Dr Oz: Sluggish Thyroid Mirror Test & What is Hypothyroidism?


Dr Oz: What is a Thyroid?

Dr. Oz chose a group of three women to be his “Assistant of the Day” as he explained the surprising reason you might be gaining weight. Your thyroid is a tiny organ in your neck, but it has a profound impact on your health. When it is functioning properly and releasing the right amount of hormones you will be filled with energy to fly like a butterfly, which is fitting since your thyroid happens to be shaped like a butterfly. Dr. Oz says a healthy amount of thyroid hormones will provide you with energy, good metabolism and a healthy body temperature.

Dr Oz: Signs of a Sluggish Thyroid

Dr Oz: Sluggish Thyroid Mirror Test & What is Hypothyroidism?

Dr Oz says there is a simple way to check the health of your thyroid. Get a mirror and look at your eyebrows.

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