Dr Oz: Knee Strength Exercise & Curcumin Joint Pain Supplement


Dr Oz: Joint Pain Relief

Aching Joints are a common sign of aging, Dr Oz said, but that does not mean they are a welcome part of life. Since this type of horrible pain is preventable, Dr Oz shared three ways you can work to prevent Joint Pain from happening to you: reverse inflammation, strengthen the knees, and repair cartilage.

Dr Oz: Knee Strength Exercise & Curcumin Joint Pain Supplement

Dr Oz shared solutions to prevent or reverse joint pain, including exercises, supplements, and natural dietary sources of key nutrients like Curcumin. (SeneGal / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Jennifer Latimer says

    I am so excited that I saw your show about knee pain. I am looking forward to trying circumin joint pain supplement to help alleviate my pain. Thank you for your wonderful show.

  2. Cassandra Pickens says

    I saw the show on yesterday on Procosa and would like very much to know wherw I can purchase this product. I have been suffering with bone rubbing bone in my knees for years now the pain is really bad I’ve tried everything. The doctors here say I need knee surgery but will not do the surgery say I’m high risk and don’t even try to help me with the pain. Thank you in advance for the information.

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