Dr Oz: Five Minute Flat Belly Workout & Jaime Brenkus 8 Minute Abs

By on February 5, 2013

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Plan Workout

Dr. Oz shared his “Flat Belly Plan” to help you lose weight and eliminate your belly fat. He included his food plan that will keep you satisfied all day long, along with the best ways to even out your cortisol levels to lower your stress. Did you know that stress is the number one cause of belly fat? Keep reading to learn the five minute workout that will help you shrink your belly for good!

Dr Oz: Five Minute Flat Belly Workout & Jaime Brenkus 8 Minute Abs

Dr. Oz and trainer Jaime Brenkus shared the five minute workout that will blast away your belly fat for good!

Dr Oz: Jaime Brenkus 8 Minute Abs

Personal Trainer Jaime Brenkus, creator of 8 Minute Abs, explained that his workout was focused on crunches, but he said we now know that a whole body workout is the key to strengthening your abs and your other core muscles. Jaime said the best part is that you do not have to do any sit-ups and you can even stand doing all of the moves in his new workout! He invited Dr. Oz and a few women from the audience to help him demonstrate the exercises.

Standing Side Sit-up: Raise your knee up to the side of your body and touch it with the same elbow. This will work your oblique muscles.

Core Kicker: Put both hands out in front of you. As you kick one leg forward, bring both arms down to your side in a “V” formation. Alternate between both legs and this will work your shoulders, your triceps and the lower part of your abs, which is a problem area for most women.

Belly Twist Toner: Bend at the knees and with your hands up and elbows bent twist at your torso. While twisting, also lower yourself into a squat position to work more muscles.

Jaime Brenkus said if you do these exercises for just five-six minutes every day you will begin to see a difference in your abs, and probably other areas of your body, too.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Five Minute Flat Belly Workout & Jaime Brenkus 8 Minute Abs

  1. Gail Anne Kilbourn says:

    Dear Dr. Oz.
    Thank you so much for what you are doing to educate people. I work for a cardiologist and it is so hard to get people good things. I am slowly changing my life style and eating habits. I want to live to 100 in great health and very active. I love these three exercises.

    Keep up educating people. You are appreciated.

    Gail Anne Kilbourn

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