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Dr Oz: Weight Loss Teas

Dr Oz gave a list of Weight Loss Teas like Pu-erh Tea, Chickweed Tea, Bilberry Tea and White Tea, because after his delicious Coconut Palm Sugar Recipes, doesn’t a cup of tea sound nice?  If your hobbies are drinking tea and losing weight, you’re in luck today! On today’s show, Dr Oz gave you the best teas that you can drink all day long that will shrink fat cells and help you lose weight.


  1. do says

    Chickweed tea contains nitrates
    Bilberry can effect blood sugar be carful if you are on diabetes medication. Has side effects.
    Before doing anything that Dr. Oz says is good, not only check with your dr. who may not even know what to tell you because they aren’t familiar with the herbs or go on the web site for the particular herb and ask about side effects.
    Be safe…..

  2. says

    I just bought some Chickweed tea. I hope this works… I love nothing more than a cuppa in the morning before I get ready for work.

  3. paola says

    Can these teas help constipation and difficolt to urinet ?
    sorry but I am from italy so my english is not very good .
    thank you

  4. Avery says

    Dandelion tea and Nettle tea do the same thing if not better than Chickwood tea and you cannot find Chickwood tea anywhere, not even the health food stores.

    “Chickweed contain chemicals called nitrates, using chickweed in excess can cause nitrate poisoning .Some cases of nitrate poisoning have been reported in humans – particularly in infants who are less than six months old…”

  5. Tonya says

    Hello, I am a 36 5’2 206lb women with health problems. I have RA and and have had my hip replaced 2 time in the last 2 years. I walk on a cane and really need to lose alot of weight. So can I drink all of these tea’s and take the raspberry keytons?? Thank you

  6. Oscar says

    I went to china town and checked a few stores for pu reh tea, only found tea bag version, is there a difference between the tea bag version and the tea cake?

  7. Tina says

    I ordered pu erh tea off of amazon. I ordered tea bags instead of cake- just seemed easier. Smells like manure or cattle farm… I assume that is the fermented part… Ferment usually smells sweet I thought. Any comments or suggestions?

  8. Michele says

    I found the pu-erh tea, white tea, bliberry tea and the raw coconut sugar at the Vitamin Shoppe

  9. JAZMIN says



  10. JAZMIN says

    i want to get the pu-erh tea and the chickweed tea. i hope they are good and hopefully i won’t get any heart palpitations!

    please let me know if any of you have tried it..thanks again;-)

  11. Victoria says

    I am very sensitive to any food or drink that contains mold through fermentation. Does the PU-erh have mold?

  12. Tonya says

    Morgan Cha Tea Green
    On my box of PU-ERH TEA it said to steep it for 5-10 minutes hope this helps.

  13. JAZMIN says

    i order my boxes of pu-erh and chickweed tea. can’t wait to try them;-) if anyone has try them for atleast a week let me know if you have lost weight..THANKS;-)

  14. Michelle says

    On March 8, 2012
    Michelle here I found all teas on the Numi Tea Site and they had all side effects and favors for Green, Black, White, Herbal now if I Could find one to help us get rid of Our Nagging Cold Vs
    Having to take medicine. And if anyone has been lucky to hear from Dr. Oz let him know I am still waiting.

    Sincerely yours,

  15. JAZMIN says

    i don’t know anything about the tea leaves. thats why i got the tea bags it’s easyer;-)

  16. says

    Actually loose tea is much better – bagged tea is usually the low end grades. The ‘dust’ grade also looses potency quicker. Loose tea contains more essential oils, thus more health benefits. Kind of like instant coffee versus fresh ground beans.

  17. JAZMIN says

    Hi Brian, how much of the loose tea you have to use? do you have to measure it?


  18. Michelle says

    On March 10, 2012
    What flavored does Pu-erh Tea come in and does it come in green not just black and Decafe
    as well as with Caffeine as well as all of the teas that we saw on Dr. Oz’s Show and where can we get them we haven’t been able to find them.


  19. Terri says

    I live in Miami and have checked everywhere for this Chickweed tea. Noone has even heard of it, let alone carry it. You can’t even really find it online. By the way I went to the Teavana store for the Pu-erh tea and they recommend the oolong tea as this does not cause heart palpitations and are much more effective than the Pu-erh.

  20. Michelle says

    Michelle thank you for the update but I had the OOLONG and it tast bad I found Billberry at a health Food store but was pricey so I didn’t get it but the others on the site can tell you where to get all as they order online as I shop locally. And PU- era does come in Green Tea and many Flavors yet Dr. Oz recommended the Choclate on his show from Feb 23, 2012


  21. Terri says

    Michelle, I’m drinking the oolong tea now and it tastes pretty good. I have the fruity flavor though. This you can get at the Teavana store, where they have different flavors of the Oolong. (I don’t like bland, teas, tend to go more for the fruity flavor) As far as the Puerh, I have had this in the past and always get the strawberry flavor which is great. I did have an increase in heart rate in the beginning but ended after a week or so. Because of this I decided to try the Oolong. Just wish I can find this Chickweed but think I’m going to try the Dandelion as Avery in an earlier post recommended. After doing some research seems like it has the same effects as the Chickweed. Will try it and let you guys know.

  22. Brian says


    1. Type ‘chickweed tea’ in google and you’ll find it. Note – chickweed is not tea, but an herb – so traditional tea stores will not carry it.

    2. I would not shop at Teavana. Most employees there know very little about tea, and the prices are double that of other retailers. They operate on commission and will do what ever it takes to make you buy a lot. Pu-Erh has UNIQUE properties that Oolong doesn’t have because it is fermented. Both Oolong and Pu-Erh contain caffeine, which is what causes heart palpitations for people sensitive to caffeine. They are two totally different teas with different health benefits.


    Where did you get the Oolong? Oolong comes in so many different varieties that you cannot judge by one try. That’s like saying wine tastes bad, based on trying out a jug of Carlo Rossi. I do stand corrected, Pu-Erh does come in green, but it’s not as easy to find. The flavored types are usually almost always the dark versions.

  23. Michelle says

    Michelle don’t for get about the white teas as they are to do the same as Billberry.
    Someone here said that we could get all at Wal-Mart I just emailed Numi Tea Yesterday
    and asked them and they are looking into it.


  24. Michelle says



  25. Brian says

    Your better going off to a loose leaf supplier than a health food store, which is all bagged.
    Loose is also cheaper per serving, and fresher.

  26. Terri says

    @Brian. Thanks. Good info on Teavana. They are a really expensive store and they do push their teas a lot stating that they are better than everyone else. I’ll admit I do like their teas though. I bought the oolong from Teavana. The flavor is called Kamiya Papaya. The flavor is pretty good but I do prefer their Strawberry Pu-erh. I love the Dr. Oz show but some of the products they recommend are sending people into a frenzy trying to find them. I don’t think they are very clear on where to purchase. For example, they said you can purhcase the Chickweed tea at Tea shops. Well I think we all now know that is false.

  27. Brian says

    I typically can find Teavana alternatives that cost much less – the thing is, they purposely make their names unique, when the underlying tea is the same or almost the same. It makes it much harder to compare. My local tea shop has made me custom blends based on teavana samples I brought, or I either found alternatives or they searched through their network of suppliers for something the same. Teavana has a sort of predator like attitude, and especially with people that know nothing about tea. I spoke to the owners of the shop by me and they said they get tons of people due to Dr. Oz, but would never carry Chickweed by itself, because it’s not easy to get, doesn’t taste great and once the fad is over they will sit on tons of stuff. However, they are looking into a tea WITH bilberry in it.

  28. Michelle says

    To All Dr.Oz Fan’s Michelle,
    I know that you don’t care for Tea Bags but I found Chickweed and Billberry in Our One Health
    Food Store…..


  29. Gil says

    Hi everyone i just got my tea an i got the pu erh tea, chickweed organic and bilbery leaf organic at Mountain rose herbs.com….


  30. Ms.MJ says

    This Pu-reh Tea along with the White Tea is WONDERFUL.
    I love the detox method of the tea (Pu-reh). I can feel the difference.
    I have been drinking for 7 days and I can feel and see my stomach flatter.
    I have a super food drink in the morning drink my Pu-reh tea all morning (8am-10am).
    Even have some oatmeal Great energetic morning!
    Thanks for the tips and good words.
    Very Grateful

  31. Michelle says

    On March 15, 2012, from Michelle:

    Michelle I am glad that you found you teas I hope we will soon.


  32. Michelle says

    To all other Dr.Oz Fans should you all reach him let him know that I would love to hear from Him and like so many of you we are having trouble finding them in town like so many other things that he told us all about.


  33. Laura says

    Tina- We bought the puh-erh tea in cakes. When it’s brewed It smells like a horse barn, and taste as bad as it smells. I did not want to add milk or sugar, so another alternative is squeezing a lemon wedge into the tea. Leave the lemon in it. This way when you drink it all you can smell is lemon!

