Dr Oz: Big Belly Diet & Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe: Body Type Diet


Dr Oz: Body Type Diet

For the gals with the bigger mid-section, Dr Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she used to be smaller, but now her mid-section is much bigger.  She stated that when people see her, they ask if she is pregnant. (Ouch!)  She didn’t feel sexy at all.  She was not a big eater either.  Another audience member stated that the most frustrating part about having a big belly was being restricted on how much she could play with her kids and how much she could move around.


  1. Catherine says

    Just had this toast for breakfast…Delicious! Very satisfying. A winner…
    Thank you
    Dr. Oz

  2. BJ says

    Which recipe should I use for the Ezekiel bread? There ere are so many different ones I’m not sure what ingredients would be best to help get rid of belly fat. HELP.

  3. Mary Sinisi says

    what are the exersizes for belly fat and around the back also..to get rid of it

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