Qnexa Side Effects: Weight Loss Drug Resubmits FDA Approval


Qnexa Weight Loss Drug

Dr Oz’s fans love to read the latest about weight loss drugs, and who can blame us?  We all dream of the day that we can just take a pill and become magically thin.  So after receiving many requests for information on the Qnexa Weight Loss Pill, we set out to bring you all the information we could find.

Vivus: Qnexa Diet Pill

Vivus, Inc is the company who has put out the new diet pill called Qnexa.  It is made by combining two different prescription drugs called Topiramate and Phentermine.  Based on clinical research, they were able to show that people lost up to 15% of their original weight by taking this combination diet drug.  As a bonus, Qnexa also seems to help people with Sleep Apnea, which Dr Oz has mentioned before as being a sleep condition where people have difficulty breathing (and this has often been tied to being overweight).

Phentermine & Topamax

Phentermine is one of the ingredients in Qnexa that many people who have tried diet pills in the past have already heard of.

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