  34. Michelle says

    On March 17, 2012, from Nichelle:

    We just found Our Chiclate PU-erh yesterday but it was the bagged one by Numi.
    I can’t say that I feel any difference yet as we just tried it this morning.


  35. Ms.MJ says

    Thank you Dr. Oz for the sound advise on the Pu-erh tea. Again, it’s been working on my detox. White tea is a good later drink. This is going on my 2 week. Love It

  36. Ms MJ says

    Michelle, glad you found your tea. 2cups in the morn. Remember the 1cup white tea
    After. Ive notice the difference in two days. Keep the tea see what happens in a few days. If you eat some super foods and plenty of good water,they’ll be calling you slim soon enough.
    Ms. MJ

  37. Michelle says

    Good Morning MJ,
    Michelle we haven’t bougt the white yet just starting with The PU-erh and
    We drink a lot of water as that was what we did for over thirty years as that was
    Our Business.


  38. says

    I would like to purchase alll of these teas. Where can i find all of these teas on one web site.I have searched so many sites.

  39. Brian says

    Some the sites were already mentioned – problem is most TEA places wont sell things like billberry or chickweed, that is more of an herbal/healthfood store type of place. And these places usually sell bagged tea like pu-erh, which I don’t recommend.

  40. Michelle says

    Michelle I found them at a local health food store but I got PU- erh in Tea Bags so I could
    get it for the others I haven’t bought them yet and the one I won’t as there are side effects
    even tho it’s a tea so read everything before buying. Num.’s Site Has all if you do online shopping.


  41. Tonya says

    Jazmin, I have been on the Pu-erh tea and the white tea for about a month and I have lost around 7 pounds. But I have also been on the raspberry keytons pills. I have also dropped a whole pants size too. I don’t exercise either I’m 36 and have to have a cain to walk with. So I know if I was able to exercise I would of lost alot more weight. Hope this helps you!!!!!!!

  42. Michelle says

    Michelle unlike Tonya I can’t say but I feel as if I have I haven’t been exercising do to
    pain and being sick but I didn’t have enough to tell you as I and my mom both used it
    and ran out of it fast. And have been sick so we haven’t gone hunting for it again as for the
    Key ton Pills I won’t take them if you know anyone that has had Diabetics All their life you
    know that they must watch them closely so be careful.


  43. Tonya says

    Michelle, I have high BP, RA and I have diabetes so I did ask my doctor and he was fine with me taking the keytones.

  44. Michelle says

    Tony a
    Michelle not to speak out of turn as we don’t know each other but I just
    know about Diabetics as My Older Sister has had it for forty- four years so
    she has Juvinile Diabetics or as they say today Type 1 not Adult onset or Type Two
    plus three other family members as well. So when some try a quick fix I worry so I hope
    that you get to feeling better I know what it is like to feel bad. I have a rare disease and have
    life long health problems so I feel for others in the same vote as I and My Family.


  45. Michelle says

    Good Morning Brian Michelle,
    Thank You For The Information But I Didn’t Need This One It Was One Of
    The Other Dr.Oz Fans.


  46. JAZMIN says

    OMG tonya thats great. i got the tea and took them like 3 times. i’m not really a tea person but if it’s to loose weight bring it on..lol..i guess i have to start drinking them tea. now on the raspberry keytons pills, do you get heart palpitation? i’m so afraid of that. and do you have to do exercise while taking the fat burner rasberry keytons pills?

    by the way we the same age..lol


  47. Michelle says

    Michelle please be careful of the key tons my friend from one that has palbatitions
    do to health, I wouldn’t take it until I would talk to your Doctor.

    If you and the others don’t hear from me it’s because we are having a mad storm once again
    which may end up being a third Tornado in a month.


  48. Tonya says

    Jazim, I don’t have any side affects from the pills. I was very worried about the samething. I did see where a lot of people was getting the 500mg. But I didn’t I got the 250mg. The only thing that I see is that sometimes I sweat but nothing other than that. Oh and no I don’t exercise it is very hard for me to. I have a lot of health problems So at this time I’m not about to do any. Just drinking the tea and taking the raspberry keytones. I do try and watch what I’m eating so I’m not sure what I’m doing other then the tea and the pills to be losing the weight but something is taking it off. But I’m not complaining LOL if you have any other questions just let me know. I hope and wish you well because every little bit helps Good luck!!!!!!!!

  49. JAZMIN says

    Hey ladies, @ michelle i will have to ask my doctor cause last year i was hospitalize with (Atrial fibrillation) thats an irregular heart beat. that’ why i’m always asking if anything doctor oz recomends gives heart palpitation..lol @ TANYA if i do get the keytons pills i will get the lower dosage too until i see how it works. and you said something about sweating i think tha’s when your burning FAT from your body, AWESOME;-) well ladies i gotta go. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE. I’LL KEEP U POSTED ON HOW MY DIET IS GOING.

  50. Michelle says

    April 2, 2012

    Michelle I wish you luck and I always ask my doctor before taking anything.
    Have A Happy Easter.


  51. Michelle says

    Thank You For The Easter Wishes.

    Jazmin and if you need any help just get in touch…


  52. JAZMIN says


  53. Michelle says

    Michelle so sorry but I can’t help you other than simply telling you to keep hunting on Our Man’s Site and I know it’s hard I have the same trouble Myself. They always ask to make Yourself Clear and Use as few words as possible. But these days I am not doing much per the site just trying to get well.


  54. Michelle says

    Michelle i found PU- rea Tea at Vitamine Plus Health Food Store but I haven’t bought
    all just that one but did see others there and at Albertson’s and Target,
    As for letting you know how it works I can’t say I haven’t had any in a while as I have been sick.


  55. Brian says

    I would advise not buying Pu-Erh in bags. It will not give you the same level of benefits. Go to a tea shop that sells LOOSE LEAF tea that will have fresher, higher quality leaves with more of essential oils. Avoid Target or any other generic retailer for these type of products. I’m curious why you wont buy over the internet…or just call up a retailer to ship?

  56. Michelle says

    Michelle we buy local as we can’t order online and we also like many most save money
    but I did get my PU-era Tea from a Local Health Food Store But They Had It In Bags as
    for the other places if we can save money we will get it when we can find it…..


  57. Dani says

    Good sorces for all teas are Mtn.Rose Herbs and Stash Teas both awsome Oregon bussinesses that have large varieties of teas and herbals

  58. Michelle says

    May 19, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    Michelle thank you for being kind and for the information but we don’t live there
    and can’t have the family send us things so we will have to get what we can here
    where we live. Did you see Dr. Oz’s Show Friday I am wondering what you and the others
    thought about his new tips besides the Teas and have You or anyone been lucky enough to
    hear from Our Man !!!!!


  59. Dorothy Inman says

    Dr. Oz. I am a 54 year old woman who in the last 6 years has battled cancer, both knee replaced (total), had my gall bladder removed and the surgery place is in the place my waist band hits and It never healed up to this day yet. It was over a year ago. I am trying to lose weight and can’t find anything that helps. I am wanting to try your tea diet. Where can I get the teas. HELP!!!!!

    Thank you,

  60. Michelle says

    On May 20, 2012 at 5:40 PM
    Michelle first my friend I would get yourself back to the doctor
    that doesn’t sound right and all doctors must know and be told if You
    read this page you will see where many have recommended the teas.
    I got My PU- era Choclate Tea Bags at Our Local Health Food Store but several here
    on the page don’t care for tea bags or Health Food Stores but since unlike Our Man and Others we can’t get in a Geocery Store that is the only place for us as We don’t order online
    I hope this helps you My Friend and please go to the doctor,


  61. Gwyn says

    Hi, I to like Brian wonder why you won’t order online. It is safe.. I’ve been doing it for at least 10 years, plus I sell on EBay as well. I’m just saying, if you can find higher quality teas by opening up your online ordering experience, what the heck. It feels like Christmas when you get a package in the mail and on the front of the box it says it’s from xoxoxo tea company and you wip out the knife and open the box to pull out something you’ve been waiting for. Give it a chance.. I seen Dr. oz’s recommedation’s for this tea in the Women’s World magazine for all this information. I can’t wait to check out the Pu-erh tea and the white tea. I might need the chickweed herb too. Well off to the internet site that Brian stated a couple of time’s to place an order.. Good Luck to all here checking out thses weight loss theories, better than taking pills for weight loss. Have a Great day!


  62. Michelle says

    May 21, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    Michelle we can’t be for those of you that can I am glad for you but we can’t
    best of luck on your site.


  63. Tea Chick says

    I lost over 20lbs recently after a light exercise program, refusing my carb intake (not eliminating, just reducing) and I bought some chickeeed tea from Buddha Teas. It definately helped with weight loss. The excess lbs seemed to drop off me after 10 days.

    Thank you Dr Oz.

  64. Michelle says

    Tea Chick,
    Michelle Congradulations on the weight loss keep up the good work…..


