Dr Oz: 60 Second Workout with Geralyn Coopersmith


Dr Oz demonstrated a 60 Second Workout with Geralyn Coopersmith as part of his “Best Shortcuts Ever” show.  Coopersmith said that even if time is a major obstacle, you can get a full body workout in just 60 seconds.  And everything you do adds up cumulatively, so just get up and get your blood flowing and your muscles moving throughout the day.  I love Doctor Oz’s exercise segments! As a side note – do not forget to enter our free giveaway to win one of five copies of Susie Q’s Workout DVD, which is another great way to lose weight and have fun! Dr Oz 1 Minute Workout

Dr Oz & Geralyn Coopersmith 60 Second Workout

1.  Thin Thighs On The Fly

Geralyn’s first move starts off by facing to the side.  Put one leg forward and one leg back.  Place your hands behind your head and bring your elbows in to stretch your chest, and as you stand up, squeeze in your butt.  Do the same thing on both sides.

2.  Quick Core Cross Body

Bring your elbow down and your knee up so that your elbow and knee on opposite sides of your body touch (or come close to touching!).

3.  Saddlebag Sizzler

I think this is my favorite of Geralyn Coopersmith’s moves!  Squat down and stick both hands out in front like you are grabbing for something.  As you stand up, squeeze your shoulders back.


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