Dr Oz: Retro Aerobics Or Retro-Robics With Carol Johnson

Dr Oz did a workout / exercise segment called Retro Aerobics: Lets Get Physical.  The 1980’s were all about big hair, big shoulders, and big jewelry.  Doctor Oz is bringing the 80’s back with Carol Johnson’s Retro-Robics exercise plan.  Johnson said that this workout takes you back to the 80’s and helps you to look decades younger at the same time.  My favorite part about this segment was definitely seeing Dr Oz in neon green leg warmers and a neon yellow headband – that was way too hilarious!

Dr Oz: Retro-Robics or Retro Aerobics

Step 1: Get Low

With this move, you step out and move your arms in a circular motion like you are stirring a massive pot. Dr Oz Retro Aerobics

Step 2: Grape Vine

In the Grape Vine Dance Move, you alternate stepping one foot in forward and one foot in backwards three times as you step to the side.  Then repeat going the other direction.  Push your arms up and down while doing the Grape Vine.

Step 3: Running Man

The Running Man is such a classic 1980’s move.  The best way to describe it is that you are doing a lunge forward and switching legs, while pushing your arms forward and pulling them back.  Once you get the hang of it, repeat faster and faster!

Step 4: Sprinkler

The Sprinkler Dance Move is where you put one arm behind your head and the other arm is straight out to the side.  You pump your arm that is bent behind your head and move the straight arm around like its a sprinkler.


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