  65. barbara says

    Just bought the “pu erh” tea bags from Amazon. I am getting exhausted trying all the things Dr. Oz suggest for weight loss…………….all of which have done 0 ( nothing ) for me. I am beginning to wonder if he ever really investigates the stuff he recommends or does he just take the information he is given for granted. We all want the easy way to lose…I am no different, so I will give this tea a try and probably make it the last time I run to the health food store or to Amazon to quickly buy all this stuff if I see the usual results of “nothing”.

  66. Kevin B says

    Hello everyone,

    Regarding Pu-Erh, this use to be a fringe tea until the last couple of years. Mainly because traditional Pu-Erh is not a taste that most people will fall in love with. The proliferation of Pu-Erh blends in the past few years with flavors and added ingredients has made Pu-Erh much more palatable to newcomers. Pu-Erh is a fermented tea, just like wine, saurkraut, etc. It has pro-biotic microbial properties that no other tea has.

    Most of my customers use Pu-erh either for weight loss or to reduce cholesterol. Some, like myself just like the taste. In all instances, the vast majority swear by it and drink it on a regular basis (these are my “pounder”) customers – people who buy their teas by the pound.

    The weight loss formula is complex, because we all have different bodies, blood types, genetic dispositions. Drinking Pu-Erh, and then eating refined, processed foods will not result in success. In general, Pu-Erh or other teas in general are a step towards general wellness. We offer a very nice catalog with lots information and ideas we provide free of charge (just head to our website). You might get some ideas – that lead you on the path to wellness. Sometimes it takes finding that correct formula. Barbara, you might look into Ayurveda for example. By changing your diet based on your individual Dosha, you might unlock the key to your weight loss struggles.

    We are now monitoring these forums and will chime in whenever possible without trying to being too commercial. I’m just here to offer my experience. I am also working with my master blenders to incorporate some of these Dr. Oz recommended teas into premium blends that help you and taste good. However other internet vendors are more appropriate when looking for certain herbs.

    We hope to introduce more wellness blends later this year based on our customer feedback. If there are any questions please let me know.

  67. barbara says

    ” Drinking Pu-Erh, and then eating refined, processed foods will not result in success. In general, Pu-Erh or other teas in general are a step towards general wellness.”

    Kevin….that statement sounds much more realistic and what I’d rather hear from a Dr. Oz show then for them to get everyone super excited, running out to the store to purchase these things…thinking drinking this is all they have do. Dr Oz and the gentleman who presented these teas on his show, made a point of saying that one did not have to change their diet or their calorie intake. I am always skeptical when they say that. I guess that is my gripe with his show and all the products he promotes.

    Thank you for your input and I will check out “Ayurveda”. I’ve never been over weight till I started menopause and became diabetic. Not sure if it’s in the genes, but I would think I would have been fighting weight problems all my life if it was. I think there are many things contributing to it. Thanks again.

  68. Michelle says

    Michelle sorry that you’re so blue don’t give up so soon.
    Try it longer and think positive.


  69. Michelle says

    Michelle I can’t say as I haven’t been using it lately as I have been sick
    hopefully someone else will answer you.


  70. Michelle says

    Kevin B,
    Michelle thank you for the information and I look forward to hearing from you;


  71. Michelle says

    Michelle if you listen to Dr. Oz when you watch his show he tells us the same thing
    always you just must listen. As he does give us information but after doing a great deal
    of research.


  72. barbara says

    Michelle….I just listened to the show about this tea on YouTube. He points out that you need not change your diet to lose weight drinking this tea. So I am not so sure what you are saying that I may have missed. Also…can I ask you why you type your name at the beginning of all your post. LOL It was a bit confusing but then I realized what was going on. Your name is at the top automatically ….no need to type it in.

  73. Michelle says

    Barbara i always start with My Name and as for Dr. Oz he gives us information
    but we must do research ourselves is what I was sYing.


  74. barbara says

    I can see you always start with your name..LOL For us that know this now it’s OK…for those new here, it looks like you are addressing your comment to someone named Michelle….just saying.

    As for Dr. Oz and all his promotions. I know one has to research this stuff. I always do… But, to be fair to his wide audience, he needs to do some of that himself before he supports any of it. Mainly because some of these people look at him as a medical God who can do no wrong…therefore they trust him, just like you do your own family doctor…..something I myself do not do anymore. He needs to take some responsibility for what he promotes and all I am saying is that I find he doesn’t do that. He is a likable guy who I believe means well…but he has to realize the influence he has over people and start being more careful about many of the things he says and promotes.

  75. Michelle says

    Barbara he does but since you don’t think he does I will just say
    sorry that you feel that way. I know he isn’t good and I ask my doctors
    about everything before I start but I have had many bad local doctors,
    and I for one feel that Dr. Oz is for we the public as well as his own patients.
    Unlike some that I have had that shouldn’t be Doctors.


  76. says

    Pu-Erh tea does help with weight loss. I’ve had several customers that confirmed this. However, I think it is unrealistic for anyone to think that drinking tea and tea alone will result in weight loss. Dr. Oz recommends things based on his research and experience and to give people ideas. There is no single cure that will work for everyone. I’ve had customers that drank Pu-Erh for cholesterol reduction and their doctors didn’t believe it worked. They proved otherwise. It is important to due your own research, due diligence and do not take anyone’s word as the bible. Research more on your own, ask people who have had similar experiences and come to your own conclusions. I specifically put in my catalog that tea alone will not be enough. If you drink soda and switch to pure tea (unsweetened) you will see a difference just from the reduced calories alone).

  77. B White says

    I have lost 25 lbs in 40 days drinking the oolong tea. I have not changed anything in my diet and I haven’t been able to excercise due to foot problems. The teas work! I am trying the pu-erh next….

  78. barbara says

    Hmm….never knew that “oolong tea” was suppose to aid in weight loss. I’ve been drinking it as an iced tea for over a year now and I have not lost any weight at all. I drink iced tea without sugar several times a day. Now I am going to try making it with the pu-erh and add white tea also to it. But I have a feeling that’s not going to work either. I really think that “pu-erh” tea would be in the “news” big time if it really did what Dr. Oz says it does. I know tea along can’t possibly do the trick…diet has to be worked in there somewhere…………but Dr. Oz says you don’t have to diet, just drink this tea. Will I am about to try and prove he is right or wrong. I will come back next month and let you know if I lost anything.

  79. barbara says

    Kevin…I agree with you but, Dr. Oz needs to be more specific with his promotions of “weight loss” supplements, herbs and teas etc. He avoided mentioning that this teas will not produce weight lose all by itself. In fact he says you don’t have to change your diet. That is false information and that is what my main complaint is. Perhaps the tea does help ” somewhat”, but so do many other things help “somewhat”. I could list a few dozen things you can do right off the top of my head….that you probably don’t need to go out and buy….just saying. And please don’t ask me to prove that! LOL ; )

  80. Michelle says

    Michelle Barbara needs to grip so just listen or don’t reply as she will
    not let you speak as she did it to me. I thought this was to be his Fan Club
    not a place to be against Him…..


  81. barbara says

    Michelle….I don’t need to gripe ( check your poor spelling ). I need to “discuss” and it sounds to me like you don’t know the difference. Also….no one, including me, ever stopped you from speaking…although now I wish there was an option for that.

  82. Michelle says

    Barbara……… I may not spell well like so many but there isn’t any reason to
    be rude and hurtful this is a site were we all come to learn about those teas
    and other products that Dr. Oz tells us about. Like me if you don’t want to speak to
    me don’t just know this is a open forum not private so everyone see’s a reads all messages,
    I was stating a fact as you were not listing just going on and on about how Dr. Oz
    doesn’t do research so if you are agsinnt him this isn’t the site for You……

  83. barbara says

    Michelle..with all due respect my dear, you threw the “first shot” of rudeness by telling Kevin to listen and not reply to me. Who the heck are you to tell posters who to respond to in an “open forum”? That is rude and I responded to your rudeness.

    I have as much right to express myself here as you do……you don’t own the board nor do you have a say in what we feel about Dr Oz. Being a fan does not mean one accepts everything the man says or does, nor does disagreeing with him mean I am against him. I have a right to object, discuss, like or dislike anything Dr. Oz says or does….. and if you don’t like that then stop reading my post.

  84. says

    I have been doing the oolong , white, dandelion, and cinnamon tea for only three days. I have lost three pounds so far maybe it do work.

  85. barbara says

    Sandy….well that’s good news. Maybe it is having an effect on you. Are you diabetic? Cinnamon can balance out your blood sugar which for many can help with losing weight. I take 2 capsules a day of cinnamon and it has help with my blood sugar levels. Let us know if this continues to help you.

  86. Julie M. says

    I started the teas two days ago. Pu-erh in am, white tea at lunch, dandelion in afternoon, and cinnamon at dinner. Couldnt’ find the chickweed or bilberry so I chose the alternative .I got the instructions from the Woman’s World magazine. Dr. Oz indicated that the increased hydration caused by tea drinking aids in weight loss as well. **I will say this……about an hour after lunch on both days now, I have had to spend some time in the bathroom…don’t want to get too graphic but it’s having a laxative effect on me. I don’t know if it’s the pu-erh in the morning or if it’s the white tea at lunch. I’m thinking the white tea since it happens about an hour after lunch. If it continues to do this each day, then I imagine I will lose weight just from this alone, haha!

