Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Project Hope DVD Series & Kids and Obesity


Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Exercise Classes

Today was a very special day on the Dr. Oz Show as he sat down for a rare interview with Richard Simmons. Richard was the first person to make exercise fun nearly 40 years ago and he is back to do it again for a whole new generation of fans.

Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Growing Up Overweight

Richards Simmons came out on Dr. Oz’s stage wearing a suit with a flashy tie adorned in rhinestones, but he told Dr. Oz he has not always felt comfortable wearing a suit, especially as child when he always had to shop in the “husky” section of the department store. Now he says he loves to wear them on special occasions, like sitting down with Dr. Oz. Richard feels strongly that kids need his help to get healthy more than anyone else because they are often lost and doing unhealthy things to their bodies, just like he was before he took control of his life and his health.

Dr Oz: Richard Simmons ‘Write Down Your Dreams’

Dr Oz: Richard Simmons Project Hope DVD Series & Kids and Obesity

Richard Simmons feels strongly about connecting with kids to help them get healthy and lose weight because he believes obesity needs to be taken more seriously.

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