Saffron Extract, Dr Oz’s Appetite Suppressant, Does It Work?


Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressant Kills Hunger

Dr Oz did a show on Belly Blasting Supplements, but how do you keep yourself from putting on weight around your midsection to begin with?  If you feel hungry all the time, there’s hope for you! On today’s show, Dr Oz told you about saffron extract, the miracle appetite suppressant to kill your hunger. Saffron extract gives you the ability to say no to all those favorite goodies without the struggle. (Wow! That really is a miracle!) Surprisingly, Doctor Oz admitted to never even hearing of this product.

Dr Oz: Emotional Eating

You’ve had a tough day and feel overwhelmed.


  1. Diana says

    He’ll be talking about saffron. There is an ingredient derived from saffron that is
    clinically demonstrated to reduce the desire to snack in 100% of women.

  2. Mary Kay says

    Where can I purchase the Satiereal Saffron Extract? GNC doesn’t list on its website and other on-line links are unfamiliar to me and I would prefer to buy locally.

  3. Stefani says

    yes, where can i purchase this saffron extract? GNC does not carry it and I am trying to purchase the exact brand showed on the TV!!

  4. SAC says

    Can you purchase saffron at health food stores in your city? I need something desperately to stop my hunger. Thanks

  5. says

    I live In Kentucky .. Where do I buysaffron extract & 7 keto. I checked with 2 health food stores and they do not carry them. Please tell me where to buy these. Also where to buy carraway seeds. Thank so much Linda

  6. says

    Dr. Oz, it seems that someone taking anticoagulant medication or anti platelet medication might not be able to take this saffron pill. I watched your show today, and don’t recall that being mentioned. could you please clarify. thankyou, m.

  7. Willa says

    I watched this show but missed the dose that was recommended for the Saffron Extract, is someone able to post the dose that Dr. Oz recommended? Thanks.

  8. Lauren says

    Just found this site – check out! They have two great products that contain Satiereal saffron extract in the recommended dosage.

  9. Sandee says

    Glad for the info about WHERE we can find products…..every time I hear something from Dr. Oz….and go to a health food store or GNC…it’s always sold out!!! If it comes out of his mouth…it sells!!! Which is great for businesses….now hopefully I can find it online. Thanks

  10. anthony says

    They said that about coconut oil as well…I bought it..really I didn’t notice anything….one product I did try and it worked, available at GNC, is a natural product, no chemicals, and priced very fairly, it is a plant from africa and it works very well taking it 30 or so minutes before each meal, curbs your appetitie, and you can eat whatevery you want, and feel very full. its called, garcinia c.

  11. rosa says

    I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada and was wondering where I can purchase Satieral Saffron Extract and 7 Keto.

  12. Gracie says

    Everyone be careful about the products Dr. Oz recommends, especially the ones that regulate hormones like 7-Keto. Everything has side effects. Always check with your doctor before rushing out to get these miracle products particualrly if you are on prescription medication or are pregnant or a nursing mother. is a great place to check these products out. Be well-informed!

  13. Lisa says

    Re: where to purchase in Toronto, Canada. Have yet to find the saffron extract, but have been told that 7-Keto is not available in Canada.

  14. Jane says

    According to staff at my local health food store today: 7-Keto has been cleared by Health Canada and should be available soon – possibly next week. Saffron Extract is still restricted by Health Canada. If you intend to buy it from a company in the U.S.A., do it soon because the only current source is Iran.

  15. Marian says

    Found Saffron Extract with the satiereal ingredient in 88.5mg tabs at $19.99 for 60 tablets, Shipping was free too. The best price in this website was for the Vitamin Cove brand.

  16. susana says

    Mary Kay, they sell it in gnc!
    the name is embody appetite control 100.
    I will order online because it is new and didn’t find it in
    my gnc.

  17. susana says

    Linda Reesor
    I ordered the 7 keto in! subscribe to their email
    and they will send you a $10 code so I only paid $3.53 for one bottle.
    If u have two email adresses do it twice because 2 bottles will last you
    for one month. since he recommends to drink it am and pm!

  18. susana says

    can you do me a favor and tell
    me how it works with you.
    I want to go get it tomorrow
    in another gnc.

  19. Alycia says

    I ordered mine from I am looking forward to using it. All of the supplements sound great to me. I am hoping that that this one will work alone !

  20. says

    Be careful following everything you hear always read up on the supplement. I checked back on some old notes I had written and found 3 different doses that had been said on more than one supplement mentioned Always check with your healthcare provider.

  21. Allie says

    Be careful about some of these supplements. 7-Keto is a form of DHEA and Relora is a Cortisol reduction supplement— you should have your hormone levels tested before running out and buying these. My DHEA is already high and I am taking Cortisol reduction supps, so taking these without researching it first would have been disastrous for my hormone balancing. Remember,. just because it was on Dr. Oz does not mean it is safe or right for everyone. I wish everyone good luck with the saffron extract!

  22. says

    I do not know how to order on Line So would you please find me s Hea;lth food company in
    Kentucky In bowlingreen Ky that carries it,. Saffron Extract Linda

  23. says

    I cannot find saffron extract or 7Keto locally can you tell me where to buy this locally.
    Maybe the Gnc store at Bowlingreen ky carries it under a different name. You have my e-mail so please respond thanks Linda

  24. Linda says

    I would also like to know if it works. I’ve been burned a few times running out immediately and getting something. This time I’ll wait a bit.

  25. Gail says

    Sold in GNC under FEMBODY Nutrition Appetite Control 100 – ingredients: 88.25 mg Satiereal Saffron Extract, 250 mg Oat Bran. Purchased in Astoria, NY.

  26. Tonya says

    I also watch the Dr. Oz special on belly blasting supplements… I was wondering if it is okay to take all the mentioned products at once. If you suffer from all the things mentioned, why not????

  27. Allie says

    Dr Oz Fans
    February 21, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    I found the saffron at the following link: Saffron Extract

    and here is the 7-Keto I found: 7-Keto Vcaps

    Hope that helps everyone!

    For the Saffron, this is available through—but note, the shipping time is 1-3 months. I wonder if it is on back order? I found it at my local health food store, but they want $36 for 60 tabs. Seems high.

  28. says

    Finally found a good site for saffron… 30 day supply of 90mg (60 capsules) for $19.99 plus free shipping AND a 30% off promo code. It cost me only $13.99!!!

  29. paula says

    Healthy Directions has the following products with Satiereal in the market:

    – Snack Stopper by Dr. Whitaker
    – TonaLean Hunger Control by Dr. Williams
    – SlimSelect by Dr. Lark

  30. says

    I have no health insurance I will be 65 later this year. I have a very bad knee and I need a
    knee replacement no way to pay for it. It hurts me a lot. i would like to get it fixed, I have no
    supplement insurance either.can you help me Linda Reesor

  31. jackie says


    Yes, there is nothing between the two that interacts in a bad way. I have actually been taking the two for awhile. You should call the guys up at They answered all my questions on the phone.

