Dr Oz: Nike Sparq Elite Trainers & Wendy Batts on 11 Week Diet Plan


Dr Oz said that we are more likely to lose weight if we have a coach.  So, as part of the Dr Oz 11 Week Diet Plan, Doctor Oz joined with the Nike Sparq Elite Trainers to provide us with personalized workout plans.

Dr Oz: Nike Sparq Elite Trainers

To get your own customized workout plan from the Nike Spark Elite Trainers, you have to complete your own profile page Dr Oz Nike Free Shoesand answer questions about where you are starting off from, how much do you move, and your ultimate goals.  Then, you can browse the Nike Sparq Elite Trainers pages and get advice from them to help create your own exercise program.  Wendy Batts, a Nike Sparq Elite Trainer, said that they will be sending out e-mails, doing webcasts, and supporting everyone as much as possible.  To get you started, here is a quick circuit workout that Wendy Batts demonstrated to Dr Oz to keep your heart rate up.

Dr Oz: Wendy Batts Circuit Training Exercise

1.  March in place to start to get your heartbeat up.


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