Dr Oz: Pound Workout Review & Household Uses for Ice Cube Trays


Dr Oz: The Pound Workout Review

Are you bored and tired of the same old workout regimen? Are you sick of time at the gym spent on the treadmill or exercise bike day in and day out? If so, the Pound Workout could be what you have been waiting for to blast away fat while having fun with a simple pair of drumsticks!

Dr Oz: What are “Ripstix”?

Kirsten Protenza, creator of the Pound Workout, says she and her partner, Christina Peerenboom, wanted to find a workout that would bring them lean and fit bodies, but they were lacking motivation, which led them to create the Pound Workout. It is a great cardio and strength training workout that will get you into shape in no time with their secret weapon known as “ripstix”. Kirsten says you will be having so much fun jamming to the music and exercising with your ripstix that you will not even notice the pain in your muscles.

Dr Oz: Drumming Workout Reduces Stress

Dr Oz: Pound Workout Review & Household Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Dr Oz shared the Pound Workout, which is great way to “drum” your way to less stress and weight loss!


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