The Vitamin D Diet Review: Dr Keri Peterson & Monterey Mushrooms

By on May 29, 2012

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Diet Review

You know the benefits of Vitamin D for healthy skin and bones, but did you know that it can actually help you melt away the fat? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Keri Peterson, MD, author of The Vitamin D Diet, to show you how vitamin D can help you lose weight.  All you need to eat are Vitamin D-rich foods like Monterey Mushrooms, fortified eggs and Vitamin D Supplements.  If you are looking for healthy foods that also act as cancer fighters, you absolutely must read about the Cancer Fighting Foods and the Cancer Fighting Squid Salad that Dr Oz also spoke about on today’s show.

The Vitamin D Diet Review: Dr Keri Peterson & Monterey Mushrooms

Dr Oz spoke about The Vitamin D Diet by Dr Keri Peterson, which helps you lose weight by eating foods rich in Vitamin D like Monterey Mushrooms.

Dr Keri Peterson

Dr. Peterson says that Vitamin D is the superstar food for your health. It can also help you shed the fat. Last year, over 3000 studies were conducted on Vitamin D. It’s not only critical for bone health, it also boosts immunity. Vitamin D helps with weight loss by controlling the appetite and revving up your metabolism. Dr. Peterson said 70% of us have low vitamin D levels.

The Vitamin D Diet Review

Dr. Keri Peterson’s book, The Vitamin D Diet, says that you can lose up to 5 lbs in 5 weeks. You can go from a fat storing mode to a fat burning mode. Her vitamin D diet includes a variety of foods and is flexible. You can eat up to 1400-1500 calories in vitamin rich foods. The diet is also simple and inexpensive.

Dr Oz Vitamin D Diet: Fortified Eggs

Dr. Peterson says for breakfast, eat fortified rich foods. Foods like fortified eggs (300 IU for 3 eggs) and bread. For non-egg lovers, try a fortified rich cereal with 1cup milk.

Dr Oz Vitamin D Diet: Salmon Salad

Dr. Peterson says for lunch, “go fishing”. A salmon salad gives you 775 IU. Couple it with vitamin D fortified yogurt to add another 80 IU.

Dr Oz: Monterey Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great way to get in some vitamin D. For dinner, Dr. Peterson suggested eating mushrooms treated with UV Light at the end of the harvest. (It will say this on the label.) Monterey Brand Mushrooms have 400 IU per 3 oz serving.

Dr Oz: Vitamin D Supplements

Don’t forget your supplements. Dr. Peterson says for maximum benefits, take 600-1000 IU per day. Vitamin D supplements come in chewable, gummies and capsules.  Doctor Oz says to get more vitamin D naturally, go out in the sun for 10-15 minutes per day without sunscreen. If you’re a sun lover, after 15 minutes, start slathering on the sunscreen. (SPF 30 preferred.)

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