Dr Oz: Knee Strengthening Exercises & Does Knee Surgery Work?


Dr Oz: Knee Strengthening Exercises

Dr. Oz says there is a common condition that might be the cause of your serious knee pain, but what if he told you the best way to treat it is no better than a “fake” operation? You could have a minor tear in the cartilage (meniscus) of your knee and not even know it, but it can cause a great deal of pain. Dr. Oz explains what causes a torn meniscus and what you can do to end your pain.

Dr Oz: Does Surgery Fix a Torn Meniscus?

Dr Oz: Knee Strengthening Exercises & Does Knee Surgery Work?

Dr Oz talked to a physical therapist who shared three exercises to strengthen muscles to prevent knee injuries.


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    I tried the described exercises twice and was absolutely amassed at the reduction in knee pain. Dr oz is a genius or his staff is at finding solutions to common problems, Thanks so very much. You are a hero to those who open their minds and react. God Bless You !

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