  32. susana says

    Who ordered the Saffron Extract with the satiereal from
    I ordered them last week and haven’t even received a confirmation or anything.
    but I see that it cleared in my account. can someone tell me how it
    went ordering from this site?
    Have a good day.

  33. friend says

    I got mine today. It took about a week. I didn’t even know that they were sent, but I knew payment had been processed. So we will see how it goes.

  34. Connie says

    Where can I buy Saffron Extract in Canada or does anyone know if there is somewhere in Oroville Washington that I can get it.
    Thank you

  35. susana says

    friend, thank you for responding.
    I guess I will wait until next week to get here. And let us knoe how it goes on your first day.
    If it supresses your appetite like it claims.

    I got mine online from but it hasn’t arrived yet.
    They sell it in gnc and it says fembody appetite control 100. They are $40 dollars, but I did not find it in my gnc since is a military base, they just bring a limited amount of products. But good luck finding it.

  36. says

    I went by my GNC today and he said they sold out within two hours of the Dr Oz show. It’s on backorder. Every where I’ve looked is on backorder

  37. Connie says

    Sorry, but what is GNC – I have looked at a few places in Canada and cannot seem to find it.

  38. susana says

    GNC is a Vitamins/supplement store.
    go to their website and u will see how it looks.

  39. susana says

    I got my order today of the saffron extract.
    I will start tomorrow along with the 7keto. And see how it goes.

  40. susana says

    This is my second day taking the 7keto and the saffron extract from rebody and
    I feel okay. I haven’t been snacking or eating as much. But the only thing is that I don’t know if I am allergic to an ingredient from the pills. I keep scratching like crazy. I will update in a week to let you guys know how it is going and If I am loosing.
    Good Luck to all.

  41. Andrea says

    Started the saffron on Friday. I was disappointed because there was no difference in my snacking. Monday night it seemed to kick in. NO interest in snacking at all! Same thing Tuesday night. I hope it keeps up.

  42. susana says

    Andrea, Keep it up. Don’t give up.
    Try to eat as much protein as you can. I started eating protein
    and drinking protein shakes every 3 hours.
    I lost all of my pregnancy weight doing that. EAS is very good and also the
    protein bars are really good too. It makes you fell fuller too. Good Luck!

  43. Courtney says

    Can anyone recommend a specific brand for the saffron? Also I am interested in the 7- Keto and relora. I have panic attacks since June 2011 and it seems like the saffron and relora could offer me some help. I’m interested in getting started ASAP

  44. susana says

    your welcome Andrea! I hope it works for you.

    Courtney, the 7keto I am taking is the one from
    vitacost. and the saffron extract from
    They are both are working really good. I will update in a couple of days.
    Today, I didn’t feel really hungry. but I was eating protein bars and protein shakes because i wasn’t that hungry.

  45. Allie says

    I just got my saffron extract today—took one with lunch. I hope it works because I have to put a bathing suit on in SEVEN weeks. I tried the Raspberry Ketones for about 2 weeks and my weight did not budge a bit. I am going to incorporate Phase 2 of the South Beach diet with the Saffron and see how it goes…….

  46. susana says

    Allie, are you going to take the saffron and the Raspberry ketones at the same time?
    Good luck and keep it up!

  47. Courtney says

    Thanks Susana! I have to bug you again tho 🙁

    I was interested in trying your recommendation for protein shakes 3x a day. I got to the store and felt like a dear in headlights LOL…How many grams of protein? whey or soy? UGH! Any further help you can provide will be tremendously appreciated!!

  48. susana says

    Courtney, ur not bothering me. Believe me, that It makes me happy, if I can help any one with what has helped me. The one that I am drinking right now comes in a red bag and
    IN THE MIDDLE IT SAYS 100% WHEY PROTEIN and its a powdered drink mix.
    It has 21 grams of high quality protein souce. The bars that I highly recommend you are the power crunch. You will love the Vanilla and chocolate ones they carry. but the vanilla are my favorite. they are expensive so I recommend you to look online some place else.
    I start my day by eating 2 or 3 egg whites boiled with 2 slices of double fiber bread.For my luch, I eat a turkey pattie(already seasoned). they sell it in walmart(jenny o) and a salad, or with vegetables (green vegetables, no tomatoes or carrots because it has sugar. U can eat rice da days you will exercise. for dinner, I would eat tuna or fish with vegetables or a salad. sometimes, I am not hungry and just drink a protein shake. I forgot to tell you that the protein shake can only be made with water and if you want can add cubes of ice. Every night before you go to sleep make a protein shake it could be 5 minutes, an hour it doesn’t matter but drink it. If you gonna do this, don’t eat fruits at all. I recommend you do this for eight weeks. and then let me know how it goes. so plan your day, depending on what time you start eating breakfast and eat every two hours and a half to three. This diet is from a trainer who trains latin/hispanic stars. If you have any other questions let me know. I will be glad to answer them. Good luck!

  49. Ty says

    This may be a crazy question, but does this suppress ‘the munchies’ from other ‘herbal’ activities.

  50. susana says

    To be honest with you it does because you are eating all the time and get full.
    I don’t know if you are drinking the pills but it helps. they say that eating every 3 hours in small portions helps. so try it and you won’t regret it. I assure you, specially drinking the protein shake and the protein bars. Good Luck!

  51. susana says

    Rachna, last time I checked
    they had it in amazon for $28 with free shipping. Even the gnc one is on back order.
    Good luck, i hope you can find it. It really works. It suppresses my appetite.

  52. susana says

    Okay, they have it in amazon for $26.80 and free shipping. the same ones that I have. they are from rebody!
    Hunger Caps Appetite Control Formula with Satiereal Saffron Extract, 60-Count

  53. Marsha says

    I ordered my Saffron from about 2 weeks ago and within a few days I could tell a dramatic decrease in my appetite. I LOVE to eat and this has really helped. I just ordered some more from Dr. Whitaker and they have free shipping, buy 3 get 1 free. One bottle is 19.99 which apparently is a good price compared to some other sites.

  54. Andrea says

    @ Marsha – I also ordered the Snack Stopper from Dr. Whitaker. When I placed my order there was a promo code for 30% off. It only cost me $13.99 (and no shipping charge). So keep an eye out for the codes to save even more money. Good luck!

  55. Jan says

    I ordered the saffron extract from (it was around $29). They have it in stock and I should have it tomorrow. I have ordered various things from them for years and they are a very trustworthy, quality company.

  56. Sonia Ramos says

    I would like to know if I can take the saffron,I have high bloodpressure can someone tell me please.

