Dr Oz: Music Boosts Your Memory & Brain Power


Doctor Oz’s bonus tip of the day is that music boosts your brain power and memory!  By listening to the radio or music in general, you release dopamine which improves your memory.  So yes, keep on listening to music teenagers – and tell  your parents it makes your centered and focused!  Music Improves Memory

On a separate note, has anyone else noticed that Dr Oz has not had a “Doctor’s Orders” segment at the end of his shows lately?  He seems to have replaced that segment with the bonus tip segment.  Do you love or hate the change?



  1. Alan Smith says

    Have you noticed that Dr. Oz has no critics or detractors on his show? A lot of what he expouses is not shared by scientific research. For example, Chia seeds, Why not just eat the whole chia head? Reverstrol is junk. No valid human studies support it. Many many more examples. But he doesn’t have nay sayers on his show. Kind of like telling the emperor he has no clothes.

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