White Bean Extract Side Effects & Dr Oz Weight Loss Supplement Review

By on June 22, 2012

Dr Oz: 3 Breakthrough Metabolism Boosters for Under $20

You’re trying to lose weight but nothing seems to work. You diet and exercise but need that extra boost to increase your weight loss efforts. No problem. You know Doctor Oz has the solutions to any and everything weight loss-related.  He even has a Metabolic Rate Calculator! On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed the 3 best metabolism boosters for under $20 including White Bean Extract, L-Arginine and pickled peppers. Combined with diet and exercise, these supplements will help you look and feel your best in no time! Grab your bikini and get ready to drop the pounds! Plus, learn more about White Bean Extract Side Effects before you take the plunge.

White Bean Extract Side Effects & Dr Oz Weight Loss Supplement Review

What are White Bean Extract Side Effects? Plus, what is the best metabolism booster to lose weight: white bean extract, L-Arginine or pickled peppers?

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Supplements

Lisa, an audience member, loved to workout. (Really?) Dr Oz says to help boost your metabolism and lose weight, try white bean extract. White bean extract blocks starch from being absorbed in the body. You’ll lose fat and gain more muscle, which speeds up your metabolism. For maximum effect, take 1 supplement a day just before a meal. A bottle only costs $20, so load up!

White Bean Extract Side Effects

Since this Dr Oz Show aired, we have received quite a few inquiries about White Bean Extract Side Effects.  While we are not doctors and cannot give medical advice (you should always seek your doctor’s advice before starting any new supplement, pill, medication or treatment), we did a little research to bring you some common side effects of taking white bean extract.  Some people seem to react to white bean extract by getting diarrhea or ketosis (which can make you feel tired).  However, Ketosis is also a side effect that is often seen in people on low carb diets.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine Supplements

If you’re a Dr Oz Fan, you’ve most definitely have heard him speak about L-Arginine. L-Arginine is a building block for muscles and increases muscle mass in your body. The best part is, for a bottle of 100 capsules, it’s only $10, so no more excuses. For maximum benefits, take 1 capsule per day.

Dr Oz Pickled Peppers

I know what you’re thinking…pickled peppers to lose weight? Dr Oz says that the vinegar in the pickled peppers helps prevent the storage of fat. Pickled peppers also contains capsaicin, which helps to rev up your metabolism. For maximum benefits, eat pickled peppers early in the morning to get your metabolism going.

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Comments to White Bean Extract Side Effects & Dr Oz Weight Loss Supplement Review

  1. I have a question about the White Bean Extract. I am wondering if it will block anything else such as the medications you take, I am on blood pressure meds, diabetic meds like the pills and insulin and cholesterol meds. If they do what is the length of time after taking you meds that you should wait before taking the White Bean Extract.


  2. L-Arginine, really? For one, if those “caps” are 1g of L-arginine each, you won’t see effects until you hit between 5-8g’s a day. But said effects at the 5-8g dosage are only going to be lowered blood pressure and increased blood flow. L-arginine does nothing to build muscle. It might support Growth Hormone levels which could promote muscle gains when taken before bed at a dosage of around 15g’s. But that’s 15 pills, not 1. This is the most ubsurd statement I’ve read from this man. Well that and the fact he supports anti-foaming chicken mcnuggets.

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