  57. kelli says

    Does anybody know if teenagers can take the saffron? My 13 yr old son has weight issues

  58. Catherine says

    I just bought the satiereal saffron extract at and used the coupon code which saved me $17.99 on the buy 3 get 1 free. You don’t have to buy 3, you can also just by one for 19.99. Do a google search for coupon codes for

  59. Catherine says

    I just bought the satiereal saffron extract at and used the coupon code which saved me $17.99 on the buy 3 get 1 free. You don’t have to buy 3, you can also just buy one for 19.99. Do a google search for coupon codes for

  60. Sandra says

    I also just decided to buy the Buy 3 Get 1 free at (after seeing the post above — thanks). I was happy to find that anyone had the Satiereal Saffron extract in stock; it seems to be the “Life Extensions” brand that everyone is buying — I just hope this is as high quality. The price with the 30% off coupon was AMAZING. I plan on giving away a couple of the bottles to girlfriends, so we can all give it a try. I’m on Weight Watchers and am doing well, but I think it will be helpful to have this in the medicine cabinet if I start to struggle. I wish there were more reviews on people’s results using the Satiereal Saffron, as I’m a little leery trying something that hasn’t been used for long. Fingers crossed!

  61. Sandra says

    In response to some of the questions people posted above … here goes based on the research I’ve done to date:

    * There are no known side effects — but, IMHO, if I had high blood pressure, I would check w/my doctor before taking ANY supplements.
    * Given that it is a supplement w/no known side effects, I would think it would be safe for a 13-year-old. I’m basing that on most OTC meds stating the dosage for children 12 or older. So, seems to me that it would be safe as long as he is over 12. However, personally, I wouldn’t put my child on anything without checking w/my doc first.

    Hope this helps in some small way!

  62. cielo says

    i am wondering if anyone that has started the saffron extract with satireal, has actually lost weight,,when watching dr. oz, who i love so much,,the two ladies that started the saffron for the weekend and came back to the show, where dr. oz weighed them. in those couple of days, one lady lost 3 lbs, and the other lost 5 lbs. did anyone else that just started the supplement, also lose weight over a 3 day period? i am beginning to wonder about all these supplements. i purchased the raspberry ketones, still waiting to see the scale drop. NOTHING!! dr. oz is making all these companies that sell these supplements rich, and we, who are trying to lose are not seeing results. the only thing getting thinner, is my wallet.i would love to hear from anyone who has had positive results from either the raspberry ketones or the saffron extract. i really feel i am getting rippped off, anyone else feel the same. i would love to hear from you also.

  63. Sandra says

    I haven’t heard many reviews yet of people’s results yet, either, but am curious. I do think that the women who lost 3 & 5 lbs over a weekend lost that because they knew they were going to be weighed on tv in a few days … they probably hardly ate anything and lost water weight, i didn’t really ‘buy’ that the saffron made them lose that quickly. The reason I found the satiereal saffron interesting was initially because of the benefits Dr Oz mentioned and then the study that I looked up online. If something can, without side effects, potentially reduce carb cravings, than I think it’s worth a shot. The site I ordered from included free shipping and a 90-day money back guarantee, so figured it was worth picking some up for me and a couple friends. I’ll keep my eyes open for people reviewing products w/the satiereal saffron in it, for sure.

  64. says

    I cannot find Saffron Extract That is why I have not used it. If I could find it locally I would purchase it. I do not order on Line. Help Ms. Reesor

  65. Denise says

    I am using both the Saffron and the 7-keto and have noticed a significant change in my appetite. I have been only doing it for about a week and have not weighed myself yet. I can tell you I feel lighter. I just wanted to respond to the person who asked about results. It really hasn’t been that long since the show aired or at least since I seen the show, but anything that curbs my appetite like this will in the end allow me to shed some pounds. In addition, to watching what I do eat and exercising for me this is a positive and welcome change already.

  66. Denise says

    @ Linda you can find it locally at a GNC, but as the other posters stated it is on backorder.

  67. jen says

    I’ve been taking the 7-keto and Relora for about a week now and have noticed a significant difference. I’ll continue to take it to see if it lasts. I also take Metformin for PCOS and combined with the two new supplements, I feel great and have had no negative side effects at all. Progress can be seen by making a conscious effort in a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right supplements to help you reach your goal. It never has and never will just happen on it’s own. You can do this.

    The saffron extract is on back order but I expect it to arrive sometime between now and the day I die. Regardless of when it shows up, keep moving forward.

  68. says

    I found everything except saffron extract. That was on, I think everything Dr. Oz spoke about will work, we need to have the will to wanna change and put forth the effort. Nothing works if we don’t put our minds to it. Good luck to all of us, be safe in whatever you do.

  69. Andrea says

    Just started taking 7-keto, 100mg with meals AM and PM. Has anyone else noticed a little stomach discomfort? I feel like I’m having a little acid reflux. I make sure I take it with food but I still get the sensation.

    BTW if any Long Islanders are looking for this product, GNC in Baldwin just got their shipment on Friday.

  70. susana says

    Hello everyone
    Lee, I just saw your comment.
    I have been very busy was out of town. Went away to Florida to look at houses and forgot to put my bottle in my purse. But while I was taking it I only lost 3 pounds. thank God that I had a bag of lychee mango which also help me a bit. but honestly I didn’t have much time to even think about food while there. Since, I was so busy.
    I started today and will let you guys know. I still feel not very hungry, I hope that it stays this way. I was behaving when went we went away. so hopefully it will stay this way. I am going to start also walking in the evenings since its already nice. I was reading the comments on the gnc one and a lot of people had good results but didn’t work for others. The best of luck to all!

  71. susana says

    That is the right dosage. You are supposed to take a pill in the morning and one at night.
    What I am doing is taking 1 30 minutes before my breakfast and around 4 pm when I usually get bad cravings but it has been working and I don’t snack late at night anymore. It makes u drink a lot of water. Anyways that is what I have experienced with mine. I don’t get hungry after taking my last pill but I eat something anyways.
    Good Luck!

  72. susana says

    Vanessa first try your local stores to see if they have them.
    I got mine from
    subscribe to their email and they will send you a email with $10 credit.
    you will only pay $3.59 for it.
    the saffron I ordered it from for $19.99 and with shipping cost me, $27.
    shop around because since Dr. Oz show these things have gone up.
    Good Luck!

  73. Sandra says

    Some of us have already advised that we found the Satiereal Saffron on — when i bought mine, there was plenty in stock and the prices were great plus coupons available via web search (see earlier comments).

  74. susana says

    Sandra, Is the saffron u ordered from working for you?
    I want to start ordering mine from now so when I am done with my bottle I can continue. It really works. I am so excited that I started walking yesterday. I have lost 3 pounds since Monday, but I have my period. I will weight my self after it is gone. Good Luck to all!

