Rice Bran Oil Cold Pressed: Dr Oz’s Miracle Fat for Weight Loss


Cold Pressed Rice Bran Oil Helps You Lose Weight

Rice bran oil is a food that has been used in Asia for centuries. It is loaded with mono and polyunsaturated fats (the good fats) and is very easy to use. It has been hailed by some as the healthiest oil in the world and Dr Oz says it’s a miracle fat that can actually help you lose weight. But how does it taste? Doctor Oz put rice bran oil to the test by asking 3 Dr Oz Fans to swap out their other ingredients for rice bran oil. Is this the new secret weapon to shrink body fat? Doctor Oz covered Diet Myths on this show, but does Rice Bran Oil really work? See the results below and decide for yourself.  You should also checkout the segments Dr Oz did on other weight loss supplements like Raspberry Ketone, Saffron Extract and Coconut Palm Sugar.

Dr Oz: Rice Bran Oil

Kimberly, one audience member who used rice bran, told Doctor Oz that it was easy to swap out her regular oil for rice bran oil.


  1. nicole says

    random: do you know a way i can contact or get info for the cake baker, nicole? we are former coworkers and i would love to get back into touch with her. thanks.

  2. says

    We are so happy Dr. Oz featured Rice Bran Oil on his show today! We’ve been e-mailing him for over 6 months to let him know of our research and our use of this amazing oil at our healthy burger joint in Caledon Ontario Canada. We fry everything in Rice Bran Oil and although I eat burgers(chemical free, low fat ground steak) and fries several times a week, I’ve lost 20 pounds since we opened in September. I use this oil at home as well in place of butter and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a fantastic product with amazing health benefits! Thanks to Dr. Oz for sharing this with so many people. It’s been tough to spread the word about a product so few people know about. Wishing everyone a healthy, tasty life!

  3. says

    As the owner of Femestra, an all natural menopause relief product, who’s main ingredient is gamma oryzanol, I am happy Dr. Oz got the word out about the benefits of it. Not only does it help you lose weight, it is proven to decrease hot flashes in 85% of woman who suffer from them.

  4. says

    We have been selling Rice Bran Oil for over 2 years. My family only uses rice bran oil. We currently sell it in 250 ml, 500 ml, gallon and 5 gallon containers. The best “secret” about using rice bran oil is that if you use to fry foods, it doesn’t smell like you are frying foods. the best “thanksgiving use” is to fry that turkey in it instead of peanut oil. Due to its super high smoke point and other health benefits as well as price, you can’t beat it!

    We have switched over 10 restaurants in Dallas area to using Rice Bran Oil. You can’t beat it Bravo oil is the best!

  5. says

    I will definitely be trying rice bran oil at home. Isn’t that funny,… I have been manufacturing it for years and know all of the health benefits, I have just never cooked with it though….boy, do I feel silly!! Live and learn!!

  6. says

    This is very cool to see. I work for a sports nutrition company called Gamma Labs. One of our main products is the Gamma-O, an all natural men’s testosterone booster. The Gamma O’s main ingredient is Gamma Oryzanol. It is truly an amazing ingredient, and being that I personally use it everyday I can honestly say that it truly does work and I feel amazing. From my knowledge, Japanese Oryzanol is the best kind to take, which we actually use for the Gamma-O. Pretty cool to see a product of ours contains an ingredient that Dr. Oz stands behind!

  7. Holly says

    I am looking for cold pressed rice bran oil in glass bottle (abt 16 oz sz) online and cannot find it. I did find a brand called Petolas that comes in glass bottle, but no place to order it. Can someone help me out here and tell me where to get this cold press rice bran oil that Dr oz speaks of – online

  8. Klein says

    Holly, I have never found Rice Bran Oil that is cold pressed except for skin care. For cooking, I’ve only found Rice Bran Oil brands that use enzymes in the extraction method. I’ve been using it for years as my husband is Japanese and his family has used it for many years. There is much misinformation regarding the extraction methods used. I can say that in my personal research over the years I was more troubled by the promotion of Canola oil which is genetically modified from the “rape seed” as well as the lack of research on Canola oil. Some other things I found were quite disturbing. I have found more intensive scientific studies on Rice Bran oil and it’s health benefits are so much higher than any other oil for cooking in high heat. Olive oil actually becomes toxic if used for high heat cooking although it is good for cold salads. I was pleased to see Dr. Oz mention this oil and it’s benefits. But, perhaps he didn’t get all of the info on the extraction process used. I don’t claim to know everything about Rice Bran Oil. I am very into health and just did resarch to provide my family with the healthiest choices I could. My husbands family are all healthy and ageless. I have often wondered is this genetic or is Rice Bran oil that great! I can only say I love it and have bought many different brands over the years. If you actually find a true cold pressed version please let us know. But, I recommend using Rice Bran oil for any high heat cooking especially. Read online about how bad Canola oil is and you’ll go buy Rice Bran Oil immediately!

