Dr Oz: Banish Bat Wings: Arm Exercises by Stepp Stewart

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Dr Oz: Banish Bat Wings: Arm Exercises by Stepp Stewart

By on October 1, 2010

Doctor Oz brought Stepp Stewart, choreographer and creator of Stepp With Me, on his show to teach us how to Banish Bat Wings.  Dr Oz and Stepp Stewart demonstrated four ways to build muscles and to fight fat with a fabulous dance workout.  For those of you who do not know what Bat Wings are, they are the flabby fat under your arms.  Stepp does not call them Bat Wings, instead he calls them Echo Arms, because of they way they vibrate back and forth like echos.  It is one of those “had to see it” moments haha.  Dr Oz Bat Wings

Banish Bat Wings Dance Moves

1.  Tina Turner – The Tina Turner dance move is to rotate your arms around one another while you quickly pick up one foot and then the other and repeat.

2.  Mo Town Cross – Step one leg across the other while you swing your arms backwards.

3.  Raise your arms up (self explanatory!)

4.  Bird is the Word – Move your arms in wave-type motion so that you look like a bird flapping its wings sort-of.

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  1. florenstene lloyd says:

    i would like to purcase steppin stewart bat wings excersice video where can i do that at

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