  87. barbara says

    Julie…it could be the tea. I started to drink the pu-erh a few days ago and I notice a “caffeine” rush happening and that alone can affect the bowels. I think I made mine too strong. Not sure if its the pu-erh or the white tea because I made a gallon of both of them mixed together. I drink 2 cups in the morning as a hot tea and drink about 2 cups during the day as an iced tea.

  88. Tonya says

    Barbara, I think on the Dr.Oz show that he said not to drink no more than 2cups of each tea a day but I do know that he did say that on the white tea. That could be why your bowels are moving too. But I have heard that the Pu-erh is a detoxing tea so that could be too. I lost 13 pounds in the first 2 months so I hope it works for you too.

  89. barbara says

    Tonya….thanks for that info. I just now recall him saying that. So I will limit it to 2 a day. Wow…you lost a lot of weight. Hope it works for me that way.

  90. says

    Gold Leaf Spice & Teas in Salinas, CA carries all those loose leaf teas. But not ALL the teas are listed on their website. I recommend going in to the shop.

  91. Michelle says

    On May 25, 2012

    Good Morning All I Have Received The Emails But Haven’t Answered As I Didn’t
    Know Who Needed Help.


  92. Michelle says

    Terrie thank you for the information my friend but I don’t live in California.
    But your information is still most appreciated always.


  93. says

    Gold Leaf Spice & Teas will ship to anywhere in the US. They don’t list everything on their website but I know for a fact they carry Puerh Tea, White Tea, Bilberry, and the chickweed, all in loose form. You can come to their store or call them. They are located in Salinas, CA.

  94. Michelle says

    On May 27 , 2012

    To All Oz Fans just a email to wish all of You A Happy and Safe Memorial Day………


  95. barbara says

    Well…it is day 4 of drinking 16oz’s of “Pu-erh” tea in the morning before my hike with my dogs that I do every day for 30 minutes. I have not lost even an ounce. ugh! I will keep this going for at least a month…………I think it deserves at least that long to see. After that, if I’ve not lost weight then I give up…………this will be my last time buying this and or that recommended by Dr. Oz to lose weight because I’ve tried all of his suggestions and so far non have worked. If any of you have really and truly lost weight using anything Dr. Oz has promoted then please chime in here and let us know.

  96. Michelle says

    Please keep trying it takes time as the saying goes all good things come to those
    that wait, I know you get blue I am the same way but when we have a slow matubelisium
    not fast like some it takes longer, I lost 57 lbs., but it took two years., but I have many health
    problems and that was when we lived in a two story house Vs a one story plus all the house
    work that I did, I still clean but due to health not as often and I have gained back some wright and half to loose it again plus the rest but again all things take time nothing is fast.
    I hope that you have A Happy Memorial Day !!!!!!


  97. Mike says

    To Barb-
    WOW…….Just reading all your posts and what a bittner woman you are just saying lol. Sounds to me like you do not need tea for weight lost but maybe something for a new attitude just saying lol. You go on and on about Dr Oz and how none of his stuff work hmmm why exactly are your trying something else again? oh yeah someone like you just needs something to complain amount, and the way you made fun of Michelle’s posts, her spelling, the wording in her post, classic bitter old lady syndrome.. Like I said sounds like you need loos at an attitude adjustment not weight lost JUST SAYING LOL

  98. Michelle says

    Michelle thank you my online friend and fellow Oz Fan for sticking up for Me
    I so appreciate it, and if you ever need the favor returned I am here.
    I hope that you are having success with the teas and I wish you and everyone here
    on the site all A Happy, Safe , and Fun Memorial Day….. And to all D. C., Friends whatever is
    happening weather wise I hope that each of you are safe as we were watching The Memorial Day Special on PBS before they had to cut if off due to the weather and get everyone to safety.

    Sincerely your,
    Friend Michelle

  99. barbara says

    Mike and or Michelle, or who ever you are. LOL ugh! ….”I don’t throw the first stone” I just respond to them.

    I have a right to express my issue’s the same as you do but, it sounds to me like I am doing that in the wrong place. This is not a discussion board, at least not with you on it, …this is all about loving Dr. Oz and agreeing with whatever he says like a puppet. I am a “grown-up” who does not take things at face value….just because I like someone.

    My mistake for thinking I could hold an intelligent debate. Since you and Michelle are the only one’s in agreement with one another…perhaps you are one in the same. Wouldn’t be the first time. You seem to get special joy out of pointing fingers. Maybe I just need to discuss my issues with the other people and pretend you and your clone are not here.

    BTW…I pointed out “your” spelling because you took such childish joy in telling another poster to not respond to my post. It was a tit for tat….I threw the second stone. But now I am done. So go for it!

  100. Michelle says

    Barbara sorry that you are so mad !!!!!! Mike and I are two different people he was just
    kind enough to be there for me we aren’t Dr. Oz’s Puppets just love him and listen to what he
    has to teach us…… You need to talk to someone but not here since you are so angry………

  101. barbara says

    Michelle…I am not angry, never was angry. That was YOUR interpretation. People can discuss their issues without anger. But I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that. I am not the one using all the exclamation marks. LOL

    And I don’t believe for one minute that you are not Mike. I think YOU are the one who needs to talk to someone.

  102. Michelle says

    To All Fans I Am Sending A Message To See If You All Feel Like Barbara
    As She Is Not Getting Off Of My Case But Being A Bully,
    Help Your Fellow Oz Fan And Friend,

  103. Judy says

    Michelle, I think you are the bully and I think you need to drop it. You are acting very immature.

  104. Michelle says

    May 28 , 2012 at 7:55 PM

    Judy so sorry that you think that I am that way I am not I just answer when asked questions.
    Yes it has gone on long enough but if you read above all past emails she emailed me and started it. I only reply when I receive emails from everyone here on the site.


  105. Judy says

    Listen, I don’t really care who said what to whom and when. This is a forum for Dr. Oz, not your personal battling ground. But if you really need to know, you started it when you suggested that a poster not respond to her. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Now please give it up already. I am tired of ready your post in my email. And just so you know, that person is not emailing you. We do not know anyone’s email address. You have chosen an option to receive all the responses by email. That does not mean that person purposely emailed you. Grow up!

  106. Michelle says

    Judy, listen I am grown up and I have the right to stick up for myself so for you and
    others that think I am rude don’t reply and I will do likewise.
    So take your own advice.

  107. Mary-Frances says

    I think we list site of the tea discussion…does it work or not..got the Pu-she tea not bad only my third day, no results yet, but hoping

  108. Michelle says

    On May 28 , 2012 at 9:25 PM

    Mary- Frances, I saw some results when I was using it often but I really
    can’t say much these days as I haven’t been able to use it as often. Best of luck
    and keep in touch.

  109. Judy says

    Michelle, you asked people “if they feel like Barbara” and I told you. Don’t ask the question if you don’t like the answers. You are like a dog with a bone.

  110. Michelle says

    On May 29 , 2012 , at 4:55 PM

    Kelly i waited until I found The PU- ERH in Our One Local Health Food Store and have
    just been using it as well as my green tea but if you want to buy online there are places on
    the top on the page that advertise and some members of the site that also sell the teas,
    I hope that I have helped you some.
    Have a great week.


  111. says

    Barbara and Judy get a life. You are both pathetic. Leave Michelle alone and discuss the teas
    which is what we are suppose to be discussing.

  112. CRM says

    Oh my goodness! Such hostility and so totally immature. I do believe Michelle and Mike is the same person. Sorry……was reading to find out if the teas worked for anyone, but forget this chaos. I will go elsewhere.

  113. Michelle says

    On May 29 , 2012

    Jeanney thank you for the support. If you want to talk email me.


  114. Michelle says

    May 29 , 2012

    CRM sorry that you feel that you can’t talk but I was only sticky up
    for myself. I hope that you get your questions answered.


  115. Judy says

    Another “clone” called Jeanney. I think it’s time to report this nonsense. Is this all you have to do all day Michelle?

  116. Lola says

    I just wanted to find out if anyone else has had heart palpitations won the first few days of taking the Pu-erh tea? i have High blood pressure and im just curious if this is normal or something that is not normal. PS. PS. im only interested in response to my question pls. non of the drama going on.

  117. Michelle says

    May 30 , 2012

    Lola i haven’t heard of it so I would ask your doctor I started drinking the tea over
    a month ago and haven’t had any trouble.

  118. Michelle says

    Judy please stop being so rude. Yes i do have a life thank you so much your just being mean.

