Saffron Extract: Dr Oz’s Miracle Appetite Suppressant Diet Pill

By on May 25, 2012

Dr Oz: Saffron Extract Appetite Suppressant

If you’re trying to lose weight but find it difficult due to your ravenous appetite, Doctor Oz has the remedy for you. On today’s Supplement Hour, Dr Oz revealed the miracle appetite suppressant that kills your hunger and controls your emotional eating: Saffron Extract!  You may recall a previous show that Dr Oz did about the fabulous weight loss supplement (if not, read about it here: Saffron Extract).  Dr Oz invited 2 women to try it for the weekend. Read on for their reviews and to find out their results.

Dr Oz: Saffron Extract Satiereal

Dr Oz spoke about taking Saffron Extract Satiereal as an appetite suppressant.

Saffron Extract Review

You’ve had a tough day at work. As soon as you come home, you reach for the comfort food. Dr Oz says overeating can step from low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is the same hormone that triggers depression and anxiety. Saffron extract comes from an exotic spice to kill your urge to overeat. You crave carbs because when you eat them, you’re turning on chemicals in your brain that give you satisfaction. Saffron extract does the same thing to your brain without the short term hit like carbs. You’ll have the ability to say no to food without struggling.

Satiereal Saffron Extract

Look for blend called satiereal saffron extract. For the best results take 88-90 mg 2 x per day. Cost about $30 for a month supply.

Saffron Extract for Weight Loss Study

Doctor Oz had 2 women, Martha and Devon, try saffron extract for the weekend. How did they do?

Martha told Dr Oz that her emotions drove her eating. When she started taking the extract, she didn’t get the craving or the urge to overeat. The weekend was the real test for her, but she did okay. During her nephew’s birthday party, she was able to pass on the cake. In 3 days, Martha lost 3 lbs.

Devon, another self-proclaimed emotional eating, said the saffron extract helped her appetite tremendously. Normally she reached for any junk food around but after taking saffron extract, she noticed a decrease in the amunot of hunger and the intensity of hunger. In 3 days, Devon lost 5 lbs.

Dr Oz says do this with everything else, like diet and exercise, and you’ll be successful.
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Comments to Saffron Extract: Dr Oz’s Miracle Appetite Suppressant Diet Pill

  1. On the show last week,Dr Oz said he was going to tell us frozen dinners to lose weight. I watched and that show was not on. Could you please tell me when it will air. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I would love to know if there has been a discussion on saffron extract vs raspberry key tones on this site. Perhaps I didn’t look enough. Interested in both and would love to read more. Also, 2 links were given for the keytones but not saffron extract. Recommend a saffron extract?

    Hope you can help as this is a “comment” forum.


  3. Mary Bellomo says:

    I want to cancel getting the Saffron diet pills. THEY ARE NOT WORKING FOR ME>

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