Dr Oz: Personality Lipstick Test & Calories Burned When Jumping Rope


Dr Oz: Personality Lipstick Test

Would you believe your lip print can reveal a lot about your personality and your health? It is true and that is why Dr. Oz says everyone, including the men, need to find some lipstick and white piece of paper. Apply a nice thick layer of the lipstick and kiss the piece of paper to get a really good sampling of your lip print. Now get ready to discover what it says about you and your health with the Personality Lipstick Test!

Dr Oz: What Your Lip Print Says About Your Personality

Lipologist Anna Snodgrass says your lip print can actually reveal a lot, including personality traits, emotions, energy levels and even health issues. Galen Gering of Days of Our Lives stopped by to help with a little kissing “experiment” along with some very eager women from Dr. Oz’s audience.

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