  119. Terri says

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to give you an update on my progress with the teas. I have lost 8lbs in one week. I had a difficult time finding the plain Pu-erh tea and chickweed tea here in Miami so I had a friend who lives in Canada search and she was able to send some for me. I highly dislike the pu-erh tea. The smell while brewing made me nauseous. ( From my previous postings you will see that I suggested Teavana store where you can purchase the strawberry pu-erh which taste a lot better than the plain, however, Teavana can be quite expensive if you are on a very tight budget.) Well I have substituted this with green tea, which I drink a cup before exercise and 2 cups througout the day. After lunch I drink 2 cups of the white tea and at night the bilberry tea only if I have a craving. If I’m feeling bloated, I’ll drink the chickweed in the afternoon. Now I have been exercising 1 hour everday so I can’t say if the teas alone made me lose the weight. I can say, that they have curb my cravings for junk foood and sweets. As I stated above, I am on a very tight budget (have been out of work for almost a year now) so buying the pu-erh, chickweed and bilberry teas are bit much for me, so I have relied heavily on the green and white tea. My goal is to lose 30lbs. Hope this motivates you and remember exercise is very important in the quest for weight loss and maintenance.

  120. Kris says

    I am in search of the recipe Dr. Oz provided to make ice tea with Pu-erh and white tea, along with ginger and lemon. It was in Woman’s World magazine and unfortunately, I can’t locate my copy. Can you provide the recipe?

  121. Michelle says

    On May 30 , 2012

    Terri i am so glad for you keep up the good work I wish you much luck.
    And yes the tea is high so if you can find it locally when you have more time to look
    get the Choclate that is what we got as recommended and also what our store has in
    stock finally I haven’t tried the others yet I am using one at a time as you and I are in the same
    place budget wise so I understand about that and exercise all of the above and again much
    luck to you.

  122. Michelle says

    On May 30 , 2012

    Kris i don’t get Woman’s Day that often but will look at those that I have and see
    if I can find the article for you or if you can as so many do you can look it up on there
    site if you want it fast. But i will look for you.


  123. Jamie says

    Hello there,

    I too am looking for the Iced Tea recipe from the Dr Oz article in WOman’s World Magazine. (my husband threw it away lol) and I have tried to go and buy another copy but the new issues are out already. I also went to their website and cannot find any info other than purchasing a subscription. So if any one happens to still have the recipe, please let me know.
    Thanks. Have a great day all!

  124. Janella says

    Here is the Iced tea recipe from Dr. Oz: 8 cups water to boil add 8 white tea bags, 8 pu-erh tea bags and several fresh ginger slices; steep for 5 mins.. Remove tea bags and ginger; pour into heat-proof pitcher. Stir in 2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice allow to cool, then chill. Serve over ice and you may add lemon slices, mint and\or calorie-free sweetener as desired. If you wish to use loose tea, simply add 8 tbs of white and pu-erh with ginger slices to boiling water. Strain using fine mesh strainer and follow instructions above. Hope this helps

  125. Shannon says

    Hey all, I bought my Pu-erh cakes from a couple shops in China off eBay. The first one I bought was 7.98 for 25 different flavors which I had one yesterday morning it smelled amazing and I added some honey to sweeten it up and it tasted just like black tea minus the bad after taste…. And i love black tea…… Also the second set I found was 10 different kinds for 2.70 those havent come in yet but I’m sure I’ll be just as excited. I also bought Bilberry Leaf, chickweed herb, and Dandelion root(alternative to chickweed so you can switch out every other day) from my local health food store. They were all in loose leaf form and i thought they would be expensive but it came down to 1 oz of the bilberry being 1.26, 1 oz of the chickweed being .98, and 1 oz of the dandelion 1.96, I had thought I got and oz of each, because trust me it looks like a lot, and I ended up paying .40 – .45 cents a peice. You can by the teas from frontiercoop.com. I so look forward to this diet because I drink alot of loose leaf tea anyways.

  126. fluffy says

    I’ve been drinking the recipe for about 2 weeks now. Have not lost an ounce. I will keep drinking it for awhile longer and see if anything happens. Maybe I need to stop eating food and just drink the tea. LOL I think I may be chasing a dream that anything out there is going to make it easy to loss weight.

  127. Meg says

    Hi all – Couldn’t get through all the posts (too much bickering), so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but for those who can’t get past the smell of the Pu-erh tea (I definitely find the odor offensive – very earthy to me, but my husband thought it smelled like latex paint), try FRESH MINT. A couple of sprigs, along with a sprig of stevia, brewed, then iced, transforms the stinky tea into a very palatable drink. I tried the Woman’s World recipe first, and that was okay, but I definitely like the mint better.

  128. fluffy says

    Meg, did you use the pu-erh “tea bags”? That’s what I use and they don’t have a smell to them at all. At least not the one’s I am using. I keep wondering if I should be using that dried “tea cake”…thingy instead of the tea bags.

  129. Maranda says

    Thanks Janella for posting the tea recipe from Woman’s World mag. I had gotten all the tea’s but lost my magazine copy with the recipe during a weekend trip. 😉

  130. anisah carter says

    dr. oz i’m trying to loose weight and i read in the magazine about pu-erh tea and white tea drink being a good incenitive in burning fat.

  131. Meg says

    fluffy – I found small “cakes” at Wegman’s while I was waiting for my “Prince of Peace” tea bags to arrive (ordered through Amazon). I only bought a few cakes, as they were $80 a pound! They are what I used to make the ginger/lemon cooler, and they did have an earthy smell. They also have some sort of rice sweetner combined with the tea – don’t know how many calories that adds! The Prince of Peace bags are what smell like paint – somewhat chemical. It’s a little strange, but I inspected the box, and it was sealed and everything seemed legit.

    Had the tea this morning following a cup of coffee. I don’t drink coffee that often, and based on how fast my heart was racing after one cup of coffee and a couple of glasses of tea, I won’t be doing that again!

  132. fluffy says

    Meg…LOL, yes drinking coffee and the tea can make your heart jump out of your chest. Lot’s of caffeine! Thanks for the information about the “cakes”. I will check them out at our Wegman’s. Since I am still not losing any weight with the “tea bags” I figure I will try the tea cakes and see what happens.

  133. Lou says

    My friends and I have been trying this and so far Rosie whom is ahead of DJ and I on using the tea can see a difference in the way that her clothes are fitting and on the scales. We are able to get the teas in the health food stores or on the Web either way. You have to remember to drink the teas the way that Dr. Oz has set out to do so as they trigger your metabolism responses.

  134. Simone says

    My mother and I tried this diet for 2.5 weeks with no results whatsoever. I don’t think Dr. Oz researches his diet recommendations very well (in general).

  135. fluffy says

    Simone….same here! I’ve tried many things suggested by Dr. Oz with no results. I don’t think there is an easy way to lose weight but I find myself constantly hoping and trying things out. I did my own research on this “tea” and all of it points to it being a help with weight loss. But, I have to go by what my own experience with it is which is not what I hoped.

  136. Shana says

    Been on PuErh & White since Feb OMG cannot believe i’ve been able to skip the gym to tighten up those annoying winter lbs. I even quit coffee since the caffine is off the charts. Within an hour of 20oz of PuErh you can feel your metabolism rocket & your food moves thru amazing & effective i’m TOTALLY ADDICTED to this cheat. It works best if you eat good & eliminate unecessary carbs (unless you’re treating) & if you workout too you’ll slim down in weeks!
    Seriously contact with any questions this was a last resort before I started the annual spring dreaded gym regimn

  137. Shana says

    BTW if you’re eating pizza & fries there’s NO tea or special drink that’s going to magically shrink you in 2 weeks I mean let’s be real guys. It does its part by flushing water, shrinking fat cells & metabolizing not sourcery lol.

    You have to make some compromise if you don’t wanna bust your arse in that gym, if you’re looking for a new bod in 2 WEEKS with tea! You got a long road ahead lol, jus sayin not bein douchey.

  138. fluffy says

    Shana…..hmm, if the tea’s works like Dr. Oz says ( according to him you do not have to change diet or exercise) then you would not have to do anything but drink the tea to lose weight. The fact that you changed your diet and your activity level tells me that it was not the tea that caused your weight loss.

    It’s funny how so many diet products claim to cause weight loss, then in the fine print they say “along with proper diet and exercise”. LOL If you are eating and exercising properly then that is all you need.

    Those of us who cannot exercise a lot, like me who has many health issues, we need something to truly help. I am still holding out hope that this will help me, but so far it has not. My diet has not changed and neither has my weight.

  139. Terri says

    Shana, not only do I agree with you, it is a fact that if you eat junk food continuously no tea will help you lose weight. I really don’t recall Dr. Oz saying that you do not have to change your diet, but come on, it’s common sense. I see these teas as an alternative to diet pills which have so many side effects. These are just a more natural alternative. They basically just help you flush out all that water weight. (I am constantly going to the bathroom) Instead of drinking sodas, or high sugar juices, drink tea. Yes, I have been exercising at least an hour 4-5 times a week and trying to eat healthy foods and have lost 8lbs thus far but there’s no easy road to weight lost.