  75. Sandra says

    Hi, Susana. I haven’t tried taking it yet, as I haven’t felt the need to start yet. I’m following Weight Watchers and know that there will come a time when I will struggle to stay on plan which is why I wanted to get some to have handy for if/when that occurs. I am giving one of my bottles to a friend tonight, and I’m sure she’ll start it this weekend. I’m a bit surprised there aren’t more reviews online re: people’s results, as the Dr Oz show was a while ago and obviously TONS of people have been buying the Satiereal Saffron as a result. I’m happy to hear that you are having good results! Please keep me/us posted on progress, and I will give an update as soon as I have more info.

  76. susana says

    Sandra, can you please tell me how it goes with your friend.
    I bought mine from
    I want to try the one you bought when I run out.
    I am eating every 2 1/2 hours. so hopefully eating in small portions will help me like it did before.
    the best of luck to you and the rest!

  77. Sandra says

    Will do, Susana! Drwhitaker has a great guarantee in addition to being SO much cheaper than everywhere else, so couldn’t hurt for you to stock up from his site if not yet sold out. (The B3G1 Free deal plus a 30% off coupons is crazy cheap. I’m all about getting a great deal on ANYTHING I buy so am thankful someone had posted re: that site on here :o). I would be bummed if I started using it, loved it, then couldn’t get a refill and had to stop using waiting for delivery.

  78. susana says

    Hey, Sandra thanks for answering. where can I get the 30% coupon because that sounds cheaper. Please let me know so I can order it from now.
    have a great day.

  79. Sandra says

    The code to save an extra 30% on drwhitaker is “SAVE30” — I found it by a general web search. So, you end up getting FOUR bottles for less than the price of two bottles of the Life Extensions or any other brand I’ve seen. My friend took her first one w/dinner last night, should have an update from her by early to mid next week if she remembers to take 2x daily.

  80. susana says

    thank you Sandra for the code. I am really amazed at this product eventhough I also give it to my self for eating healthier. I lost another pound when I weighted myself this morning. If you want send me your email and we can email each other. I don’t see any one else posting their experience. So I don’t think that I will keep posting my experiences. Have a great night and Keep it up!

  81. Ana says

    Hi Sandra,

    I’m about to order the bottle from, can you please let me know if they are working for your friend or yourself? I read reviews on my rebody ones but it seems that doesn’t work that much, I would really appreciate your feedback so I can start with my weight loss.

  82. susana says

    Hello Ana
    I am taking the ones from rebody.
    I can tell you that they do work.
    from last Monday until today that I weighted myself
    I am 6 pounds less. I don’t eat anything after 6:30 though and I am just eating protein.
    I finished ordering from drwhitaker because I need to have them know that I know
    that they do work, no matter what brand it is.
    The best of luck.

    Thanks for the save30 code, I even ordered the multivitamins and can’t wait to get them.
    Have a great day.

  83. Ana says

    Thank you so much Susana for the response, I ordered them from drwhitaker, can’t wait until they come in… I’ll buy the protein mix also and see how it goes!!!

  84. susana says

    Ur welcome Ana.
    Sandra gave me the coupon code (save30) where you save 30%.
    the protein mix you are going to buy is from
    why don’t you try something cheaper in walmart so you can see if you like it or not.
    the EAS is cheaper in walmart and target than gnc. good luck and you will see that you will be able to do it.

  85. Ana says

    Hi Sandra, well that 30% off coupon didn’t work but it’s ok, I just bought one bottle to see how it works with me and then I’ll just use the $10 off coupon that I have already. About the protein I was thinking in buying the one at GNC, but now that you give the heads up I would def buy it at Walmart or Target. Thank you so much for the adivise and support… it’s easier when you know you are not alone in this fight!! 🙂

  86. susana says

    Hello Ana
    Your welcome.
    the only reason why I suggested the EAS is because a trainer told me about it. and I love the taste of the french vanilla one. This is the diet that I do when I want to lose weight.
    You eat your three meals but you are supposed to eat 5 or 6 times a day. Include the protein shake and the protein bars. The power crunch works great for me and they are delicious. They are a little expensive in gnc but maybe you can find it cheaper online. I just bought 6 yesterday and for $12 dollars. Before bed drink a protein shake. The shake is supposed to be made with water only not milk. If you do this you won’t regret it, because you will see how you shed pounds away.

  87. Ana says

    Great Susana, I looked in your older comments and already took note of the diet, I feel that this time probably I’m able to see those pounds finally gone. I’m glad that the protein is with water, since I have tried some of those in cans, they are with milk and I cannot tolerate lactose. Your advises are all noted and I’m starting tomorrow, I hope it gets easier once I get my Saffron pills in. Thank you so much!!!

  88. susana says

    Ur welcome Anna.
    Try to eat vegetables and salads that are green. Avoid tomatoes and carrots since they have sugar. and you will feel full all the time since you are eating every 2 and a half or three hours. I buy the 100 calorie thin wheat buns and the double fiber bread.
    There is a very good dressing that I love making and
    is one table spoon of honey with one or 2 of apple vinegar. You will love it.
    If you speak spanish and read it. go to On the forum (mis dietas y ejercicios)
    on top click on el entrenador Jose Fernandez and you will get good tips from that trainer and the answers he gave people. He is the trainer that get a lot of spanish actresses/ models in shape, like nuestra belleza latina.
    Anyways, I am very happy that someone is going to
    do this diet with me. The best of luck and remember that you have to drink the protein shake before bed. If you think that the protein bars are expensive go to and print coupons for smart balance bars that are cheaper. Talk to you later and if you have any questions you can ask me.

  89. susana says

    hello Julia
    I use the EAS they sell it in walmart, target and more expensive in gnc. but sometimes you can find good deals in gnc in their clearance section.
    Julia, Join us and you won’t regret it.
    this is the diet I do when I want to lose weight fast and
    with help of the saffron extract since I don’t really get hungry.
    Just don’t make it with milk just water and if you want ice.
    The best of luck to you.

  90. Ana says

    Thanks so much Susana, and yes I speak Spanish i’ll be checking this site later on… I guess I should go food shopping today 🙂 and like I said before thank you so much for the advises!

  91. susana says

    your welcome.
    if you print coupons
    there is a $2 off jennie o turkey patties.
    I love them because they come seasoned and are very good.
    I just add lettuce to my turkey patty and the 100 calorie wheat bun and
    a little bit of vinegar, olive oil.
    before you go shopping go online to see the coupons you can print to save money.
    go to coupons,com,, smartsource and

    The best of luck.
    I am going to eat now because I am going to walk at 5:30pm.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  92. Andrea says

    I have been reading your comments and would like to know if any of you are juicing? I just bought a great juicer and would love any tips

  93. susana says

    Hello Andrea,
    I am not drinking any juices because I am doing the protein diet.
    But I can tell you that they do work.
    I can tell you that the combination of celery, cucumbers, pineapple with spinach is very good.
    I used to drink it and it takes away the inflamation specially when you are in ur period. Just remember that green vegetables, like broccoli, celery, spinach, cucumbers etc. Don’t throw away the pineapple peals, you can boil that in water and drink it during the day. Adding an apple to those vegetebles is good too. so you can alternate apples and pineapple.
    The best of luck to you!

