Dr Oz: Soul Train Workout with Fatima Robinson


Dr Oz  loves to do segments on fun ways to integrate exercise into your life every day.  Soul Train was one of the greatest dance shows of all time, and Doctor Oz said that Fatima Robinson worked with the American Heart Association (AHA) to put together this fabulous Soul Train Workout Plan.  Robinson said she had so much fun coming up with all of the moves to make a great workout into something fun for everyone.  In case you have not heard of Fatima Robinson, she has worked with all kinds of stars including Michael Jackson, Fergy, and Prince.

Dr Oz & Fatima Robinson

Fatima Robinson said that she reviewed a few old clips of Dr Oz’s dance moves – and they showed a Dr Oz Show clip that was Dr Oz Soul Train Workout Videoabsolutely hysterical.  Robinson said that the most important thing is to have fun when you dance and clearly he was having fun.  Dr Oz said that it is like saying that he is a nice guy – haha, that might be true Dr Oz!

Dr Oz: Soul Train Workout Review

Here are some of the steps that Fatima Robinson taught Dr Oz:



    That looks like fun…….how can I get Fatima’s workout video?. I would like to thank Dr. Oz and his team for
    an excellent show.

  2. Karen says

    I hope there is a Soul Train workout video available for purchase. That was a wonderful segment on Dr Oz today.

  3. Stephanie says

    someone please help me find this, it looks so fun. I’ve googled it and this site is the only thing that matched my search.

  4. judith abrams says

    I am trying to find Soul Train By Fatima Robinson. Please advise me where I can purchase this.I live in Delaware County, Pa

  5. judith abrams says

    Please tell me where I can purchase Soul Train by Fatima Robinson. I live in Delaware Counth, Pa or can I purchase it on line?

    Thank You

  6. rj says

    Can you please tell me where I can find the Soul Train workout by Fatima Robinson? I have searched everywhere.

  7. Chris says

    Where are the answers to all of these requests to purchase the Soul Train workout DVD?
    You can get the “Learn to Dance” DVD by Fatima on Amazon and the “Best of Soul Train” DVD on Amazon, but it is not just one DVD for the workout.
    Does this even exist?

  8. Sheryl says

    I too would like to know where I can get this workoout video? Looks like fun!

  9. Donna says

    I to would like to where I can get the workout video – Soul Train – Fatima Robinson

  10. slim jeans says

    where can I find the jeans that Fatima wore to the show for the demo dvd, soul train weight loss?

  11. Linda says

    I would really appreciate knowing if the Soul Train DVD is a workout video or just the music. I’ve noticed no one has gotten a response.

  12. nancy says

    Please tell me how to get a soul train video … I have spent an hour on the internet trying to buy one..please help?

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