    I understand if you have health issues that may prevent you from vigorous exercise but maybe you can start walking, or doing some stretching, very light movements. Something is better than nothing. I was diagnose with hypothyroidism about 2 years ago which left me extremely fatigued, when my doctor told me to start exercising I looked at her like she was crazy. I got exhausted and my heart raced just walking from the parking lot to a building but I was determined to prove everyone wrong, that I was stuck with this and would be on medication forever. I invested in a treadmill and started out slowly walking on it. At first I could only make it up to 15 minutes. I was so frustrated because here I was in my mid-30s used to being very active (use to play a lot of tennis) and now I could barely breathe walking slowly on a treadmill and 40lbs heavier. But I kept pushing, and before long I was off the medication and at a healthy weight. I’ve gained a few pounds back due to my love of pizza,, ice-cream, diet soda and lack of exercise, also slight depression due to job loss, so this is why I’m trying teas. Instead of looking at this as a quick fix I’m viewing this as a life change…..substituting soda/juice for tea but knowing I better get some form of exercise if I am to get and stay healthy.

  140. Shana says

    Excellent point in that I have not considered those who can’t workout as I am just adverse to the responsibility. However, I have not considerably “changed” my diet, its always been more healthy than not BUT I am a certified sugar freak and refuse to sacrifice that, usually in the form of some sort of baked good, &/or carmel corn with candy throughout especially at night (sigh weed) this is daily! & something that has not changed. What has with the tea, is the plateau of slimness that I’ve ONLY been able to attain thru the annual spring gym blast that I put myself thru to be the summer tight I prefer (super flat tummy) it was down to a science of 6ish weeks of cardio NO carbs (except for the emergency daily ones mentioned & my daily Kashi).
    I guess my point is that from experience I’m getting away with murder with the teas but there’s a list a mile long of items I only eat on occasion now. I can share little tricks & trades I learned along the way if you need, good luck the struggle continues!

  141. Tearah says

    My daughter introduced me to Dr. Oz’s tea diet. I have followed the diet to a T..16oz of Pu-erh and White tea with Ginger root and Lemon in the morning with breakfast, Then again with lunch, Late afternoon I have 8oz Dandelion Root tea, with dinner 8oz of Cinnamon tea. This morning a week after starting, I got on the scale., Not only did I not lose any weight..I put a few ounces on. I am not a big eater..averaging about 1000 calories a day. I am not as active as I use to be due to being disabled and unable to exercise much..also I have no thyroid and am on a thyroid medication..I have put on over 50 lbs in the last three years ( even though my diet had not changed) I was hoping that Dr. Oz’s tea diet would have help me to lose but was yet another disappointment.

  142. Shana says

    For sure Terri!
    The tea has been a supplement for that little edge, I suppose there were subsequent changes in that one can only pee SO many times during a day so coffee got dropped, along with the creamer, mocha & cocoa the caffine in PuErh is crack-ish lol so you don’t miss the rush. My chips/diet soda or pizza slice lunch turned into delicious homemade soup from the cafe down the street. That muffin/scone my boss brought me EVERY morning turned into a polite NO & Kashi (which I LOVE!). Even alot of that mindless sugar grazing at my desk turned into mandarin oranges & dried cranberries. I could go on forev but I STILL get to splurge, i just have to take accountability for what i choose to shove in. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I go nuts but I’m aware AND the next morning I can flush it all away (…and be good for a spell:-)

  143. Tearah says

    I am also a healthy eater..you don’t see junk foods in my home..except what my husband buys for himself ( he is 6 foot and weights 176 lbs..doesn’t seem fare lol). The only carb I have is one slice of toast in the morning..otherwise it is a lot of meat and veggies..This is why the weight gain has been so frustrating and not being able to lose.

  144. Shana says

    Hi Tearah,
    Ya I don’t know what’s up with that, you shouln’t gain with the water & food that moves out. I’m super good when I’m not being bad & I lean towards PuErh as its agressive in caffine & effects so I tend to OD (20oz 2 times a day 3 on weekends). If anything I’m less active since I can now get away with it. People are surprised that I’m like 140 (only 5’3!) As long as my stomachs flat all is good in the world I could care less about the number. But everyone’s diff & I’m def NOT an expert so there a milli variables. I hope it eventually works for you!

  145. fluffy says

    For me it’s going to be 2 more weeks on this tea to give it a good try, then I am going to file it away with all the other failed supplements, herbs, and what no,t that gets promoted on this show. I should know better because if something were that simple and real it would be on CNN news and everyone would be using it. I know I am a sucker for weight loss ideas that do not require extreme measures. I’ve changed my diet over the years to include less sugar and more fruits and veggies. I’ve made a lot of changes. I know those changes are healthy in the long run for me but they have not helped me lose weight. All they really are doing is helping me “not gain any”, which is good in and of itself.

  146. Shannon says

    For all those who are harping about “not seeing” results on the scale have you tried hmmm I dont know measuring your core areas? I havent lost a pound and i’ve been off and on the diet for the past week but i’ve lost two inches on my waist, an inch on my thighs, and an inch from my breasts. Weight-loss is all fine and dandy but after years of dieting i could care less about the pounds, i just want to wear a smaller size.

  147. rebecca says

    I have Lupus. After drinking several of the tea’s, for couple of weeks, I have never felt so good! Lost a few pounds, but mainly feel just wonderful! Can walk with ease, open a can! I cannot explain it….but it really seems to help me!

  148. felecia says

    Have all my teas except the chickweed and it’s on the way. I have read that you should drink the pu-erh tea a hour after eating because it gives you an appetite to eat more because of it shrinks fat cells. My love handles have gone down a lot! Eat healthy! The teas do help. Only drinking the pu-erh and white teas. Will soon add the bilberry and chickweed next week! Haven’t checked my weight loss but I can tell my fat rolls are shrinking!

  149. Tearah says

    I do eat healthy ..have always eaten healthy. That is my point..I am a healthy eater yet the teas have done me, or as I have read many others, no good.

  150. Lori says

    I have been drinking the teas and taking the ketones for a bout a month and have lost 14 pounds. I eat healthy and I ride my bike. I have lupus and degenerative joint disorder so the exercise is really hard for me but I hurt whether I am lying in bed or up riding. I recently completed my first 36 mile ride. I also do yoga twice a week. I have been riding and doing yoga for several weeks without losing weight until I started with the teas and ketones. I also have high blood pressure which has evened out to the point where I no longer need meds. I know different things work for different people and its hard not to get discouraged. Just keep your chins up.

  151. Lori says

    PS. I couldn’t find the chickweed so I have been using Dandelion and I use cinnamon instead of bilberry sometimes for a change, it has the same effect of leveling out your vlood sugar and curbing your cravings!

  152. Lori says

    PSS I guess I forgot to say I am 47 and a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 7. I have been married for 30 years this month! My husband loves my new look!

  153. fluffy says

    Lori, good for you! You are not letting your illness get in your way. I wish I had that kind of stamina but I don’t . I am 63 and I guess i was much more motivated and flexible when I was younger. I’ve had back problems since 2 car accidents when I was in my 20’s that caused me lots of back problems. However back then it didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Now it does for some reason. I applaud you for keeping it going.

    As for the teas and the ketones, are you talking about the raspberry ketones? Is there another kind? Thanks for your comments!

  154. Lori says

    PSSS I don’t mean to sound as if I’m bragging but I have also gone from size 16 to size 12! So as someone up above siad I have lost inches and not just pounds! I know you can get discouraged! It is so so easy! the first eight weeks I was excersizing I lost zero pounds. I cried and cried. All that working out , all that pain for nothing but then I measured my waist and thighs and realized that I had lost inches. I still didn’t feel better I wanted to see the scale go down, then I started with the ketones and tea. Sometimes when we eat healthy as women we eat way too little. sometimes we starve ourselves. I found I need to eat 1700 calories so I can lose weight. I know that sounds silly but other wise my body thinks its starving. Just keep going and you will find the road for you. there is no magic bullet for anyone. There are things that will help out like the teas but you have to find the rhythm of your body.

  155. Lori says

    Fluffy back problems are the worst! My back is the very worst of my issues. I know it sounds silly but when I started yoga I could barely bend over. I have been doing it for 4 months now and I am getting better but it still hurts but it hurts good if you know what I mean. Bike riding is the only exercise I have found beside yoga that I can do that doesn’t nearly kill me. I feel your pain!

  156. fluffy says

    Lori, thanks! Actually I have a stationary bike. The bottom of the bike. I sit on a regular chair and use it. I also have a tred mill that I do walk on every day and I hike with my dogs everyday. But, it’s really not enough movement, not like was use to doing when I was younger. Very active when I was younger and I was a full time waitress on my feet 5 days a week. Boy was that ever a work out. Oh well…I am going to add the ketones to what I am doing now and see if there is any movement in my measurements. I wouldn’t mind losing inches instead of weight. Thanks again!

