Dr Oz: Shaun T Get Busy Exercise, Pump It Up & Dr Oz Three Ts Workout

By on February 20, 2013

Dr Oz: Shaun T Workout

Fitness expert Shaun T was back on The Dr Oz Show with advice on how to fix your five biggest problem areas in just five weeks, and he even brought an Oatmeal Ricotta Cookie Recipe. Next, he took Dr Oz and audience members through an easy workout. Check out these exercises based on Shaun’s three Ts that can hone in on your biggest body complaints.

Dr Oz: Shaun T’s Three Ts Exercise

The three Ts are:

  • Tilt
  • Tuck
  • Tighten

Bring your feet together and tilt your shoulders forward. Then tuck your hips under to squeeze the glutes. Then exhale and tighten the core. Then combine all the moves together and do them rapidly, exhaling every time to work that core.

Dr Oz: Shaun T Get Busy Exercise, Pump It Up & Dr Oz Three Ts Workout

Dr Oz and Shaun T demonstrated a three Ts workout designed to target the biggest body complaints with exercises such as Pump It Up, Get Busy, and The Freak.

Shaun T said you can do that anywhere you are, even while stuck in traffic. You could also try turning it into a dance move.

Dr Oz: Shaun T Pump It Up Exercise

If you want to build a better butt, you can do that by building on the three Ts, moving left to right with each rep and tightening the glutes as you move.

Dr Oz: Shaun T Kick It Exercise

Get rid of those pesky bat wings under the arms using this Kick It exercise. Alternate kicking your right and left legs. Once again, you are combining the three Ts, but adding in the kicks and tightening your triceps with a punching move.

Dr Oz: The Freak Exercise

Move four steps to the right, and then go four steps to the left. Here again, you have to remember the three Ts as you move. Even Dr Oz was thrown off on this one, and Shaun T explained that this is definitely a dance move. This exercise is designed to work your quad muscles.

Dr Oz: Get Busy Exercise

Tighten your waist by engaging your core in Shaun T’s Get Busy exercise. Move your arms one by one ot the back and the front. Work the obliques. Then squeeze and don’t forget to keep doing your three Ts. That is a lot to remember, but the audience volunteers looked like they were having fun with the moves.

Dr Oz: Shaun T Heel Toe Exercise

Target your back by putting the bulk of your weight on the right heel. Lift your arms as you move your left heel in front of your body. Go heel to toe, raising your arms in time with your leg movements.

Make sure to switch sides and get an even amount of exercise on both sides. If you need help getting the moves down, like Dr Oz did, you can try one of Shaun’s 15-minute workouts.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Shaun T Get Busy Exercise, Pump It Up & Dr Oz Three Ts Workout

  1. Is there a DVD for the 3t’s excercise please.

  2. On Dr OZ Feb 20th, there was a Shaun T cheat sheet How to fix your 5 worst problem areas in 5 weeks Here’s the question, How/where to get the 5 exercises (pump it up-butt, kick it-bat wings, the freak-thighs, get busy-waist, heel toe-back fat)

  3. Where can I find a meal planner for the 5 week program with Shaun T. on the Feb.20th show. He gave one breakfast idea, one lunch, one snack and one dinner. Is that the only things we are to eat?

  4. Dr Oz held up a hand organized sheet at the end of Shaun T’s segment. Where can I get one of these.

  5. where can i get info for shaun t’s exercises and meals? Thanks,Cheryl

  6. Bernadette James says:

    Where can I find the sheet Dr. Oz held up at the end of this show

  7. I saw the Feb. 20th segment on Dr. Oz and would like to know where to get the videos for the exercises shown. I’m older and rather sedate in the winter but I think I could handle this exercise program. I would also like to strengthen my back and core.

  8. To the website owner(s), thank you so much for giving name and description to these exercises.

    For the rest of you with questions, on doctoroz.com in the search space (blank next to the red ‘Go’), type in Shaun T and hit enter. There you will find links to print the sheet listing the exercises and 5 foods to incorporate into your daily meals, the 15 Min. workout video, and much more.

  9. P.S. Charlene, yoga (even chair yoga) can help strengthen your back and core. Check out Kripalu 5 min. yoga breaks on youtube (exercises you can do while at the computer). Doctor Oz even has sun salutations and other yoga moves on his website.

  10. I ask like the others where is Shaun’ s dvd awailable?

  11. Phyllis Levy says:


    I would like to get a dvd of shaunT workout so i can follow it at home. or do i just run it on the computer and follow it there?

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