Raspberry Ketone: Where To Buy The Pills & Dosage Information

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Raspberry Ketone: Where To Buy The Pills & Dosage Information

By on February 10, 2012

Raspberry Ketones: Weight Loss Pills Or Scam?

Dr Oz has discussed Raspberry Ketones on The Doctor Oz Show at least two times (here are the recaps: Raspberry Ketones and Raspberry Ketones Fat Burner).  But now he has set the “diet world” into an uproar.  Do Raspberry Ketone Pills and Supplements really help you to burn fat?  Or is it a bunch of hype?  Dr Oz gave a strong endorsement of the product saying ” I’ve looked at them carefully; I am absolutely enamored. I know they work”.  But you know how the saying goes – don’t believe it just because you saw it on TV!  So I did a bit of research on my own.  It all comes down to an experiment done on mice that were given Raspberry Ketones along with a high fat diet, and the mice ended up gaining less body fat than they would have on just a pure high fat diet.  However, Dr Oz did say that there have not been any studies done on humans to show that Raspberry Ketones are an effective Weight Loss Supplement.  But in all honesty, if Dr Oz is adamantly in favor of them and they have already been proven to work in mice, I do not see the harm in at least trying them.  Especially after my research of what Raspberry Ketones are (read on below).

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones are made of the element that gives raspberries their sweet aroma.

Dr Oz Raspberry Ketone Controversy

Dr Oz Raspberry Ketone Controversy - Weight Lost Supplement? Or Hype?

Japan has used Raspberry Ketone Capsules as a Diet Pill for some time now (could that be one of their secrets to such a thin nation?), but up to this point, the ketones have mainly been used within the perfume, food and cosmetics industries in America.  While the supplements are not cheap, it is actually a very expensive compound even for manufacturers to purchase ( around $20,000 for a kilogram).  But that is not surprising considering that you get only 1-4 mg of Raspberry Ketones per kilogram of fresh raspberries (and all of us know how expensive berries are at the grocery!).

Raspberry Ketones Dosage

So you are still interested in taking Raspberry Ketones, but how much should you take?  Well, the experiment done on mice had them taking up to 2% of their daily food intake.  But Lisa Lynn told Dr Oz she suggests taking 100 mg of Raspberry Ketones during breakfast, and if you are not seeing good results then take an additional 200 mg when you eat lunch.  While this can cost around $20 – $60 per month (depending on the dosage you take), keep in mind that the manufacturer needs around 90 pounds of raspberries to make your daily dose of this weight loss supplement!  So there is no way that you could possibly eat enough raspberries in a day to make that a feasible option over taking the Raspberry Ketone Supplements.

Where To Buy Raspberry Ketones

The number one question you asked us about Raspberry Ketones is where do you buy them? To be clear, Dr Oz did not recommend a brand or a place to buy them from.  But here is a list of places we found to give you a head start:

LiveLong Raspberry Ketones 100 mg

We found the LiveLong Raspberry Ketones that come in 100 mg supplements (a bottle contains 90 capsules).  So if you want to start off nice and slow like Dr Oz suggested, this could be a great option.

RK-500 Xtreme Raspberry Ketones 500 mg

The RK-500 Xtreme Raspberry Keytones is a better deal than the LiveLong Raspberry Ketones, if you are going to be increasing your dose to 500 mg, because for 90 pills of 500 mg each, it costs under $24… not a bad deal!  But if you want to start slow with just 100 mg, then this does not seem like the option for you.

GNC Raspberry Ketones Review

Some of our readers have reported finding Raspberry Ketones at GNC, but we were unable to find them either online or in our local GNC.  If you found them there, please leave a comment below with the exact name and price to help others out!

Raspberry Keytones

Last but not least, for those of you who are unsure of how to pronounce Raspberry Ketone, it is pronounced as if the word was “Raspberry Keytone.”  So no, the “misspelling” in the title above is not a mistake… it is a pronunciation guide for those of you who did not get to see the Dr Oz Show segment live!

So what is the verdict? Are you going to try Raspberry Keytones? Have you already tried them? Love them? Hate them? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Comments to Raspberry Ketone: Where To Buy The Pills & Dosage Information

  1. K. Chreist says:

    I found raspberry ketones at Swansons online. It cost $4.99.

  2. Shannon Martel says:

    Amazon.com sells them. Yes, I am going to try them. Never hurts to try.