  157. Lori says

    LOL My daughter was a waitress until she got married! You’re right it is a work out! Have you tired one of those watches with the chest strap that calculates your heart rate, calories burnd and fat burned, you might be surprised at how much you are burning when you walk and hike with your dogs etc. No its probably not as much as what you used to do but its probably more than what you think.

    I ordered my ketones through puritans pride however there is a combo that my daughter in law has been taking that includes the ketones that she gets at GNC called Beta Burn that she swears by.

  158. fluffy says

    Thanks Lori! I can calculate all that on my tred mill and some with my “pedimeter” that counts calories but not heart rate. I surprise myself at how many miles a day I actually walk. I should not be over weight. ha!

    Anyway, I was just doing some research on the “raspberry ketones” and discovered some interesting information about them. I buy a alot of my supplements from “NOW” foods so I wanted to see if they had these and apparently they have decided not to offer them for many reasons…some of which are giving me pause, but I may do them anyway. Here is link to the article as to why NOW foods will not manufacture these ketones: http://www.theherbalinsider.com/archives/176

  159. purplelover04 says

    I have a question when u drink the cooler u use of both kinds do u drink 16 oz or 8 oz with each meal because that is 4 bags of each kind a day i am little lost.

  160. Lori says

    I drink (2) 8 oz servings of the cooler twice a day. According tot he article that is the recommended “dosage”..some how it all even out.

  161. susan says

    anyone use loose tea to make the blend -how much loose tea did you uise?
    I used 8 tbsp about 4 oz – way too strong

  162. Shana says

    To whoever suggested adding mint to PuErh THANK YOU!

    I do about 20 oz straight up twice a day and usually have to survive thru the dose (shutters) but mint totally cuts that dirty diaper, composty-ness. If you dont have any fresh mint you can dunk a bag of mint tea in for a minute and voila! Its no longer like a dare to drink lol.

  163. Lori says

    LOL I found a peach ginger blend of the pu-erh that tastes pretty good. I also like to add fresh ginger and lemon to it. Just a few other options to help with the taste.

  164. Lisa Wallace says

    I have a question, can this combination of teas be deluted. I LOVE tea but dont like it as strong as it is made, can it be deluted and achieve the same results?

  165. says

    Hey, I work at Nature’s Tea Leaf and for all those who found the Pu-erh tea bad tasting, I am shocked, as we carry great tasting Pu-erh teas in many variations and flavors. I used to enjoy drinking our Pu-erh teas even before they became identified for weight loss! Now Chickweed tea however, is not the best tasting tea out there (some things that are good for you don’t actually taste good!) so we’ve introduced a unique flavored Chickweed tea with Organic Lemon & Ginger for a great tasting blend. And you can always use our facebook 5% off coupon: FBGET5

    Also, some of you are drinking way too much tea.. The directions were: 1 or 2 cups of Pu-erh tea in the morning to shrink fat cells, 2 cups of White tea in the afternoon to block fat absorption at lunch, no more than 1 cup of Chickweed in the evening to reduce bloating, and 1 cup of Bilberry Tea if you need to curb the late night cravings.

    To make one 8-12oz cup of Pu’erh tea, you should just use 1-2 teaspoons of the tea, please read the brewing instructions on the label of each tea packaging as brewing times and teaspoon amounts varies by tea type. Once you taste your first cup, you can adjust the next brewing process based on your preference.

    Lisa, you can dilute the tea by using less tea when brewing it or brewing the tea for less than the recommended time. I also can’t drink a very strong Pu-erh tea, so I normally brew it for 30 seconds less than recommended time. Also, you can try flavored or fruit infused teas for a diluted taste without diluting the tea.

    If anyone has any other questions, I’ll check back next week and try to help out if I can.


  166. Jennifer says

    I purchased all the teas – pu-erh, white, bilberry, dandelion, and chickweed at Tea Haven’s on-line store. Check them out. They have everything!

  167. says

    Green Tea = Contains high amounts of catechins, these antioxidants help inflammation, reduce aging effects, fights cancer. Too many benefits to list. We have a catalog and reference guide available that is quite amazing – and free. We have rather large articles on each type of tea and their benefits.

    Caffeine is the diuretic agent in teas. Tea doesn’t dehydrate you, rather than the blanket claim that tea has no diuretic effect. All of the studies on tea’s ability to hydrate you compared to water have been done on athletes after exercise. In this setting, their bodies’ drive to conserve water far outstrips the diuretic effect of tea. Green and White tea have the least caffeine. However, adding sugar to tea is not recommended.

    Also we added a few new Pu-Erh teas. A lemon ginger cooler made to the specifications of the womens world article. Also a Wild Raspberry Pu-Erh with silver needle white teas. Both are excellent tasting and highly recommended. I ran a iced tea special for the latter on Saturday, people loved it!

    These teas are available on my site – thewhistlingkettle


  168. Kim M. says

    I am on Armour Thyroid for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism…does anyone know if these teas conflict with thyroid medications such as Armour Thyroid?

    Also, can these be made into iced tea and still have the same fat-burning effect? Thanks!

  169. Michelle says

    Do any of these teas interfere with blood coagulation if taken as directed? I have a bleeding disorder and do not want to end up with a cerebral hemhorage. Also can you find them at Whole Foods?

  170. says

    Personally all herbs need to be investigated before taking. (i.e. Chickweed, Bilberry). For example, Licorice should not be taken if you are on heart medication. Pu-erh though – should be all clear. Whole foods might have it – but I’m sure selection is limited. Honestly – most supermarkets, even whole foods will have very limited selection of these teas.

  171. fluffy says

    My health food store has a wide selection of teas and so does our Whole Foods store. However…doing a google search will certainly give you a wider selection but what is at our store is good enough for me.

  172. says

    Where can I buy these teas in Montreal Quebec? I went to the health food store today to buy the chickweed tea and they didn’t have it. let me know, I am eager to try them. 🙂

  173. says

    I found the starter kit of teas Dr. OZ recommended.
    Dr. Oz Weight Loss Diet Program on tealux, Pu-Erh Tea, White Tea, Chickweed Tea,
    Bilberry Tea. It comes in a start up kit all together from a china shop.

    Tealux Weight Loss Start Up Kit

    Based on the suggestions of Dr. Oz, Tealux has created a convenient startup kit will provide you with everything that you need to get started on the Dr. Oz herbal diet right away. Within the starter kit you will receive individual tins of the four unique teas which are recommended for daily consumption while following the Dr. Oz diet. The four teas included in the startup kit are Pu-Erh tea, white tea, Chickwood tea and Bilberry tea. So, if you are looking for a convenient way to begin the Dr. Oz diet; our convenient startup kit is a great option for you!
    Weight Loss Start Up Kit #1 From: 31.99$
    Weight Loss Start Up Kit #2 From: 59.99$
    just thought I would share my information with everyone. I found this site to be the easiest way to start up my weight loss just like Dr. OZ recommended.
    I sure hope this helps everyone out. Thanks everyone, have a great day.

  174. says


    241 boul. d’Anjou,
    Chateauguay (Montreal-Sud),
    Qc J6J2R3

    View Larger Map

    7500 boul. Des Galeries d’Anjou, suite 43
    Anjou (Montreal-Est)
    Québec H1M 3M4

  175. Jeanit Florida says

    Does anyone have the actual recipe for the tea that was in Women’s World magazine?..Dr Oz was on the cover…. it called for lemon & ginger

  176. Stephanie says

    @Jennifer thanks for the infomation about Tea Haven I found all of them there too. Which white tea did you get?

  177. Ken says

    Found a nice selection of loose leaf and compressed Pu-erh teas and white tea at Quintin’s Tea Emporium in Virginia Beach, VA. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff as well. Good experience.

  178. fluffy says

    I guess the real question is: Has anyone lost any weight by drinking this tea recipe? I have been drinking it faithfully for a month and have lost “nothing”. Is this a “scam”??? If I have to exercise or diet in order for this tea to work………….well then dah! The exercise and diet is what will keep my weight off, not the tea. I am soooooo tired of all the “diet hypes”. ugh!

  179. Brian says

    There are plenty of people that have lost weight but it doesn’t mean ALL people who drink it will lose weight. I spoke with an herbalist in my town and she said she in one way, she doesn’t like all the Dr. Oz recommendations because people come in weighing over 300 pounds and think that drinking some herb is going to perform some magic – meanwhile they aren’t exercising and are eating crap. Statistically speaking, you won’t find many dedicated LOOSE tea drinkers who are obese, usually they eat well and exercise, and tea is part of the lifestyle. I would even apply that to dedicated wine drinkers as well. You can’t lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat processed food and think that you’ll lose weight by just drinking tea.

    Americans like to take the easy way out a – part of it is psychological as well. Read up on Ayurveda – you might not eat a lot of calories, but what type of calories and how they are consumed play a big part. If you are eating Pop Tarts and Big Macs, the tea will do nothing.

