Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists Weight Loss Diet Tips

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Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists Weight Loss Diet Tips

By on May 23, 2012

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists’ Stories

Doctor Oz dedicated his entire show to his Transformation Nation. In this segment, he introduced 3 of the Transformation Nation Finalists (Mary Ellen Brunaugh, Karl Nielsen and Stella Ortega), you voted on, to give their inspiring stories of how they lost the weight and transformed their lifestyles.

Dr Oz Transformation Nation Finalists Weight Loss Diet Tips

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation Finalists shared their best weight loss diet secrets.

Dr Oz: Stella Ortega Diet Tips

Stella Ortega-55-years-old and had high blood pressure and heart issues. Her health became so bad, that her doctor told her she will need a pacemaker down the line. When she first saw Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation on television, she thought it was the perfect plan. She went from size 16 to 6 and her heart was much stronger. She was a new woman.

Best tip: Stella used to overeat, but she now eats small mini meals before the main meal. She mixes walnuts, pumpkin seeds and almonds in a baggie.

Dr Oz: Karl Nielsen Diet Tips

Karl Nielsen- Karl is a teacher and coach. He weighed 317 lbs but didn’t want to be that person. Karl had high blood pressure and smoked a pack a day. He lost 88 lbs and because of Transformation Nation and is now healthy.

Best Tip: Karl makes time to work out on the exercise bike WHILE watching television. It’s simple and fun and before you know it, you’re done.

Dr Oz: Mary Ellen Brunaugh Diet Tips

Mary Ellen Brunaugh- Mary Ellen is 65-years-old. She was overweight and heading toward a premature death. She began exercising regularly and is now down to a size 4. She said it was never too late to change your life.

Best Tip: Eat a protein-filled breakfast. When you eat protein, you have energy and can make it until the next meal, plus you feel energized. Have protein within an hour of getting up.

Dr Oz: Byron Lars’ Dress for Heidi

Dr Oz surprised, Heidi, an audience member. Heidi told the story of how she was asked to be in a wedding. When she went to get fitted for the dress, she was told they had to order the biggest size. That’s when she joined Dr Oz Transformation Nation and lost 100 lbs. Dr Oz was so impressed, he asked Byron Lars, stylist to Michelle Obama, to design a dress for her.

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