Dr Oz: Stephanie Lewis Vance & Sheila Haines Transformation Nation

By on May 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Success Stories

Doctor Oz has already brought you the stories of some of the Top 10 Finalists who mastered the Transformation Nation’s 7 Steps. In this segment, he brought you more success stories from Stephanie Lewis Vance & Sheila Haines. Some stories consisted of wanting to lose weight for their families and other stories revealed the struggle to lose weight in order to get healthy and perform tasks they believed was not possible.

Dr Oz: Stephanie Lewis Vance & Sheila Haines Transformation Nation

Dr Oz spoke with Stephanie Lewis Vance & Sheila Haines to get their tips for being successful in the Transformation Nation Program.

Dr Oz: Stephanie Lewis Vance Diet Tips

Stephanie Lewis Vance- Stephanie was 100 lbs overweight and following in her parent’s path. Her father had kidney failure and heart disease, so she convinced her parents to join Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation. She was 3 months into the program when her father passed. It was then she decided to fulfill her passion and help save someone else’s life.

Her mother, Patricia, joined Stephanie on stage to tell her daughter how proud and excited she was for her. (That was sweet!)

Dr Oz: Sheila Haines Diet Tips

Sheila Haines- Sheila felt out of place within her own family because they were athletic. Six months ago, she was over 200 lbs and felt awful. When she found out about Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation, she immediately headed to her local Weight Watchers. Now, she swims, rides her bike to work and is training for a triathlon.

Best Tip- Just give it a try. You’ll be pleased with what you see. This will help you through the tough times.

Dr Oz: Seatbelt Extender Inspiration

Cali, an audience member, carried around a seatbelt extender she “stole” from an airplane to help keep her motivated. When she was heavier, she boarded a plane and sat down, but she couldn’t get the seatbelt to go around her. The attendant yelled to the front of the plane that she needed an extender. That’s when Cali knew she had to change her life. She’s lost 91 lbs and has become a different person. Dr Oz was so impressed, he surprised Cali with a trip to the Bahamas.

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