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Dr. Oz: Health Foods That Harm Your Thyroid Dr. Oz talked about the health foods that harm your thyroid. He asked his audience to bring their grocery lists. He talked to two friends, Joanna and Meredith, who brought their lists. Joanna is buying quinoa, kale, broccoli, and other great health foods. Meredith is buying a […]

Dr. Oz: How to Bring Gluten Back to Your Diet You might have given up gluten because of gas, bloating, and stomach pain. But even if it makes you feel better, you might still miss it. Luckily for you, Dr. Oz revealed a secret on the show that will let you eat gluten again without […]

Dr. Oz: Dangers of Diet Soda Dr. Oz talked about how to quit diet soda. Recent research has shown that diet soda can cause more harm than good. As a result, soda sales are down, major fast food chains are taking out all the soda from their kids meals, and 86 percent of people on […]

Dr. Oz: Sarah Ferguson Weight Loss Dr. Oz talked to the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, who came by to discuss her incredible weight loss. Sarah Ferguson has been scrutinized in the public eye quite a lot over the years, from her marriage and divorce from Prince Andrew to her friendship with Princess Diana to […]

Dr. Oz: How to Fix a Metabolism Dr. Oz has been talking to Jacqueline about her slow metabolism on the show today. He introduced her to JJ Virgin, a diet expert who had a plan to speed up her slow thyroid. Jacqueline eats lots of mini-meals. She eats every three hours. Dr. Oz said he […]

Dr. Oz: Difficulty Losing Weight Dr. Oz talked to a woman who can’t seem to lose weight no matter what she does. She’s been losing the same 10 pounds no matter what she does, since high school. She said she wasn’t sure if it was her thyroid or her metabolism. She didn’t know how to fix […]

Dr. Oz: Meal Options on the Total Choice Dr. Oz has been talking about the Total Choice meal plan on his show, where you can choose between several customizable meal plans that have all the calories already counted out for you. All you have to do is decide whether you want to have 1200 calories […]

Dr. Oz: Total Choice Diet Dr. Oz talked on his show today about the Total Choice diet, a brand new diet that lets you eat lots of mouthwatering meals while still promising you’ll lose weight. Is it too good to be true? This diet has over 100 meal options that add up to the exact […]

Dr. Oz: Bob Harper Weight Loss Bob Harper has helped people lose weight on The Bigger Loser for 16 seasons. He’s helped contestants lose more than 33,000 pounds. Today, he came by Dr. Oz to talk about how to stay motivated on a diet. Bob Harper said to beat the bad voice in your head telling you […]

Dr Oz: 2015 Health Food Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham returned to Dr Oz’s stage to reveal his choice for the top 2015 health food. It’s something that is already easy to find, though you may not be familiar with the Caper. Capers are small and green. They are actually hand-picked pickled flower buds that grow on a bush. […]

Dr Oz: Total Body Overhaul Dr Oz used Integrative Medicine to outline his latest plan, a 10-Day Total Body Overhaul that you can start to help reboot your digestive system and reboot your body from the inside out. The stomach and intestines are supposed to absorb nutrients and evacuate toxins, but sometimes gut toxins can build […]

Dr Oz: Food Counterfeiting You may be surprised to learn that the foods you buy when you shop are not always what they seem. Could you be picking up fake food or counterfeit food without even realizing it? Dr Oz asked some experts to help explain why we need to pay attention when buying shrimp, […]

Dr. Oz: Woman Loses 200 Pounds Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Kelly who lost 200 pounds using the advice from segments on The Dr. Oz Show. Her problems with weight began after her first child was born. He was born with a rare disorder and had to stay in the hospital. So she stayed […]

Dr. Oz: Dairy Sensitivity Diet Dr. Oz has been talking to Karen, a woman with a dairy sensitivity who has continued to eat dairy since she was 12, even though it gives her diarrhea, gas, and bloating. Dr. Oz introduced her to Dr. Mike Roizen, who had a dairy sensitivity plan for her. He’s also […]

Dr. Oz: Dairy Sensitivities Dr. Oz talked to Karen, who has a dairy sensitivity but who can’t stop eating dairy. Her friend calls her Mouse because she loves cheese so much. She sneaks dairy and cheese into all of her meals. She’ll have cheese in her eggs, milk in her oatmeal, cheese on her salad […]

Dr. Oz: Sodium Girl Dr. Oz talked to two food bloggers to get tips on how to make healthier foods. First up was Jessica Goldman Foung, who calls herself Sodium Girl on her blog. She provides plenty of great salt-free dishes that still have plenty of flavor. Jessica’s blog gets 50,000 views per months. 10 […]

Dr. Oz: How to Make the Total 10 a Lifestyle Dr. Oz has been talking about the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan for the past two weeks. Today, he talked about how to turn it into a lifestyle. He said this diet was never supposed to be a diet, but a lifestyle. So how […]

Dr. Oz: How to Cure a Slow Thyroid Dr. Oz has been talking to Floris, a woman with a slow thyroid. He introduced her to Dr. Natasha Turner, who said that slow thyroids are a big problem in this country. She said there is a big difference between normal and optimal numbers when it comes […]

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