Dr Oz: Shaun T’s 15 Minute Exercise Plan | Insanity Workout


Dr Oz: Shaun T’s Workout Miracle Plan

Doctor Oz brought Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, on his show today.  Do you want to flatten your belly, tone your thighs, or lose weight all over? With Shaun T’s miracle plan, you can do all this and more in 15 minutes a day. Shaun’s workout plan uses max interval training. You go hard for 3 minutes, then take a 30 second break and then you do it all over again. With this plan, you work harder and longer, but still get the rest. Interval training helps you burn calories even when you’re not working out.


  1. Velma McCuiston says

    I enjoyed to see Shaun T’s insanity 15-minute workout on Dr. Oz yesterday. I have looked everywhere for the download that was talked about on the show. Where is it. All the links take me to Shaun’s website that would cost $144. HELP

  2. r says

    You can see part of the show on Youtube. Shows the different positions. Get the DVD on amazon or ebay for $70. My son got it. Lots of good info on diet, with a recipe boo and I think 10 dvds. Good bargain in my book, and I’m cheap!!!

  3. Martha says

    Where can you buy the Shaun T 15 minute workout seen on Dr. Oz show. It would be a great tool to get people started ( beginners).

  4. janice says

    if a demo of shaun t’ 15 minute insanity workout is not available for download, could you pleas tell me how to purchase it & how much?

  5. sheila raper says

    i watched dr.oz show on march 9 it had a woman on there about how much weight she has lost.she showed arm exercises she did to get her arms to look they way they did.i want my arms to look that good! i can not find the exercises any where. can you help?
    thank you sheila

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