  9. Channing says

    It just says, “Dr Oz suggested looking for a cold press version of rice bran oil” but doesn’t say others aren’t good. Or if he ever found one:) He didn’t make a big point of it. My grocery store doesn’t carry any brand at all. I’ll check the health food store.

  10. Holly says

    Yes, I heard Dr. Oz suggest the cold press too, but if you read above what KLEIN says, she is right all the cold press I have found is for skin. so I guess I will try what I find in Rice bran oil. I wanted something in glass bottle. but PELOTAS is the only brand I have found. And I am told the company that sells this is sold out adn they are rethinking their marketing.

    I really enjoy Dr OZ, but a person can’t p ossibly buy all that stuff he recommends. Maybe I am just overweight and fit all the catagories. LOL But i did buy the passionfower tea and the Valerian root tea. It does make me sleepy, but if I wake up during the night, then I have to have another cup to get back to sleep, then you are peeing all night. It tastes good, but the Valerian root tea smells like dog poop. But it works and the taste is good.

    So now we are supposed to drink the pu-erh tea, the white tea and somthing else. A few weeks ago, it was red clover tea.. my cabinet is full of tea and my purse is empty!!

    But anyway, I am glad there are alternatives for us and most of them work. I am undecided on the SAFSLim, I have a few more weeks to go on testing it.

    I also cook from scratch, like my parents did almost all of the time. I don’t buy diet products. The scratch food, i try to do in moderation.

  11. tiffany says

    With all this talk about Rice Bran Oil and weight loss, I’m wondering if a supplement (capsule) also works. Does anyone know? If so, what would the dosage be?

  12. Sarah M. says

    I love Rice Bran oil! Use it for everything – lately I discovered Suriny Rice Bran Oil and its definitely the best one so far. Cold pressed rice bran oil tastes weird, but physically refined oil tastes great – and has the same nutritional value. Carla Hall’s cooking class (my fave contestant from Top Chef) introduced my to this oil and I gotta say – I am never using anything else! Already lost 36lbs and counting 🙂 Hope this helps!

  13. Monica says

    Iwas able to find Rice bran oil at our local natural food store. However, it did not state on the label cold pressed, so i looked it up and it stated its 100% Pure Rice Bran Expeller Pressed Oil . Is this still okay?

  14. Ian says

    I would like to know too about cold pressed. I was reading an article about ‘Alpha’ brand from New Zealand and while it is good, it is NOT COLD PRESSED. It does say on the bottle that it is Cold filtered which just means they cold filter it after extracting it but a solvent is used to extract it and then it goes through other processing (bleaching, neutralization, etc.) but the article says other oils go through all the same processes.

    So if someone finds genuine cold pressed and un-processed it would be great to share where to get it.

    By the way, the reason for the processing is because it will spoil quickly after being pressed so if using real cold pressed oil, you can’t store it long.

  15. Carri says

    Mother’s Market in Laguna Woods, Ca. has Rice Bran Oil by California Rice Oil Company. But it does NOT state anywhere on the bottle that it is cold pressed. I emailed the company and asked them and am still waiting to hear back. I too would like to find it cold pressed. All good oils are cold pressed so I’m leery.

  16. says

    It sounds like most of you cook with it. Are the health benefits as good when just misted on raw and already cooked foods?

    I wonder how much one should use?

  17. Carri says

    I just got a email from the California Rice Oil Company where I asked them if their Rice Bran Oil is cold pressed. This is what they said “No, there is no such thing. Dr. Oz misspoke on 2-27-12 when the original program aired. Rice bran oil must be extracted with an organic hexane which completely disappears during processing down to parts per million.”
    So there you have it. I guess you cannot get cold pressed for this oil. Hope this helps. I’m gonna use my Rice Bran oil that I just purchased from them even though it’s NOT cold pressed.

  18. Ian says


    I’ll keep looking since that is the word of one company but thanks for letting us know. This site here which could be a rip off, sells what they say is cold pressed rice bran oil manufactured in India and other places. They even sell screw presses for pressing your own. So even if it is a bogus site, it makes me wonder if we’ve found the answer yet.

  19. MB says

    I purchased rice bran oil from a local health food store that is in a glass bottle and the company name is MONINI. They are out of Italy. The label does not read cold pressed.

  20. Harold says

    Progressive Labs makes a Rice Bran Oil that states it is Cold Pressed and unrefined on the label. It comes in a 16 oz. plastic bottle. If this process does not exist how are they able to state this. Or is it actually cold pressed? Are they making up their own definition of cold pressed? Just thought I would throw this out there. For those looking for a cold pressed rice oil here is one that at least claims it is so.

  21. Ray says

    I love rice and I think that rice bran oil is healthy. I’ve tried some brands of rice oil and found that the Toph’e brand is the best. Their rice is actually grown in the u.s. and not imported from Thailand. They also package the oil in bpa free glass bottles. A lot of other companies process their rice with alkali and bleach, but don’t mention it on their labels.

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