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Dr. Oz: Bridal Boot Camp Dr. Oz sent a bunch of women to a Bridal Boot Camp. The women are all trying to lose weight in time for their wedding with Dr. Oz’s help. Lauren, one of the brides has been engaged for a year and a half. She’s been dating her fiance for nine years. […]

Dr. Oz: Dark Side to Skinny Dr. Oz talked to Andie Mitchell, a woman who lost 135 pounds and discovered a “dark side to skinny”. In her new book It Was Me All Along, she shares her struggle. For 20 years, Andie Mitchell was the “biggest person” she knew. She thought that getting skinny would be an answer […]

Woman Loses Weight After Watching Dr. Oz Dr. Oz talked about a woman named Elle who started an online movement when she began posting selfies of herself trying to lose weight about two years ago to inspire herself and others. She grew up as “the chubby girl.” She’s been overweight her entire life, but she […]

Dr. Oz: Man Loses 237 Pounds Dr. Oz talked about the story of Barry, a man who turned to food after his father died and reached an all-time high of 450 pounds. He had asthma, an enlarged heart, and high blood pressure. It got so bad his wife had to push him around in a […]

Dr Oz: Am I Normal Or Nuts? Food Habits Dr Oz asked a panel of experts to join him in assessing the quirky food habits of audience members, who were turned in by their friends and family. Are these extreme and sometimes bizarre food and eating habits normal or nuts? Dr Oz Normal or Nuts?: Eating Candy Like a […]

Dr Oz: The Rainbow Juice Cleanse To Boost Energy Dr Oz’s guest not only thinks that the colors of the rainbow can have healing properties, but she also jokingly claimed to have invented the Green Drink (Dr Oz was happy to spar with her over that distinction, but it actually predates them both). Ginger Southall, […]

Dr. Oz: How to Eat Carbs & Still Lose Weight Dr. Oz talked about how to eat carbs and still lose weight. He talked to fitness expert Chris Powell, who explained that we have a lot of positive associations with carbs. Things like mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies send us back to childhood. […]

Dr. Oz: How to Cook Healthy Dr. Oz talked to Tanisha, whose family calls her the “worst healthy cook in America.” To help Tanisha out, Dr. Oz introduced her to renowned chef Lidia Bastianich, author of Lidia’s Egg-Citing Farm Adventure, who showed her how to cook a healthy pasta heavy on the veggies, her Baked Whole […]

Dr. Oz: Healthy Food Dr. Oz talked to chef Curtis Stone about ways to make meals healthier. Siri from the audience said she gets very overwhelmed when she has to cook something, especially cooking after work and then cleaning after that. He showed Siri how to not worry with a great Baja Salad recipe, which […]

Dr. Oz: Mindless Eating Dr. Oz has been talking to Nicole, whose friends caught her red-handed snacking on camera in a health sting, and Erin, a wife whose husband caught her midnight snacking. He introduced them to advice from psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula, who suggested they reach for warm drinks instead of snacks. Warm tea […]

Dr. Oz: Snacking Caught on Camera Dr. Oz talked to some women who were concerned about their co-worker Nicole’s snacking, so Dr. Oz set up a “health sting.” They set up a camera by the vending machine to watch her snacking. The video captured her buying chips and immediately doing a happy dance. It also […]

Dr. Oz: Is Too Much Calcium Bad For You? Although we know calcium is good for the bones and our bodies, too much of a good thing can have a bad effect effect on our health. Dr. Oz talked to Doris from the audience, who said she worries about how much calcium she is getting […]

Dr. Oz: 10 Day Detox Cookbook Review Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Mark Hyman, who helped the Stallman Family lose an incredible 335 pounds in just six months. Today he came by to talk about his new 10 Day Detox Cookbook, which has helped many people lose weight, including Katherine, who lost an incredible 54 pounds on […]

Dr. Oz: Couple Decides to Lose Weight Together Dr. Oz talked to Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss and shared an update on the couple who wanted to lose weight together, Ron and Angela. The two of them made the commitment to lose weight to look food for their wedding. So Dr. Oz introduced Ron and Angela […]

Dr. Oz: Chris Powell Extreme Weight Loss Dr. Oz talked to fitness expert Chris Powell from Extreme Weight Loss about how we can make meaningful changes in our lives. Chris Powell said he believes everyone is capable of extraordinary things in their lives and he wouldn’t do what he does if he didn’t believe that. Dr. Oz: Weight […]

Dr. Oz: Strawberries & Cream Protein Pancakes Recipe Dr. Oz asked home cooks to send in their recipes for pancakes that are low in carbs and high in protein, so we can eat our favorite breakfast foods without the guilt. In third place was Valerie, with her Strawberries and Cream Protein Pancakes recipe, which had […]

Dr. Oz: Bone Broth Benefits Dr. Oz talked about how to fight fatigue with bone broth. A restaurant called Brodo is serving up bone broth in New York City instead of coffee. People Dr. Oz talked to on the street said it gave them lots of energy. Broth is great for hair, skin, nails, and […]

Dr. Oz: Reprogram Your Taste Buds Dr. Oz talked about how we can reprogram our taste buds to love healthy foods. He talked to Dr. Mike Dow, who said he used to drink lots of soda and loved starchy foods like pasta. In order to eat healthy, he said, you need to reprogram your taste […]

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