  3. Elizabeth Kirkwood says:

    Dear Dr. Oz. I love your show it had really helped me get those last few lbs off and I love you for it . I have a product with the raspberry ketones in it that is a really good fat burner I found at my local GNC called Intensify Extreme. I only take one per day and I eat a well balanced meals all day . I’m down 4 sizes already , and I started 3wks ago . I exercise three to four times at week . I’ve also been taking CLA with it and I’m amazed on how easy it is to tone up with the right products. Keep doing what your doing to help us old women out there to stay in shape.. Keep the info coming our way.

  4. Most manufacturers and distributors are currently back ordered on Rasberry Ketones because of Dr. Oz. The Health Nut in Susanville should have a couple of brands in next week.

  5. Ive purchased 2 bottles after seeing the Dr. Oz segment and am now apprehensive about taking them, after doing a little more research on-line. Looks like its not recommended for anyone taking thyroid meds. I have hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) and take a thyroid replacement every day. Now I dont know what to do..does anyone take these with this condition?

  6. Janine, long-term use of raspberry ketones could have an effect on thyroid function, especially with those with hypothyroidism.

  7. bobby ramos says:

    Dr. oz i think you did the # on the Razberi Ketone, i order mine from swanson , but they are on back order it will be 3 week’s . COST $4.99 PER .BOTTLE 100mg 60caps. I hope N keep my fingers cross, that it’s WORKS. Fill you guys in later. when i start.
    bob ramos ont, canada.

  8. I have thyroid and taking pills, Can I still take raspberry keytone anyone?

  9. Sean, what do you base that on? Do you have a link? You know, Dr. Oz needs to be a little more responsible with his recommendations.

  10. i got my Razberi-K from Swanson for $4.99 per bottle. Great price 60 caps/100 mg

  11. Can I take being on a thyroid medicine?

  12. OK,so they came today. Here we go. I hope it helps. I don’t want it to do all the work, but at least get me started. I feel hungry even after getting up from the table. Anyone else feel that way? To NEVER feel full!! Will keep you posted.

  13. I purchased Bio Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Diet way before this aired, I swear by them. $29.95 per bottle but so worth it!!!

  14. Momo…any side effects?

  15. I have high blood pressure and I am taking pills to controll it. Is it safe for someone to take the raspberry ketone with high blood pressure.

  16. I’ve been recently always hungry too..even after I ate my meal…maybe it is an effect from the raspberry ketone…? Anyone have any similar side effects possibly…anyone know why it may make you feel always hungry?

  17. It’s going to make you feel hungry bc it boost your metabolism. If you watch the segement, it mentions the ketones make your body think it’s skinny therefor, yu act like you’re skinny. Evver noticed how much food a skinny person can take down?

  18. The pills @ GNC are by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (Raspberry Ketones) 90 ct. sale price $21.99

  19. I found raspberry ketones at gnc in the palisades mall. 90 ct was 21.99. Going to give it a try.

  20. I too found the raspberry ketone some weeks ago but didn’t use it right away because i wanted to make sure the dosage from DR oz. Although he says start with 100mg, the directions on my bottle call for 2 pills equaling 1,200mg per serving per day.

    i’m taking it and will hope for the best i guess.

  21. It took almost a month to get my Raspberry Keytones (from Amazon.com). I got the bottle of 180 capsules for 21.99…..been taking them for almost two weeks now, and YES, it does make me more hungry. I guess its working though, because I’m not as bloated and feel a bit more energetic. Yes, I’m dieting and exercising about 3x week.

  22. I bought mine at nutrabio.com. Been using them for 1 week. So far dropped 4 pounds. I have not felt any side effects from taking the raspberry ketones. I will try to post again.

  23. I also found them at Walmart in Acai Trim.It is listed as 100 mg on the bottle.We have a health food store that sells them for 16.99,Nature’s cupboard.Vitamin shoppe also has them for about 22 dollars.I am going to get a bottle today.I need to drop about 100 lbs.Need all the help I can get.

  24. The ones from nutrabio.com are 24.98 for 120 pills that are the recommended dose of 250mg pure raspberry ketones.

  25. I haven’t seen anything about possible side effects when using other medications, such as blood pressure, blood thinners, etc. (Like if you are on cumidin no vitamin K) It appears that no one is concerned about an interaction. Or is there none?

