Dr Oz: Slim Bottom Dip, Slim Belly Salad & Slimming Side Dish Recipes

By on May 28, 2012

Dr Oz: Food Combinations for Every Body Type

Looking for yummy secrets to busting fat? If so, you’re in luck! On today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you how to eat yourself slim with food combination for every body type. Check out the easy and delicious ways to get the shape you want and still embrace your natural curves with recipes like a Slim Bottom Dip, a Slim Belly Salad and a Slim All Over Side Dish!  And of course, you must check out The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Getting Fit & Fabulous!

Doctor Oz says you have the power to eat yourself slim. How you prepare your foods matter just as much as what you put into your mouth. Whether you have a bulging belly or big bottom, the secret is found in eating specific food combos.

Dr Oz: Slim Belly Salad, Slim Bottom Dip, Slim All-Over Side Dish Recipes

Dr Oz shared a Slim Belly Salad, a Slim Bottom Dip, and a Slim All-Over Side Dish Recipe!

Dr Oz: Oranges & Avocados for Big Bellies

For big bellies, you want to get foods that fight cortisol (the stress hormone.) When you decrease your middle, you show off the assets you have in other places. (Translation…your ample rack!) Holly, an audience member, said she tried several diets and exercise programs but none worked long-term. Dr Oz suggested combining oranges (reduces cortisol in the body) and avocadoes.

Dr Oz: Slim Belly Salad Recipe

1 avocado
3 oranges
Toss with 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Add a dash of salt

Dr Oz: Cottage Cheese & Black Beans for Big Butts

Latoya, an audience member, used to be athletic but today, nothing worked for her. She worked out, but her bottom only seemed to tone and never got any smaller. Doctor Oz says combine low-fat cottage cheese and black beans to help get rid of big bottom.

Dr Oz: Slim Bottom Dip Recipe

1 can black beans
12 oz cottage cheese
3 plum tomatoes
6 oz canned corn
Cilantro and hot sauce to taste

Dr Oz: Slim All Over Side Dish Recipe

For ladies that are big all over, Dr Oz suggested combining Brazil nuts and raw onions. Brazil nuts contain L-Arginine to help blast fat. Raw onions act as a natural diuretic to relieve bloating, which gives you that puffy look.

¼ C chopped Brazilian nuts toasted
1 raw onion
Add to cooked quinoa

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Comments to Dr Oz: Slim Bottom Dip, Slim Belly Salad & Slimming Side Dish Recipes

  1. Jo Peruzzi says:

    This show (May 28) was full of lots of wonderful information! (I am a Belly-Fat type, loved the jeans! I havent bought a pair of jeans in 15 yrs, but I will now!
    Please have a show dealing with hair loss for women. I am in my mid 50’s and been losing hair for about 10 yrs. I have a strong feeling it’s thyroid, but doctors say no, my level falls within ‘normal range’, albeit on the low side.. I have seen lists of symptoms, listing as many as 25, and I have 20 of them!!
    Can you advise?

  2. Rosy Ayala says:

    Dr oz i need help with loseing wait i have the stubborn belly fat please help thank you..

  3. These suggestions for side dishes to slim down are interesting, and I did see the show. However, I do not remember hearing how often does one have to eat the side dishes. Please inform.

  4. drew mccall burke says:

    I feel you are doing a big disservice promoting cottage cheese. It is loaded with casein protein which so unbelievable unhealthy for humans. You cannot SPOT lose weight, as a matter of fact where you hold the most fat is most likely the last place you will lose it from. Eating fresh fruits and greens, raw and uncooked will get you slimmer than any fad diet. Juice fasting and Green smoothies are very effective ways to not only lose fat but to get rid of processed food cravings once and for all.

  5. L. Lack says:

    I totally agree with Drew McCall Burke, to anybody who wants to know the truth and really want to loose body fat, do yourself a favor and check out Drew’s facebook page, learn the truth and a lot and be healthy in a safe way with no animals, only clean real foods, fruits and veggies people, it’s the ONLY way…

  6. While I am not a huge fan of Dr. Oz I did Check out Drews Raw Vegan site, checked out the “why SRV don’t eat eggs” and found it ridiculous, really! someone needs to go back to grade 10 biology class.

  7. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll
    check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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