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Dr Oz: 5-Minute Summer Shape Up Do you want to shape up for the summer (or just because)? Dr Oz invited fitness expert Stepp Stewart back to the show with some advice for summer workouts. He showed everyone how to do moves he called the Summer Stomach, Beach Bum, Hot Legs, and Total Tropical Workout. […]

Dr Oz: Ways to Avoid Passing Out Fainting can be one of the body’s scariest reflexes, so today Dr. Oz reveals what to do when you are feeling faint before you end up flat on the floor. First, he found an Assistant of the Day to help him explain everything you need to know about […]

Dr Oz: Knee Strengthening Exercises Dr. Oz says there is a common condition that might be the cause of your serious knee pain, but what if he told you the best way to treat it is no better than a “fake” operation? You could have a minor tear in the cartilage (meniscus) of your knee […]

Dr Oz: Fat-Burning Workout That Works Fast A controversial but popular book, The Fast Diet, made a splash in the health world. Its author, Dr Michael Mosley, visited Dr Oz to introduce his version of a healthy workout, Fast Exercise. Dr Oz: Who is Dr Michael Mosley? Dr Michael Mosley is a doctor and TV […]

Dr Oz: Addicted to Sweat Chair Workout Have you ever wished you could have a body like Madonna? Dr. Oz says it is possible and today Madonna’s trainer is sharing how you can get started and the best part is that all you need is a chair to be on your way to looking slim […]

Dr Oz: Surprising Cause of Insomnia Dr. Oz says if you can relate to the problem of a certain princess who could not sleep due to a tiny pea hidden in the middle of a tall pile of mattresses then this is the show for you. He reveals a sneaky stimulant that could keeping you […]

Dr Oz: Shaun T’s 5-Minute Fat Blasting Workout Would you like to burn fat and lose inches off your body? Do you feel like there is not enough time in your day to exercise in order to make it happen? If so, Dr. Oz’s next guest has a 5-minute fat blasting workout that really works […]

Dr Oz: The Color Yellow and Positive Thoughts Have you heard about Dr. Oz’s brand new magazine? It is called The Good Life and he is excited for you to pick it up on newsstands very soon! His mission is to provide you with ways to live the healthiest life possible, from mind and mood […]

Dr Oz: Ginger Tea Detox Dr. Oz says he was always taught to treat disease, not prevent it, but he has since learned that a holistic approach is the best way to achieve optimum health. Today he is sharing the holistic ways to prevent the diseases you fear most with help from Dr. Tasneem Bhatia […]

Dr Oz: 5-Minute Muscle-Building Workout Would you believe the key to losing fat is gaining weight? Chris Powell says the best way to get rid of fat is by gaining muscle, so he is here to show Dr. Oz just how easy it is and the best part is that you only need five minutes […]

Dr Oz: What is Presbyopia? Do you find yourself pulling things further and further away from your face in order to be able to read them? If so, you are not alone because Dr. Oz says this problem with your eyes is quite common, especially once you reach the age of 40, so he asked […]

Dr Oz: Exercise Ideas for Busy Families Dr. Oz invited three female doctors, who also happen to be moms, to offer their best tips and tricks to keep your family happy and health. Here is your chance to learn from three busy women who know best how to de-stress and stay organized! Dr Oz: The […]

Dr Oz: Exercise to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Since most of us will probably consume an entire day’s worth of calories while eating our holiday meals, Dr. Oz has created a dance party to get you moving to burn off as many of those calories as possible. He asked for the help of fitness expert […]

Dr Oz: Health Videos Gone Viral Dr. Oz says he likes watching crazy videos on the internet, especially health-related ones that have gone viral. Today he shares some of his favorites and they might just make you laugh as much as they did him! Dr Oz: “You’re My Wife?” Viral YouTube Video A man named […]

Dr Oz: What are the Symptoms of Anemia? Are you a fan of the show True Blood? If so, you are probably family with the handsome werewolf played by Joe Manganiello. Today Joe sits down with Dr. Oz to talk about his success, his battle with alcohol and how he turned his life around. Dr […]

Dr Oz: Biggest Loser Coach Dolvett Quince Dr Oz invited Dolvett Quince, author of The 3-1-2-1 Diet, to show off his Cheat Day Menus and then demonstrate the power of cardio and strength training workouts. Dr Oz: 3-1-2-1 Diet Workout “Combination movement is key,” Quince said. This is about maximizing the time you have to […]

Dr Oz: The Pound Workout Review Are you bored and tired of the same old workout regimen? Are you sick of time at the gym spent on the treadmill or exercise bike day in and day out? If so, the Pound Workout could be what you have been waiting for to blast away fat while […]

Dr Oz: Personality Lipstick Test Would you believe your lip print can reveal a lot about your personality and your health? It is true and that is why Dr. Oz says everyone, including the men, need to find some lipstick and white piece of paper. Apply a nice thick layer of the lipstick and kiss […]