  26. Amazon has plenty of different brands I tried MaritzMayer Raspberry Ketone Lean Advanced Weight Loss Supplement $7.82 and Nutritional Concepts Ultimate Diet Solutions Raspberry Ketones — 100 mg – 60 Capsules $8.98 along with Cla I also exercise 1 to 1.5 hrs at the gym 4-5 days a week but I haven’t really noticed any weight loss. It is possible I am gaining more muscle. Raspberry ketone has helped me with my craving for sweet and I am taking one before every meal too. I do not know why I don’t see any weight loss.

  27. Stiinabeana says:

    I too saw the show and the nutritionist on there said there was no interactions and it was safe for everyone. I am type 2 diabetic, hypothesis and have a severe case of fibromyalgia. In all the research I’ve done, there isn’t any interactions. I started taking 125 2x a day three days ago…

    So far I have lost 6″total. 1.5″ off both my waist and bust, 2″ off my hips and an inch off my upper arms. I dont have a scale but I feel lighter if you know what I mean. I haven’t seen any side effects with my meds… Levothyroxin, glipizide, and metformin. All I suggest is that you test religiously and talk to your doc about your thyroid. Mine said to give it a shot as it’s nearly impossible to lose weight and exercise at this point is very difficult. I bought mine at THNx raspberry ketones from hi-tech pharmaceuticals 125mg 90CT for around 20 bucks I also started taking CLA 1250mg yesterday. I will keep ya posted!

  28. Stiinabeana says:

    I bought it at GNC in Chula Vista California, not thnx I hate auto correct

  29. Just wondering where you can purchase the Liquid Raspberry Keytones and also the African Mango…any ideas?

  30. I’ve been interested in the 7 Ketos and the Raspberry but was told by an associate at a health food supplement store that because I have ovarian cancer in my immediate family and even though I’ve had a hysterectomy I could still put my self at risk of breast cancer since to two are closey related. Apparently those supplements raise your estrogen levels and increase risks? She mostly advised against the raspberry but said the 7 ketos should be okay, but now I wonder? anyone know? I have lyme disease and and find that other than weight loss alone there are other beneficial things with these supplements.

  31. Frankly I tried Rasberry keytones with cla for a month along with 5 days of regular exercise but I did not feel the difference except did not feel so hungry. May be it is not right kind or amount. Dr.Oz never mentioned the kind. Anyway I just started Forskohlii 20% 125mg 2 capsules 2 times a day with cla and I already feel the difference lost 3 lbs in a week. It is available on amazon.com. or even bestvite.com 120 capsules for $19.99.

  32. Hi everyone! I gain a lot of weight after being on 100mg of pedinsone a day for almost a year. I got the Raspberry Ketones 500 by Vita Plus and I have not notice any side effects. I did not excercise nor did I have a special diet. After one bottle taking 2 pills a day I have lost approx 30+ lbs and drop 3 dress sizes. After loosing the weight my blood pressure drop as well. I am about to start taking second bottle and I pray that with a better diet I will loose more. I will let you know what happens…thank you Dr Oz!


  34. Triece says:

    I bought Raspberry Keytones 125mg mad by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals from GNC yesterday. It’s in a red bottle and 90ct. The price was $27.99 So they better be worth it.

  35. Very nervous bout all pills& meds,I just got hi- tech pharmaceuticals,raspb keytones 125mg capsules,(22$ online gnc)&took1 This mrn& didnt hve any weird feelings! I already do elliptical&treamill1.5hrs twice/week,@home jillian Michaels dvd or zumba2 bout 2-3 times/ week for rnd45 mins.so that’s bout 4 times a week.I watch what I eat but rarely!but I do add fruits& greens2almost evrytng I cook.raw spinach with Apple cider vinegar,any nuts,raisins or berrys&tbls spoon of dressing is a great meal that fill u up! Try with most of ur unhealthy homecooked meals! Anyway I hope this stuff works cause I need2loose 40 lbs by oct! Getn married! Has any1tried FUCO-thin ,whole food sells it bout$49-75!also endorsed by Dr.oz?

  36. Also if your gona tell us how much weight u lost,plz include your diets&exercise ? We are all trying2 help each other :-)…..TEAM FIGHT THE FAT.