  180. fluffy says

    Brian…like I already said, the diet and the exercise is what makes people lost weight, not “tea”. I get that, even though I would love to see an easy fix, drinking tea, any kind of tea is not it. If you take away the tea that all those slender tea drinkers are drinking, they will still be slender because it is their life style that keeps them that way…………not the TEA. I get more and more annoyed by these shows that push all these teas, supplements and herbs as weight loss miracles when non of it is the truth. However, I must add that I have a few relatives in my family who eat terribly but are still slender, so it sometimes has to do with genetics and how well one’s body metabolizes calories. If one has a problem with metabolizing then that person has an even tougher time at weight loss and those are the people who go from one diet to another, one diet gimmick to another, and eventually lose motivation.

  181. Brian says

    Hi Fluffy – I think you are missing the point – tea IS part of the life style. If tea didn’t exist, there would be another ‘infusion’ that would be consumed. Apart from the empirical evidence over many years, we know Asians have lower incidences of cancer and other chronic diseases. Once we have seen the adoption of western life style (including diet) – you see that trend reverses.

    What the shows need to preach is life style and overall personal philosophy changes. Like I was taught in the boy scouts – ‘physically fit and morally straight’. Put the same thought process into finance – and you’ll see certain habits of the poor – which well, make them poor and keep them that way. Half the battle is psychological. Think unhealthy thoughts, you will be unhealthy. How often does someone eat because of depression? Do you see someone overweight and depressed lose weight and still stay depressed?

    Weight isn’t always a barometer of good health. Yes you may be lucky and are able to eat terribly and get away with it – and maybe even luckier not to develop any chronic diseases. There are some people able to smoke and not get lung cancer. Is that an excuse to smoke? No.

    All I know is that certain aspects of modern western society is unsustainable. Why is it that when I travel to other countries, I hardly see anyone overweight? Yet I’ll look at certain areas and count at least half overweight. It’s a result of numerous systemic changes in our society over the years, and not all for the better.

    My final point is – the media simplifies everything. It’s sad that people actual base their political choices on ads which are heavily spun. Some things are complex and require time to understand and comprehend. Issues with weight loss, IMO are deeper than simple diet/exercise. There are maybe 25 ingredients for weight, tea being just one of them.

  182. Laura says

    Does anyone know if we drink the puerh tea before you eat or can we drink it while we eat? Same with the white tea. Thanks

  183. Chickletmama says

    Thank you guys so much for the information. 🙂 I bought the Woman’s World magazine & was going to try this out, but had problems finding the teas. Between then & now, my husband threw away my copy of the magazine so I had no info on which teas, when to drink them, how much, etc. Also, I thought the Ginger Lemon Cooler looked appealing. You guys have officially gotten my husband out of the dog house….lol.
    Thanks again.

  184. Chickletmama says

    Question for you guys….
    I have a Mr. Coffee Teamaker. Can these teas be brewed in this machine? Thank you so much.

  185. fluffy says

    Chickletmama…don’t get your hopes up! I’ve been drinking this tea for a few months now. I have not lost weight “just from drinking this tea”. Dr. Oz needs to modify his approach on how he presents this stuff to his viewing public. Tea alone will not help you lose weight. It’s as simple as that. You must have many other things in place first. Good diet, exercise etc. Frankly….you don’t need to drink “any” tea to lose weight if you are exercising and eating properly.

  186. Brian says

    Chickletmama – the Mr. Coffee TeaMaker (huh?) would probably work for Pu-erh teas, but the problem with those is the lack of control for temperature – so it won’t probably be ideal for green tea or other teas with shorter steeping times with cooler water, or herbal teas that require long steeping times with boiling water.

  187. L Guerrero says

    Is there s specific brand of chickweed,pu erh, and white tea. We have bought some but I don’t see any improvement on taking these teas is there something I’m fling wronh or is there a brand of tea we need to buy.

  188. L Guerrero says

    Is there s specific brand of chickweed,pu erh, and white tea. We have bought some but I don’t see any improvement on taking these teas is there something Im doing wrong or is there a brand of tea we need to buy.

  189. Chickletmama says

    Brian – Thank you for the info. I was just thinking that if I made the pu ehr/white tea cooler, it might be easier in a large machine for 8 cups of water. I didn’t consider the different steeping times. Thanks again.

  190. Kevin B says

    To make it easy we added a Dr. Oz section of teas to our website. I just added a new cleanse and new detox tea. Consider these instead of Chickweed, as all the customers we’ve had said it was vile tasting. Our blends (especially the cleanse) tastes great. We’ve added a large line of Dr. Oz inspired Pu-Erh/White blends.

  191. says

    Nature’s Tea Leaf carries an impressive selection of plain, blended and infused Pu’erh, White, Chickweed and Bilberry loose teas. We also carry many other Dr. Oz recommended herbal products such as Three Root, Hibiscus, Slippery Elm and Dandelion Leaf.

  192. fluffy says

    Hmm…this has recently become an “advertising” thread for all those who are selling tea. You need to find another place to sell your stuff….really!

  193. says

    After reading through all of the posts I noticed a number of people who were asking where to find products they hear about on the Dr. Oz show. I have answered that question. I have not attached a link or listed any pricing or promotions.

  194. Ellen Schwartz says

    I am so excited I just got off scale. I lost a total of 15 pounds drinking this tea in one month. For a 55+ yro woman thats AMAZING!!!!
    Teesasgarden.com has great quality of teas.

  195. fluffy says

    Good or you…but I find it very hard to believe that drinking this tea is all you did to lose 15 lbs. I’ve been drinking it for 6 months and have not lost an ounce. I drink it because I like it…have long lost the hope that it will help me lose weight. Just saying!

  196. Brian Dunbar says

    Take a look at that website and click about..ask yourself if you think that is a good place to get advice for weight loss.

  197. says

    I ordered all my teas from AMAZON! they should be arriving today! If you would like to follow me on this tea-venture and hear of progress, ask questions and see pics you are more than welcome to check me out on facebook!

  198. E says

    The Numi Chocolate Pu-erh is delicious!!! Hot or cold.
    I make a big batch and drink it all week long.
    I was surprised it didn’t need milk or sugar, it’s super yummy-

    Best of luck all.
    Good Heath

  199. scandlus2 says

    i bought all of the teas from vitacost.com they were cheaper and u can get.them on autoship monthly

  200. Mary B. says

    I have been following this with interest as I was drinking the teas Dr. Oz recomended for several months over the summer. I bought the teas from my local wegmans grocery store. What I found was this: i didn’t loose weight. I don’t think there is any proof that it is a weight loss method.Where are the clinical trials that prove it?. There are none. But it did make me feel better. And my sugar and junk food cravings decreased considerably. So I will start back to drinking the teas because I enjoy them and I think it is a healthy thing to do. But I will drink them not for weight loss. I like Dr. Oz. – I have tried some of his suggestions. But in this case I think it was hype. And you have to keep the hype going to keep the ratings up.

  201. Minni Hawk says

    I lost 7.5 lbs the first week I used pu-erh and white teas for breakfast and lunch but gained it back the second week using the recommended amount, What happened?

  202. w8lossmom says

    I love these teas. I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. I dont have a horrible diet, but i am 312 pounds so seeing this kind of results will keep me going with it.

    I have seen so many negative posts, all I can say is you have a right to voice your experiences, but please be kind to others. Everyones weight loss experience is different.

  203. heureuxia says

    I can attest to the weight loss benefits just drinking these teas.I drank the tea and did not even change my way of eating.I did loose 15 pounds in 2 weeks and have maintained the weight loss just as Dr Oz said we would.I have loss so much weight than my husband told me recently I should not loose any more.I love these teas.I can still eat all the foods I love and loose weight.I am not kidding.

  204. Kathy says

    Hello everyone! If you live around the Bellingham, Wa area, there is a shop called Spice Hut that sells all the tea listed above. Bellingham is close to the Canadian border so all of you Canadians looking for these teas should stop by!

  205. Melanie says

    I have been reading and there seems to be different opinions on when to drink the pu-erh tea. One site says drink it 30 min after meal , dr, oz said 2 hrs before meals… Anyone know which is correct or does it matter? … I bought my pu erh tea at central market and it isn’t sweet tasting like the women on dr. Oz were describing… It smells very woody.. Is it suppose to???… Any info on this would be appreciated.. Thanks

  206. Isabel says

    If you want to buy those teas you can check on floridasherbhouse.com
    They sell the leaf for 8 ounces of bilberry cost $9.99. Just check it out.

  207. Heather says

    I have Chickweed, Bilberry leaf, White Tea, Dandelion, Pu-Erh and a lot of other teas. I sell by the ounce usually at my location in Trenton, NJ but if ou wish to order on line please contact me at [email protected]. You can also find Mad Hatter’s Tea on Facebok.
    Chickweed is available on line at some herbal suppliers but usually at bulk rate for businesses.
    I am willing to work with anyone who is interested in these teas. I also recommend using spring water for the BEST flavor and for a sweetener coconut palm sugar – it is low on glycemic index and is good for diabetics. I highly recommend these teas as I have used them in the past and lost some weight.

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