Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Vs Ibuprofen for Pain & Pelvic Power Tilt Exercise


Dr Oz: 7 Pain Remedies

In an online poll, 25% of Dr Oz Fans said that Monday is their worst day of the week for pain. Dr Oz shared some all natural chronic pain solutions on his show, including Capsaicin and Boswellia. But he had even more ideas for pain sufferers. Find out the winner between Arnica Cream vs Ibuprofen, and check out the Pelvic Power Tilt to engage your body’s core.

Dr Oz: Natural Pain Solutions

Unlike some of Dr Oz’s other remedies, these solutions can be done a few times a week, when your pain is at its height. Pain is self-sustaining, according to Dr Oz, and his guest tried to explain why.

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