  37. Puritans Pride sells a few varieties of Raspberry Ketones – 30 Capsules for $11.49 – 250 mg.

  38. So far no diff on scale Wtf

  39. Stiinabeana says:

    It’s not weight at first. It’s inches. I have been on it for over a month and I have lost 3 in my waist, my buddy and 4 off Mt hips. Haven’t lost an ounce of weight. That’s because fat doesn’t weigh slot and if you are working out the muscle that you gain is heavier than the fat you loose. Buy a tape measure and give yourself a month. You will see results if you take it religiously and don’t skip. If you skip it sets you back like a week

  40. That helps beena cause I have noticed I look a lil smaller n certain areas ….imma keep up the hope now

  41. can’t wait to try

  42. Vanessa says:

    So after having my third child almost 10 months ago and trying to lose the weight, I have finally decided to try the raspberry ketone. I will be purchasing my first bottle tomorrow from GNC and hope that I see some results. I am currently 134lbs, but with a height of 4’11 and having diabetes running in my family I really really need something to work, because exercise and kids is so hard to do. Best of luck to you all….. Oh and for those of you that have been on the pills and have stopped, have you had any weight gain since you stopped?

  43. Yup! Stomach got bigger,but then again never really excercised w it

  44. I got my order in the powder form today…gonna start tomorrow……hoping it works

  45. I’ve been taking Raspberry Slim that I found at Walgreens. $14.99 for 60 120mg tablets. I’ve been taking them for about 3months now and really haven’t changed my diet other than monitoring portions. I have also exercised very little. Since starting Raspberry Slim I have lost 20 pounds. And I’m only taking one tablet a day when it recommends that you take two. I am a believer!

  46. To correct, they are 125mg tablets. Not 120mg.

  47. I found the raspberry ketones at Walmart. The brand I bought is called Pure Health Naturally. They are 400 mg per capsule recommended dose is 800 mg once or twice a day. If you only take 800 mg a day the bottle (30ct) will last 2weeks if you take 800 mg twice a day it will only last a week. The price is 9.99 and is 100 % raspberry ketone powder using a vegetarian capsule. I took two this morning felt fine but only took one tonight. In order to make them last the two weeks I will probably take 400mg in am and 400mg in evening. I do take lisinopril 10 mg and metformin 500 mg er so hoping there won’t be any side effects. A co-worker bought some from gnc but said they gave her an ulcer and she could not take them anymore. Good luck to all here’s hoping it works :)

  48. I found the recommended Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Raspberry Ketones on GNC/Com, pure Raspberry no additives for $19.99 today. I was scammed and fell for it, will for pure raspberry drop by a fake ad. Lessons learned. Gave my computer a virus so don’t fall for that. Typed in Drdrops.com and was redirected to a times page that looked absolutely legit. I made the mistake of ordering the amount it said to lose 43-46 lbs. for $190.00 estmate. Just a warning for you out there. Have now placed a legite order through GNC. Amazon has them as well.

  49. I have been taking raspberry ketones now for 2 weeks with no results. I am a healthy eater and do yoga 2-3 times a week. I wanted to loose some extra lbs for my wedding and was super excited about raspberry ketones. This is no miracle pill. I HOPE I just don’t have high enough content of raspberry ketones in the pill I purchased.
    I am kinda upset that I haven’t lost any weight. Don’t count on the pill to magically melt the fat away, you also have to exercise and eat right.

  50. If you are on thyroid meds be careful, VERY careful in taking this product. The hell you can go thru could be misdiagnosed and your health suffers/damaged before it’s figured out. Stating there are no known side effects is not true. They are not widely reported or included in reports. Don’t make my mistake!

  51. I just started taking raspberry ketones complete. It’s 250mg per dose, it’s also a bunch of other diet fruits and roots as well 750mg of those. Mainly green tea extract, garcinia cambogia, and roots. It has good reviews and cost 14.95$ 60 caps so its a 14-30 day supply depending on how you dose it. I can feel the caffeine affect but I’ve read it’s reviews they aren’t bad. Just needs to have you willing to work for it! :) I’ll review again when I finish a bottle on how it goes.

  52. I love taking the pills.I have come down four sizes. I exercise which I feel great. I have told other people about it they love it. Also make sure you check your thyroid and your vitamin D. Only thing Wal-Mart doesn’t carry it anymore, can’t fine it no where.

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