The Harder the Bread the Better it is For You: Restaurant Diet Cheats

By on May 17, 2012

Dr Oz: Restaurant Cheats

Want to eat out at your favorite restaurant and still lose weight? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Restaurant Critic, Danyelle Freeman, to reveal the restaurant super cheats to save you hundreds of calories. Find out the 4 easy ways to dine out and still knock off the pounds, such as eating hard bread rather than soft bread, adding sparkling water to your wine, skipping the bottom crust when you eat pie and protein packing your pasta.  Want to know more, read on!  Plus, checkout the other diet tips Dr Oz spoke about on today’s show including his  Flavor Boosters and his Healthy Grilled Cheese Recipes.

Hard Bread vs Soft Bread

Dr Oz said that hard bread is better for your waistline than eating soft bread!

Restaurant Critic, Danyelle Freeman says a typical meal at a restaurant can be up to 1200 calories. Since she’s a food critic, she dines out at least 6 nights a week so she had to come up with a way to cut the calories. Danyelle told Dr Oz that chefs were in the habit of adding oil, cream and butter as flavor boosters, but what they were really doing was adding calories.

Add Sparkling Water to Wine to Cut Calories

When you go out to eat, you order a cocktail. You end up consuming 200 calories, easy, without eating a bite. Order sparkling water instead, then when you order dinner, order a glass of wine. During the meal, alternate sipping the sparkling water and the wine. You can even make a wine spritzer by adding some sparkling water to your wine. This restaurant super cheat will save you 240 calories.

Hard Crunchy Bread vs Soft Bread for Weight Loss Diets

Don’t reach for doughy, white bread. Go for flat bread instead. Flat bread contains less calories because there is less bread, plus, it’s crunchy to make you chew. Studies indicate that those who chew more feel full longer. This restaurant super cheat will save you 140 calories.

Dr Oz: Protein Packed Pasta

You can order your pasta, but add protein to it. Ask for a side dish and take out 3 spoonfuls of the pasta and place it to the side. (Easier said than done!) Ordering the protein with your pasta will help save you calories. This restaurant super cheat will save you 153 calories.

Skip the Bottom Crust – Dr Oz Diet Tip

You can save a ton of calories by not eating the bottom piecrust. You’ll still get the flavor of the top crust but not the added calories if you dig into the bottom crust. The bottom crust also contains more calories because it soaks up the butter in the dish. This restaurant cheat will save you 150 calories.

Dr Oz also discussed 3 simple ways to cut hundreds of calories from your day by doing the following;

Eat with Your Non-Dominant Hand

1. Eat with your non-dominant hand. Studies show you’ll consume far less calories because it slows you down. Start with snacks and then try it during meals.

Remove Chicken Skin to Cut Calories & Fat

2. Remove the skin when you prepare your chicken. Eating the skin doubles your fat content. You can peel it off with a fork when still raw. In a restaurant, use your fork to peel off the skin. This will save you fat and calories.

Chew Gum While Cooking

3. Chew sugarless gum while cooking. Chewing will keep you from tasting. Plus, it helps with digestion.

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