Turnip Greens and 2% Milk Fight Fat but Lentils Fight Fatigue

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Turnip Greens and 2% Milk Fight Fat but Lentils Fight Fatigue

By on May 16, 2012

Dr Oz: Fatigue & Fat Fighting Foods

Want to learn how to fight fat and fatigue the all-natural way? On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed which foods will help you lose weight while increasing your energy level, such as turnip greens and 2% milk.  Plus, Dr Oz shared which foods fight fatigue, like sweet corn and lentils. Find out the foods that every girl should have in her kitchen, all part of his Ultimate Girl’s Guide show!

Is 2% Milk Healthier Than Skim Milk?

Dr Oz: Is 2% Milk Healthier Than Skim Milk?

Dr Oz: 2% Milk Fights Fat

Danielle, an audience member, said that as she got older, her metabolism has slowed down considerably. Even though she went to the gym and dieted, she found it nearly impossible to lose any weight.

Dr Oz says riboflavin contains vitamin B2 to help body function efficiently. You can get riboflavin in 2% milk. For maximum benefits, drink three 8 oz glasses of 2% milk per day. It will help to burn fat. Dr Oz says to make sure the container is opaque. The sun can shine through a clear container and rob the milk of some of the nutrients. If you buy a clear container, be sure to get it home quickly and put it in the fridge immediately.

Dr Oz: Turnip Greens Fight Fat

Suzie, an audience member, wanted to know how to fight fat with food. (Say that fast 5 times!)
Dr Oz says calcium is the most common element in your body. It binds fat and helps prevents the absorption of fat. Eat 1 C of turnip greens per day. Try sautéing turnip greens with a little bit of salt and olive oil.

Lentils Fight Fatigue

Colleen, an audience member, said she was tired all day long. Dr Oz says iron can help fight fatigue. Most think that iron comes from meat, which it does, but a better source is lentils. Lentils contain twice as much iron as meat. Eat 1 C cooked lentils per day. They help carry oxygen to the cells to produce energy. Take with vitamin C to further aid in iron absorption.

Sweet Corn Fights Fatigue

Sweet corn contains magnesium, which is vital for the metabolic process. Eat 1 ½ c sweet corn. You can buy it fresh or frozen.

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Comments to Turnip Greens and 2% Milk Fight Fat but Lentils Fight Fatigue

  1. I’m so glad I found this site. I know Dr. Oz mentioned something about lentils that interested me as well as 3 cups of 2% milk a day. I couldn’t remember what the reasons for my interest were. Dr Oz’s site went about the major part of the programming but this site picked up the little things my ears perked up to. I now have my reasons why I want to eat more lentils and drink more milk! Thanks!

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