What Dr Oz Wants In Your Pantry: Dr Oz’s Pantry Must Haves

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What Dr Oz Wants In Your Pantry: Dr Oz’s Pantry Must Haves

By on December 14, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called “What Dr Oz Wants In Your Pantry.”  Are you making common pantry mistakes or the right choices?  What you keep in your pantry determines what you cook for your family.  A great place to start looking for healthy recipes is at Recipes for Diets.  Here are Doctor Oz’s Pantry Must Haves that he taught to Mary, a mother of two girls who wanted to learn how to cook nutritious meals that her family would love.    Dr Oz Green Tea & Brown Rice

Dr Oz: Red Wine Vinegar, Hot Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dr Oz said that the three most important oils, vinegars and condiments to have in your pantry are Red Wine Vinegar, Hot Sauce and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Red Wine Vinegar is great for salad dressings and helps to lower cholesterol.  Hot sauce boosts your metabolism.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great substitute for butter that is much better for your heart.

Dr Oz: Curry Powder, Paprika & Black Peppercorns

Dr Oz said that the three spices that are most important to keep in your pantry are Curry Powder, Paprika and Black Peppercorns.  Paprika has Vitamin C.  Black Pepper is great for adding flavor without salt, and you do not want kids getting used to a lot of salt in their food or they will want it when they grow up too.

Dr Oz: Make Brown Rice With Green Tea

Dr Oz said that the grains you should have in your pantry include brown rice, couscous and bulgur wheat.  White rice is just like eating white sugar, and pasta can be the same thing.  Brown Rice is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B.  Dr Oz said that brown rice can be bland sometimes, so if you cook it with a green teabag in the water, it will add a nice flavor to the brown rice.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds, Hazelnuts & Pine Nuts

Dr Oz said that the nuts and seeds that you should keep in your pantry include pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and pine nuts, which are all a great source of protein and magnesium.  If you toast the nuts, they release their oils and taste delicious in sauces and other recipes.

Dr Oz gave Mary and her two twins a gift card to refill her pantry with healthy foods.

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  1. I have IBS and Diverticulosis. I’m not supposed to eat nuts and I have trouble digesting salads. What can I substitue for the nuts and raw vegetables? I am 73 yrs. old and don’t cook a lot.

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