Dr Oz: Acola Nut Extract & Brett Hoebel’s Flat Belly Workout

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Dr Oz: Acola Nut Extract & Brett Hoebel’s Flat Belly Workout

By on May 4, 2012

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Workout

Think you don’t have the time to get a flat belly? On today’s show, Celebrity Trainer, Brett Goebel, showed you how to bust that gut in only 5 minutes a day with 5 basic moves and how to boost your energy with things like Acola Nut Extract. The best part is, you don’t need anything but your body weight. (and 5 minutes, of course!)  Plus, try out his Flat Belly in 30 Days Plan.

Dr Oz Acola Nut Extract

Dr Oz's Flat Belly Workout plus Acola Nut Extract for an energy boost is a surefire way to get in shape.

Dr Oz: Balança and Ginga

Go into a figure-8 squat. Rock and lunge back and forth. For an easier alternative, don’t go as low. For more of a challenge, go lower and faster.  Do this exercise (called Balança and Ginga) for one minute.

Dr Oz: Moving Plank

Get onto stomach and raise into a plank position. Move from right to left but lift up the knee when you go from side to side. For an easier option, stay still or only go down to your knees. For a challenge, try lifting one hand when you change directions.  Do the Moving Plank exercise for one minute.

Dr Oz: Push Kick Sit-Up

Get in sit-up position. Sit up and lift up the left leg. Do the same for the other side. For an easier option, keep your feet on the floor. Use the hands on the back of the thigh to help pull you up. For a challenge, try adding a waist twist as you push kick.  Do the Push Kick Sit-Up exercise for another minute.

Dr Oz: Sit-Up Mountain Climbers

Get into an arched position and use your legs to push back and forth. For an easier option, walk your legs and tap your toes during the climbers. For a challenge, add a push up after the mountain climber.  Yes, you guessed it, do one minute of this Sit-Up Mountain Climbers exercise.

Dr Oz: Cardio Boxing

Start by jumping up and down. While jumping up and down, put your right leg in front and jab 8 times with your right hand. Do the same for the left. To make the move easier, go slower. For a challenge, punch harder and move faster. And do one final minute of Cardio Boxing.

This may be difficult to understand while reading so to make it easier, Dr Oz put the moves up on his website. Visit Dr Oz’s website for a demonstration of each move.

For this workout, you’ll need plenty of energy, so Dr Oz also discussed his 3-energy boosters you can’t live without, which included;

Cottage Cheese Energy Boost

Cottage contains powerful proteins. Buy the low-salt version. Cottage cheese will help keep you satiated longer. Add a kick by sprinkling on some lemon pepper. Add some snow peas and carrots on the side for a full meal.

Dr Oz: Acola Nut Extract for Energy

Got a tough workout ahead? Try adding 2 drops of Acola nut extract to water. Add some lemon for a refreshing drink.

Dr Oz: Fruit Kabob for Energy

For extra energy, make a fruit kabob with fruits like watermelon, banana, strawberries and apples. Mix them up in any combination. Freeze the kabob and it can last up to 8 months. This option is great for fruit that’s going bad.

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