  94. Andrea says

    Susana, great suggestions . Really appreciate it. Also waiting for my Saffron extract to be delivered from Dr. Whitaker. Couldn’t find it at any local store.

  95. susana says

    I am glad that you liked my suggestions. Try doing it that way and I am sure that
    you will be more than happy how it works. try eating 5 or 6 small meals. Your 3 main meals and 2 or 3 snacks. and ofcourse drink a lot of water. I hope you get your saffron soon. I am also waiting for it since I am running out. I am going to take the multivitamins and the weight loss combo he had for $50 on his site. The best of luck to you and I hope that it works for you.

  96. Sandra says

    Hi, Ladies. I spoke to my friend who has been taking the Saffron since Friday evening (although not always 2x per day) and she is already feeling a positive change. It was funny, because she didn’t realize it was from the supplements — it was only when I asked her that she said, “Oh, that’s why I only ate half the bag (individual) of Fritos instead of the entire bag with my lunch — I have NEVER not finished a bag of Fritos.” And, “That must be why I got full half way thru dinner last night and didn’t crave any snacks later in the evening.” :o)

  97. susana says

    Sandra, thanks for the update.
    I am glad that is working. I have heard great things
    about Dr. Whitacker. I will update when I start using mine next week.
    but my rebody are working also. Have a great night.

  98. Christine says

    Hi, Susanna. Is there a way you would consider being my diet buddy? getting the saffron extract tomorrow. I was also going to start a protein eating program as wrll.

  99. susana says

    Christine. How are you doing?
    Ofcourse we can be diet buddies.
    Just let me know how you want to support each other. If you want to do it thru here or
    email. The best of luck and you will see that you will feel great, little by little.
    Have a great evening!

  100. Jan says

    I got mine today and took one this evening..I just want to know when is best time to take them? I had weightloss surgery in 2008 and did great until about 8 months ago..I gained back 35 lbs im also a emotional eater because of some personal issues that started a couple months ago..I am excited! Because once I set my mind to something I do it, and im going to get back down to 135 lbs in no time!

  101. Lynn says

    Thank you sooo much for all of your blogging. I just started my saffron tonight and so far so good. I am a night muncher, so this will be a good thing and I do feel full.

  102. Sandra says

    Wanted to share some more info re: my friend’s experience … we went out to dinner a week ago and split a barbecue chicken pizza (we each had 3 slices) plus she got a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and drank 2 beers, AND half a slice of cheesecake. Today, we met for lunch at the same restaurant, and she only at 1-1/2 slices of the pizza and a diet coke. She also said that she has been feeling “content” this week. It is clearly improving both her mood and appetite. Impressive! I am PMS’ing so may start taking it tomorrow … all depends on how tempted I am to overeat.

  103. Sandra says

    Jan – they recommend taking 2 per day; one before breakfast and another before dinner (although not specifically how far in advance, so I would recommend maybe 30 mins before those two meals). Good luck!

  104. says

    Hi Everyone,

    I did a search to find out if the saffron extract really DID work for others this past few weeks and your site came up. I’m not sure who owns the site – Is it Susana or Sandra? I like the site.

    I bought the Re-Body brand because in researching I read that the saffron will only work with Satieral (and that brand had the exact dosage). I don’t need to lose weight. I just want to stop cravings for carbs and stop the habit of eating at night. But I am interested in its effect on weight loss for another reason. I’m a prosperity teacher and have a program called “I Create My Body” and a companion ebook, “Body Prosperity.” I wanted the product to work so I can include information about it in the program and book.

    I’m sorry to say that after a week, taking it twice a day, it did not work for me. In fact, my cravings increased! I called the company and they told me that, as stated on the bottle, you have to take it twice a day for 8 weeks before it really kicks in. Hmmm. Now I’m wondering if all the positive reviews I’m reading are placebo effects. 🙂 Of course, that’s okay too. I teach mental laws so I know how powerful suggestion can be.

    I was going to return the product. I bought it through Amazon and Re-Body approved the return. However, after reading your reviews, I think I will continue to take it – at least finish the 60 capsules (4 weeks supply) and see if it does start to work if I give it a longer try. If it starts to work for me, I’ll return to update. If I continue to take it, I’ll also look for Dr. Whitaker’s product – thank you for that suggestion.

    One more comment…In my research and my conversation with the manufacturer, I found that after 8 weeks, if you stop taking the saffron, the effect will wear off after a short time (days) and your appetite and cravings will return. Now on one hand, it doesn’t sound like good news and would require that you take the product forever. On the other hand, I believe if it works for you, it will create new behavioral patterns and the stomach does shrink, so even you take it for a couple of months and get results, my opinion is that you may not have to continue with it (as long as you’ve created new habits).

  105. Sandra says

    I had to giggle when I saw your post … no, I don’t own this site. Like you, I only found this site/these posts when I was looking for reviews on people who had tried the satiereal saffron. I would think that with EVERYONE selling out within hours or days of the Dr Oz show that there would be more reviews posted. My friend is definitely having a good experience, but I like I said, I haven’t tried it yet (I’m keeping it in my ‘back pocket’ until I feel the need to start taking it for some extra self-control w/the carb cravings. I’m not surprised that the saffron only works while taking it … that’s the case with everything, right? I have to take my allergy pill every night or I will break out in hives the next day ;o) As far as I have read, there seem to be no side effects or drug interactions w/the saffron, and given that the price was very reasonable (especially with the 30% off coupon) at drwhitaker, I think that if it works for you, it’s a great investment. Have a great day!

  106. susana says

    I don’t own this site.
    I was just telling my experiences taking the saffron extract pills. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. People start asking questions and I just don’t want to be rude and not answer them.
    Why not help other people if something is working for me? But I think that I will not continue coming to this site, if there is going to be misunderstandings.

  107. Ronnie says

    Can someone help me with save 30. it is not working for me. does it have to be put in a certain way ?

  108. Sandra says

    There is a new 30% off code at that ends tonight … use “SPRING” and you’ll get the 30% off :o)

  109. Jan says

    Well, I have been taking the saffron extract for over three weeks now, but it has had absolutely no effect on my appetite, unfortunately. I also read that you have to take it for 8 weeks before it kicks in, so it’s probably too early to make a fair judgment. I will get another bottle and take it for a full 8 weeks. It’s kind of expensive, so if there is no noticeable difference on my appetite after that, I will discontinue taking it.

