Dr Oz: Transformation Nation 7 Steps & Million Dollar You 10 Finalists

By on May 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation – Million Dollar You

America voted and the results are in. On today’s show, Doctor Oz is joined by Weight Watcher’s Leader, Liz Josefsberg, to reveal the winner of Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation-Million Dollar You!

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Million Dollar You

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Finale!

Before Dr Oz announced the winner, he brought you the top 10 finalists to give you their inspiring stories of how they lost the weight and transformed their lives. This entire hour was jam packed with the biggest weight loss tips of the year, and by the end of the show, one of the finalists you picked will walk out with 1 million dollars.

Dr Oz: ShareCare.com

It’s been Dr Oz’s most ambition health transformation ever. He challenged you to change your life forever, and you stepped up to the challenge. Doctor Oz teamed up with Weight Watcher’s and ShareCare to help you step up to the challenge. The response was astounding. You turned out in droves to weigh-in and get started.

Dr Oz even had help from his buddies, including Oprah Winfrey, who encourage you to complete step 1- Tell a friend. Entertainer, Jennifer Hudson, visited Dr Oz to show you how to work out to lose weight. Holistic, Guru, Deepak Chopra, even gave you tips on how to cut out stress. You followed the plan and the pounds dropped off. You lost more than 3 million pounds in total. Communities came together to help transform your health.

ShareCare.com got you on track to chart your progress and gave you tools to complete your transformation. Dr Oz’s blue ribbon panel of judges came together to select the top 10 finalists, and then you stepped in and voted.

Dr Oz Transformation Nation 7 Steps

1. Tell a friend
2. Calculate your BMI
3. Connect with your doctor
4. Learn your family’s health history
5. Get more sleep
6. Asses your stress
7. Start new fitness habits

The audience was filled with men and women who have transformed their health. Doctor Oz asked the audience to hold up paddles of how much weight they lost and the numbers ranged from 5 lbs to 105lbs. Together, the entire audience lost thousands of pounds.

One audience member said when she joined Transformation Nation, she lost 51 lbs. She thanked Dr Oz for saving her life. Another audience member joined and lost 62 lbs. Before joining, she had high blood pressure and was on medication. After losing the weight, she no longer needed the medication. At the age of 40, she had also completed a 5 mile race.

Dr Oz stated that he created this program to not only help people lose weight, he created it to help them live a better lifestyle. (Mission achieved!)

Dr Oz: Liz Josefsberg, Weight Watchers Leader

Dr Oz’s partner in his Transformation Nation was Weight Watchers. Liz Josefsberg from Weight Watchers said that 1.2 million people signed up for the plan and more than 3 million pounds were lost. Liz told Dr Oz that she always dreamed of doing something like this, but it was even bigger than she imagined. She was proud to see adults getting healthier, which made their children get healthier.

Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation – Top 10 Finalists

Stella Ortega- Lost 45 lbs
Karl Nielson- Lost 88 lbs
Mary Ellen Brunaugh- Lost 21 lbs
Stephanie Lewis Vance- Lost 45 lbs
Sheila Haines- Lost 30 lbs
Michael Lamb- Lost 48 lbs
Sharona Sankar –King – Lost 25 lbs
Mercedes Moebuis- Lost 38 lbs
Dawn Villanueva- Lost 43 lbs
Jen McElroy- Lost 46 lbs

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