Dr Oz: Break Dancing with Mario Green, Crunch Trainer


Doctor Oz brought Mario Green, Crunch Trainer, on the Dr Oz Show to teach us some break dancing moves. As always, it is hard to verbally describe the dance moves, but I shall do my best!  Break dancing is great for you because it engages your core, your upper and lower body and it brings up your heart rate.  So be a B Boy or B Girl (break dancing terms) and try these out!  Mario Green Break Dancing

Break Dancing Moves

– Pop and Lock – it kind of looked like he was surfing – move your arms right, right, left and right



  1. says

    Love the Kangoo jumps they’ve changed my life and my belief in health and wellness I not only have more Energy I am ENERGY! Dr Oz Mario put together have taught me so much since watching Drb Oz on Oprah I have learned so much. Africa my country is to be the greatest the world is yet to appreciate and love where East meets West to biuld the U.S.A United States of Africa. Health is our biggest challenge because of lack of knowledge but this is changing with leaders like myself coming up God is great

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