  110. Marcy says

    I have never responded to a blog before so here goes. I am not having much luck with the saffron. took it for a week along with the 7-keto & gained 3 pounds. went off for a week & decided to try it again. Don’t want to waste the money. I am a night muncher & still have the cravings. Was really hoping this would be the trigger to get me going. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  111. Tanya says

    I got the ReBody ones. Have been taking over a week. I am eating more, I am so tired and now headaches. What’s going on? I keep reading how others are getting positive results in the first week. Should I continue for 8 weeks or let this go? It’s so confusing. Any advice anyone?

  112. Sandra says

    Personally, if I was taking something that made me feel worse, I would stop taking it & return it for a refund. I would just make sure what you are feeling is not the result of something else, like PMS (cuz that’s how I can feel at that T.O.M.). Hope you’re feeling better.

  113. Monique Malone says

    I heard about the show and a friend told me about the extract as well. I purchased my product from GNC, and I also purchased a groupon, which I saved money on the product as well. I just started the product today, but I began to feel a little funny! I was wondering if my body was getting use to the supplement. I wanted to know how other people were feeling, and how long did it take for your body to get use to it?

  114. says

    Hi i am wondering if this is ok to give to my child who is over weight and she is only 10 and half but tall for her age and big. But i am wondering if this would help her.

  115. says

    Hi i am wondering if this is ok to give to my child who is over weight and she is only 10 will be 11 Dec. she is currently 125lbs.

  116. Jennifer says

    I just bought the Saffron Extract with Satieral the other day and wanted to take them today BUT when I woke up this morning it appears that my allergies are back 🙁 do you think it would be safe to take the pills after taking Claritin for my allergies? At this point, I am so desperate to lose the 12 pounds I gained back from not keeping track of what I was eating, I will stop taking the allergy pills just to take these pills! I lost 55 pounds over the course of a year and a half on Weight Watchers but carelessly gained 12 of it back over the last few months with the Holidays…any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

  117. Sandra says

    Debra: I would ask your daughter’s pediatrician before giving to her, just to be safe.

    Jennifer: I take Claritin every night and don’t worry about any interactions except for the possibility of another antihistamine. If concerned, I would ask a pharmacist — they will answer your questions at no charge.

  118. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much Sandra!!! I was afraid to take it because of the Claritin but I will definitely take it tomorrow then for sure! 🙂

  119. briley says

    I hope you still continue to submit comments! That are what comments are for and I thought they all were very informative. I just bought a bottle yesterday from a health store I frequent. I just took one this am. But mostly, please continue to comment. Your responses were so helpful and informative and I, for one, would be so disappointed if you stopped. If you truy decide to stop, please let me know in this blog so that I can send you my email. But I think everyone would benefit from your responses. Thank you.

  120. susana says

    how are you doing?
    I hope that the pills work for you.
    I just want to tell you have i noticed that they work.
    I take them atleast 1 hour before my breakfast. I have noticed that when I take it 5 minutes or with breakfast, they don’t curve my appetite. I take the second one around 4 or 5 the latest and
    it works for the whole night. I am very happy with them. I have lost 11 pounds with them. If you want send me your email address and I will email you and we can keep in touch. I honestly don’t feel comfortable writing here anymore.
    I came today to give you the support since you wrote and wanted to know
    how I was still doing with them.
    Send me your email and in the subject write your name so I can know it is you.

    Have a great day.

  121. Jennifer says

    Hi Susana:

    Thanks so much for your advice with the Claritin however, I am beginning to think it’s more a sinus infection now than allergies 🙁 If I take Dayquil to help with my sinuses, do you think it would still be safe to take the Saffron Extract? I know Dayquil is an antihistamine so I’m not sure if mixing the two would be a good idea or not. Thanks again for all your advice! 🙂 I definitely appreciate it….

  122. jack says

    I am a little confused I hunted last night after watching my taped show of DR. Oz where is it the cheapest on Dr.whitker??? The cheapest I found it last night was around $20 or was $25 anyone foun it cheaper???? Sandra thanks for all your info and taking time to help others but I am alittle confused, Jackie

  123. Noelle says

    Does the Satiereal Saffron extract have any negative long term side affects?
    Is this a natural product?

  124. colleen says

    I have been taking this product and lost 8lbs in 2 weeks i weigh in at weightwatchers on weds. i’m excited and i love how this is working for me!

  125. precious says

    I would like to address this comment actually a request to the person named Susana. She seemed to have a lot of knowledge regarding Satieral Saffron extract. I just ordered mine, I wished I saw the above article before I did order them. But while waiting for it to arrive, please send me an e-mail, I just want to more about the product. I am not very comfortable posting comments. Hope to hear from you.


  126. susana says

    Hello Precious
    Send me your email address and I will
    tell you what you need to know.

  127. Darla says

    I would like to know which Saffon to order. I don’t care so much about the price, I want to get one that is effective. Please let me know the correct brand to order.

    Thank you,

  128. Shan says

    I’ve been taking the Safron for 4 wks now. I lost 4 lbs in just 7 days. I took 1 pill a day at lunch.
    I like the product it does lower my cravings. However, after 2 wks i had to increase the dose to 2 pills daily, as of today (4wks later) I have lost a total of 8 lbs. just another 6 more to go.

  129. Natalie says

    I’ve taken it for 4 days and lost 6 lbs it def takes the cravings away! has it available

  130. lana says

    it is safe to take saffron extract, eventhough im taking medication for high blood pressure

  131. Hope says

    Hello:) I have been taking the saffron for 2 weeks now and lost 8
    Lbs!!! I have been doing low carb, low fat and have been taking
    raspberry ketone with it. Has anybody taken these two together
    for a long period of time and had any luck? I need a dieting

  132. Cara says

    The following message appeared on February 20, 2012, but I have seen no more references to it, and wonder how many of the people buying and taking saffron have read the caution on the bottle to consult your physician if you are taking the medications below..

    “Dr. Oz, it seems that someone taking anticoagulant medication or anti platelet medication might not be able to take this saffron pill. I watched your show today, and don’t recall that being mentioned. could you please clarify. thank you, m.”

  133. Devi says

    I’ve been taking it for a week now and lost 12 pounds. It’s the only medication/supplement that I am taking and I haven’t changed anything else in my life. I still eat the same foods I always have, and I lead a fairly sedentary life style with little to no exercise. Of course, taking it with a healthy diet and exercising regularly would be even better. I am just saying- for someone that doesn’t exercise much and eats regular food (though I never eat fast food as I live in a small town where fast food restaurants literally don’t exist)- Even without doing anything else, it works wonders for me.

