Dr Oz: Louie Anderson’s Weight Loss & ‘Get Off the Couch’ Campaign


Dr Oz: Louie Anderson’s Weight Loss

For the past 30 years comedian Louie Anderson has been using his voice to make people laugh until recently when he decided to use it to motivate others to get off the couch and get moving. He has battled with his weight his entire life and it took jumping off a diving board on the TV show Splash to inspire him to change his life and improve his health. More importantly, Louie hopes to motivate you to do the same thing!

Dr Oz: Louie Anderson’s Diet Changes

Louie Anderson made his way onto Dr. Oz stage while riding on an exercise bike, which inspired Dr. Oz to bring out his own stationary bike so he could join Louie and exercise while they chatted about Louie’s life. Eventually they got off the bikes so Dr. Oz could show Louie how his unhealthy eating habits are affecting his body. Louie Anderson bravely stepped into Dr. Oz’s “Truth Tube” for an eye-opening look at the harm he was doing to himself.

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