Dr Oz: P90X Fitness Plan & Tony Horton


Dr Oz: Tony Horton’s P90X Fitness Plan

In this segment, Tony demonstrated the basic principles of his P90X plan and how it can work for those people who are not fit.  Take one day at a time and just get up and move.  The strength will come in time.

Principles of the P90X Fitness Plan:

1. Diet Plan – Eat whole grain and lean protein foods.  Use the 90-10 concept.  90 percent of the food you eat should be good for you while 10 percent can be the goodies.  (Wow!  And I had it reversed all this time!) Dr Oz P90X Plan


  1. rose says

    I, too, cannot find the free ten minute Tony Horton video. Hopefully, the webmaster will correct the error or re-direct our efforts.

  2. D.MILLER says

    I, too was unable to download free ten minute Tony Horton video……Please direct me on downloading video.

  3. Michelle says

    Cannot find “free” 10minute Tony Horton exercise video that Dr. Oz said we could download from yesterday’s show, December 28, 2011.

  4. Susan says

    Please advise on how to get Tony Horton’s 10 minute free video, as advertised on Dr. Oz’s December airing of this show.

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