    I don’t know if I would say that the saffron takes my cravings away so much as, it just makes me feel full ALL the time so I just don’t want to eat much. It just gives me a satiated feeling so I don’t feel like I have to eat or want to eat. I noticed the effect with the very first pill I took.

    The only complaint I have, is that the capsules of the brand I use are difficult for me to swallow. Other than that, it really is a miracle. I definitely recommend it to people that suffer from emotional over eating or binge eating like I did.

    I should also note that I probably dropped the weight so quickly because I am still fairly young (28) so it might not work this well for everyone, but it definitely works!

  134. Catbelly says

    I’ve enjoyed reading these comments since I saw the rerun of the supplements show and just got my saffron extract and raspberry ketones. I’m looking forward to see the changes ! ! Also, I see you guys talking about protein powder – I’m thinking of getting some to add to my smoothies. I’m on WW and have 30 lbs to lose.

  135. Christina says

    I’ve been taking the Saffron Extract with Satrieal for about 1.5 weeks and I actually gained 3 pounds????????? Not sure why.. I”m also having stomach problems.. very very gasy.. bloated.. anyone else?

  136. Jennifer says

    Christina – I experienced the same problems…I even tried taking the Saffron a couple weeks after it didn’t work the first time to give it another shot. Dr. Oz talks about how great it is (I think he gets paid to endorse the product so of course he would say that) but different things work for different people so I guess we are the unlucky ones. I wish it helped with my weight loss but didn’t. Good luck to u!

  137. Chris says

    I donT know about people(Devi) losing weight and eating the same way when they gained a bunch of weight????? Lol, saffron only suppresses appetite, It does not burn fat. Not good to advertise it as a miracle weight loss drug if your not doing anything about your old eating habits.I have lost 12 lbs total but it was from changing my eating habits all together, all the saffron did was suppress my appetite.

  138. Steph says

    I’ve been taking the Re-Body Saffron supplement for a week now. It has significantly decreased my urge to eat between meals, and has also helped me sleep. I have however been incredibly tired when I wake up. I wake up at 7am, and feel exhausted until around 10am. This is unusual for me, and I can only assume it has to be caused by the supplement.

    Any one else experience this? I don’t want to stop taking, but might have to if this tiredness continues.

    Thanks in advance!!

  139. Christina says

    Hi Steph… I have chronic fatigue so i’m not sure if my experience is valid or not, but I have found that I’m sleeping better… and I think i was EXTREMELY more tired the first 1.5 weeks i took it.. However, I’m now feeling a little better.. not as tired.. not as gassy/bloated.. I’m wondering if my body just had to get used to it? I agree with you, it’s helping to curb my appitite, mostly during the day… I seem to get hungry at like 3pm now.. I would said give it a few more days.. but i get the tiredness… UGH.. I wish they could find something that really worked!

    Does anyone not take it in the AM and PM and take one in the AM and noon instead? Any suggestions?

  140. tess says

    I just bought this today, I have taken one pill. Nothing yet, lol. I also bought Tonalin CLA to take with this. I am desperate to lose 30 lbs. I am 65 and battling fibro and a plethora of other things. I can exercise, but not to strenuously so I hope this can help.

  141. juan says

    All these products to help us in the GREAT weight loss battle can be found at your local whole foods market.

  142. Carolyn says

    I started taking the saffron. I am also taking an antidepressant. I find that I have increased thirst and more anxiety/jitters. I am going to cut back on the saffron to see if that helps. I would like to cut back on the antidepressant but that would be too risky for me. Seems like I am getting too much serotonin.

  143. Christina says

    So, I’ve been taking this for about 1.5 months. I can honestly say that it takes the edge off my appitite.. I ordered another bottle and am currently taking it. I see a difference when I stop taking it as well.

    Carolyn, I also take antidepressants and I was concered that it would affect them, but it didn’t seem too. However, I do get side effects from meds/supplements that other’s usually don’t get, so it might just be how it’s interacting with you.

  144. caroline says

    Hi, I just took my first pill today….I have to say it worked..I took it at around 1pm, ate a sandwich and had no appetite at dinner time…that’s a first for me, my daughter was very surprised. I did feel kind of funny about an hour after I took it and felt very sleepy, that lasted about 2 hrs, then felt fine, however my tongue feels weird, kind of tingly, slightly numb. I’m going to take another one in the morning and see how it goes. Susana, please keep commenting, don’t let one bad comment ruin it for all of us 🙂

  145. caroline says

    They have the Saffron extract, the Keto7, Relora, all at the Vitamin Shoppe. I just walked in and bought it. No ordering.

  146. Carolyn says

    Christina, thank you so much for your feedback. I am now taking 1 a day and it seems to be better. I may try 2 a day soon to see if I just needed to get used to it.

  147. Carolyn says

    btw, Christina, I am only taking 1 in the morning. I have lost a couple of pounds.

  148. Carolyn says

    I am new to this blog, but please come back Susana. Your comments are so helpful! Marilyn was just out for commercial gain. Don’t let it stop you.

  149. susana says

    Thanks for your comment.
    At this point I am not taking them.
    But I can tell you that after I lost those 11 pounds, I have not
    gain them back.
    I will get on track very soon when I get them again.
    I recently moved and have been very busy.
    But If you have any questions, I can always answer them.
    I can tell you that with these pills or without them a protein diet
    will always help you lose weight faster. The pills are more to
    suppress your appetite. Also, try taking a CLA supplement. I am using
    the ones they sell in walmart. Again I am here to answer any questions you may have.
    Have a great day.

  150. tess says

    I have been taking this for just about a month now. I have lost nothing. I do think my appetite is less, but I think with the other medications that I have to take, it just may be impossible for me. I am quite discouraged at this point. Has anyone else had an extremely slow weight loss?

  151. Noel says

    Hello:) I have been taking saffron extract, raspberry ketones and CLA with a low fat weight watchers diet and have lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks. 80 oz of water helps ALOT and exercise is key:-) Good luck to everyone, I still have 60 lbs to lose but I’m on my way!!!

  152. Rie says

    Can the sffron extract and PGX be taken at the same time? been trying to search online and have not been able to find anything. Heard both mentioned on the show at different times. They seem to do similar things but the PGX helps balance blood sugar wich is a bonus for me.

  153. Ali says

    I was given one pill as a free sample from GNC. Took it out curiosity and I have not been able to stop eating all day. I have eaten twice as much today and am still looking for more food even though I feel full. So it backfired bigtime for me.

  154. Ashley says

    I just saw a repeat of the Dr. Oz show talking about saffron and was quite intrigued. I started WW in January then switched over to a 1600 calorie a day with exercise four times a week and lost 27 pounds in five months. Now I’m trying to lose those last 10 pounds and it’s so hard! I’ve amped up my work outs to five times a week but as always always been a struggle for me, I’m hungry all the time! The exercise seems to exacerbate the issue and nothing seems to help – fiber rich foods, lots of water, nothing. Medically I’m fine, I just have an appetite!

