Oz: Belly Diversion Tricks Dr. Oz talked about common belly diversion tricks women use to hide their bellies. There’s the belt trick, of course, where you use a big belt to hide your belly. There’s the ever-popular tummy suck-in trick. One woman told Dr. Oz that she uses a large bag to cover her […]

Dr. Oz: Is Belly Fat Really the Hardest to Lose? Dr. Oz kicked off his show by talking about belly fat myths. Is belly fat really the hardest fat to lose? Dr. Oz talked to Susan, who believes this to be true. She said she’s been to “trillions” of zumba classes and done “millions” of […]

Dr. Oz: Sheriff Don Update Dr. Oz had an update on his show about Sheriff Don, who embarked on a weight loss journey on Dr. Oz’s show just one month ago. In that short time, Sheriff Don has lost an incredible 32 pounds. Dr. Mike Roizen has been working with Sheriff Don. He said Sheriff […]

Dr. Oz: Sheriff Don Update Dr. Oz had an update on Sheriff Don, the man he saw just a month ago. Sheriff Don wanted to take care control of his life and his health. He let his love for Southern comfort food take away his job and nearly his life. He suffered a pretty serious […]

Dr. Oz: The Nordic Diet Everyone knows about the Mediterranean diet, but there’s a new diet from another part of the world that can help us lose weight. Dr. Oz welcomed Chef Marcus Samuelsson to the show. He grew up in Sweden eating the foods of the Nordic diet. He said it’s more of a […]

Dr. Oz: Are Diet Foods Making Us Fat? Dr. Oz talked about how diet foods may be making us fat. Say what? It’s true! Dr. Oz welcomed registered dietitian Dr. Sharon Richter, who helped audience member Mia learn how her diet food choices may not be the best thing for her. Mia said the ingredients […]

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