Dr Oz: Bollywood Workout: Doonya Dance & Kajal Mehta’s Dhoonya Fit


Dr Oz did a demonstration of a Bollywood Workout, which is one of the latest fitness trends.  Kajal Mehta, a Doonya Dance expert, joined Doctor Oz to show all of us how to do the Bollywood Workout.  Kajal calls her workout Dhoonya Fit.  Dr Oz asked her why she thinks the Bollywood Workout is becoming so popular.  She said that it is gaining popularity because it is so much fun and it is a fusion dance form that incorporates hip hop, jazz, Indian Classical, and Indian Folk Dance – all into one workout in the form of a dance.  The Bollywood Workout works out your abs, your core, your legs and even your shoulders and arms.  I will do my best to give a recap of the Dhoonya Fit Cardio Workout, but putting this workout video into words is definitely a challenge! Dr Oz Doonya Fit Dance

Dr Oz: Dhoonya Dance & Bollywood Workout

1.  For the first move, you are going to focus on your hips.  Go into a lunge position, and pump down with arms while moving your body down, and pump up with your arms as you move your body up.


  1. says

    Hi there! GREAT WRITE UP! you did a great job of summarizing our DhoonyaFIT demo on the Dr. Oz show.

    Just one small thing, the name of our school is actually Dhoonya Dance, with an “h” (I know this is not your fault as they misspelled it on the show but we’re just letting you know).

    We had so much fun doing the segment and are grateful to Dr. Oz and his team for the opportunity.

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