    Enter saffron, which I immediately began researching and stumbled upon this site. Although I just started yesterday, the difference in my appetite is quite noticeable. Last night at dinner I only ate half of a sandwich and a few bites of some dessert – a first for me, and was more than satisfied, This morning I’m really not hungry, I’m usually super hungry when I wake up in the morning and now I’ve been up for an hour with just a cup of coffee and no real desire to eat, although I will have a little something as I feel breakfast is super important.

    I’m excited to see if this continues, if it does it will be the first supplement I’ve found that actually does what it says, plus it’s natural – that works for me! I’ve enjoyed reading all the reviews here, very helpful and informative.

  155. Elisabeth says

    I just bought both slim select gt300 (raspberry ketones) and appetite control 100 (saffron extract) at GNC. They had them right at the counter with DR Oz sign next to them. I really wanted to find reviews about them online before taking them, but this is the only place I have seen so far….thought there would be more sites. I want to loose 5 or 10 lbs in a month and have been doing about four days of exercise which has been working, but of course I want things to go faster and I still want to eat all that junk I crave at night, so I will try this. The salesman told me to take one at noon then at dinner to help with my late cravings. Praying this will help me get thinner faster! Will keep y’all posted.

  156. says

    well skeptical as i am, i tried the raspberry ketones, and nothing. i am curious about the saffron extract w/ satrieal, but very leary of wasting more money. i could have probably bought a brand new jaguar with all the money i have wasted in the past. i thought about taking sensa, but was not comfortable with all he msg in the product, so i am wondering if anyone that has taken the saffron can convince me that it is effective. i just need that jump start and then the motovation seems to appear from nowhere, it is just getting that start that is the problem. would love to hear from people that have had good results. i do believe in dr. oz, and i dont think he is steering us wrong, it is just that it works for some and not others. someone, please convince me. thanks

  157. Elisabeth says

    Update on my experience with Ketones and Saffron Extract…. I don’t know if the Ketones have done anything. Like I said, I have been exercising quite a bit, and I have dropped 5 lbs at least, with my body looking much more tone in those fatty areas. The Saffron is the one I feel is doing a pretty good job at curving my cravings and late night snacking problem. I noticed a change the first day I took it! I would say it is working. Kinda just makes me feel less hungry or takes away that desire to just eat without reason. So I’d say it’s worth a try for others. I will be buying another bottle of the Saffron, but don’t think I will get more Ketones. Exercise really is best to burn the fat I think.

  158. Noel says

    I have lost 26 lbs taking saffron, ketones, CLA in three months. The people that are saying that saffron extract is increasing their appetite, need to go on a different diet. This is working for me and I am doing weight watchers along with it, with exercise!!! It is NOT a waste of money, just have to monitor what you eat. No extract is going to help u decide what u put in your mouth. Try “wildtree” products with your foods, makes them more desirable to eat. Of course u have to exercise, havent heard a lot of exercise mentioned in these posts.

  159. Gloria says

    I found the item on drwhitaker but, it said Snack Stopper (something like that, I didn’t write it down so, I forgot exactly what it read). The milligrams were 180 so I thought I better check with someone on this site. Would appreciate any help.

  160. Gloria says

    Sorry about the last message. The info I got was from their costomer service. When I went back on the site I brought up all the images & found everything I was looking for.

  161. Crysti says

    I went to the Dr Whitaker site for saffron but all that I could find was Saffron Snack Stopper (30-day supply) and Fast-Start Weight Loss Kit. Which one is everyone else getting from that site?

  162. says

    PLEASE BE AWARE YOU MAY GET AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO SAFSLIM. I took it and my throat became tight and I immediately took benadryl. Took time for the swelling to go down and I was very scared. The bottle didn’t have any warnings that you could get this type of reaction and also if your taking antidepressants it can be very dangerous. I did some research and this supplement is very dangerous. Research for yourselves.

  163. Carolyn says

    Ruth, I tried to research the saffron supplement and could find precious little. I am on zoloft and noticed a jittery reaction when taking 2. Cutting back to one seemed to help. But I would love to read more research. Any particular site to check?

  164. Angelina says


  165. jenny says

    im thinking of purchasing the saffron and take diet pills at the same time…& do Zumba for exercise…i really need this weight off

  166. says

    My wife and I started using a product called Saffrolean in May and have both lost
    about 30 lbs. It takes time for sure, but the decreased appetite and snacking helpf for sure. We seem to think about food differnetly and the mood improvement is the best!. We just feel better, hard to describe.

  167. sandy says

    Susana, I love ur posts they are very helpful to all of us trying to lose weight. Please send me your email. Thanks

  168. susana says

    Hello Sandy
    I am very happy to know that my posts are helpful to you.
    send me your email and I will reply to you. Just write your name on the subject.
    Have a great day!

  169. aleena says

    susana please come back sandra didnt mind. your comments were so help full. started them today i hope they work. will be posting if i lose weight. cant go on a protine diet because start getting bad tastes in the mouth. any one who loses using this product. please post . it keeps us motivated to go on.

  170. magen says

    I found a lot of vitamins including the saffron extract, as well as green coffee bean extract, green tea etc at walmart. 9.88 for two bottles of saffron.

  171. Ben Adams says

    I just bought Saffron Extract that is standardized and will be posting what happens in the coming weeks. I am 6’3″ and weight 330 lbs.

  172. Ben Adams says

    checked weight today and found I had lost a few lbs. weight was at 326. I weight at the same time each day. The Saffrom seems to make my lips dry, but if it helps to lose the weight it is a small price to pay! More later.

  173. laurie says

    I buy this off ebay for half the price. I buy everything off ebay and have never been disappointed and yes this stuff really does work. I used to eat ALL the time and this stuff helps me because now I am now not eating every day all day. I am surprised how little I actually eat and how full I really do feel all the time.

  174. Lisa says

    Yap. This stuff really works. That’s why I buy saffron extract for my natural weight loss needs.

  175. says

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your
    stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it wise. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is really a tremendous web site.

  176. says

    Some among the common causes reported for the formation of body weakness include depression and stress.

    The bark has little taste so can be cooked into teas or food.
    Any child who has rubbed a dandelion flower on something or eaten a blueberry has learned that coloring can be transferred.

  177. Erika Rivera says

    I purchased my bottle for $31 through Vitamin Shoppe at! Ive been taking the pill twice daily for two days and it works!!! Havents craved snacks! Havent opened a can of coca cola(which is my addiction!) In fact, I never drank water,,,and since taking the pills, I drink 2-3 bottles of water a day. LOVE IT so far!!!

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