Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists Weight Loss Diet Tips


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finalists’ Stories

Doctor Oz dedicated his entire show to his Transformation Nation. In this segment, he introduced 3 of the Transformation Nation Finalists (Mary Ellen Brunaugh, Karl Nielsen and Stella Ortega), you voted on, to give their inspiring stories of how they lost the weight and transformed their lifestyles.

Dr Oz Transformation Nation Finalists Weight Loss Diet Tips

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation Finalists shared their best weight loss diet secrets.

Dr Oz: Stella Ortega Diet Tips

Stella Ortega-55-years-old and had high blood pressure and heart issues. Her health became so bad, that her doctor told her she will need a pacemaker down the line. When she first saw Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation on television, she thought it was the perfect plan. She went from size 16 to 6 and her heart was much stronger. She was a new woman.

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